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    What is the fact? Black skin makes you more violent or the object of centuries of violence and mistreatment?
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    Tim, I was never a 2A guy and, still have more sympathy for the gun control crowd than the pro-gun crowd. I recognize gun rights are protected in the Constitution but I was never a big fan. For much of my life, I wouldn't have minded seeing the second amendment repealed. Then the riots happened with widespread arson and looting while police stood down. Meanwhile, the defund the police movement got kicked off. Then Merrick Garland became Secretary of Justice and half the country (grant me a bit of hyperbole) got labeled as domestic terrorists for not supporting CRT and LGBTQ indoctrination in schools. Since government officials are under constitutional constraints from banning speech, they pressure/recruit big tech companies to do it for them. When the police in blue jurisdictions aren't going to protect them, when the prosecutors in blue jurisdictions let criminals roam free, maybe the 2A people have a legitimate point after all. The problem I'm dealing with, if I sign up with the 2A people on this gun issue, well, when sh*t like this and what happened in Buffalo last week occur, I don't know how to square that circle. I think plenty of smaller steps could be done as were outlined in a previous post from yesterday.
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    Most of what companies do, retail or not, to promote diversity is self serving or exploitative
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    He has Cooper and would be getting 1.09 if the deal were to go through. I think the 3 of us are all in agreement where 1.09 is the better option.
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    Might want to temper your enthusiasm for any Cleveland player. They paid a king's ransom for a QB who might not play, alienated the other starter, upset the league's compensation structure, pissed off owners, players, fans, alike. Pretty messy situation. I would rather target a M. Pittman from Indy than Cooper. Just my opinion.
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    Would have had a winner if they created menthol flavored ice cream.
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    Cops were doing good there-it's just that the LOSER REPUB'S have to blame everything (and they can LIE) on somebody else-it's NEVER THEIR fault! Y'know what that is? IF you EVER have to fight someone you can always hold hope that it's against a chicken$h!t trumpster-they'll act tough at first, then try and talk you down (they're 100% COWARDS), and if that doesn't rescue them from the @$$-kicking that they deserve they WILL start running-they're COWARDS!
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    Has Jacoby Brissett ever supported a top 20 receiver before?
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltRkdtrFbQ0 Here's Epic Beard Man vs Tyrone with a Street Fighter II theme.
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    Sure. I bet you have all sorts of delinquents and junkies hanging in Fishtown. You gotta love this fraud. A while back he was saying how much he could get for his wife’s house. Now he’s trying to portray that he’s Charles Bronson. He’s a regular urban pioneer.
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    Interesting to see this thread as I was just watching youtube videos yesterday of the Alan Parson Project with a symphony orchestra where they performed overseas in 2013.
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    Agreed. The cops there really focked up by not even attempting to go inside. Instead, they chose to focus on tasing and arresting parents trying to go inside to save the kids. Literally no reason for them to stop them. That’s why I say every single one that responded should have charges brought up and be sued
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    I think he’s referring to the classroom door.
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    You guys put some serious effort in this and picked some great movies. My problem is that each roster has so many movies it's almost impossible to compare each person's draft. If you had half the amount of movies it would still be almost impossible. I think 10 to 12 would be much more representative of each individual's taste. Maybe that's just me.
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    So they had the courage to save their own kids, but not others. Horrible. But the GC thinks paying them some more would solve the problem. That’s a BS excuse, there have been plenty of stories of untrained and low paid teachers (and of course students) fighting back in school shootings. But, like in some of the situations where they’ve shot unarmed men, you can’t blame all cops because a few of them suck. And it sounds like these guys suck.
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    Never in a million years did I expect to see an APP thread in the Geek Club. Have seen them live three times. Most amazing was backed by a full symphony orchestra - if you ever get the chance, do it. Lots of great ground covered here already, so I’ll point out something which you might not be aware … before he passed, Eric Woolfson recorded an album called “The Alan Parsons Project that never was”. Well worth a read of the liner notes and track listings. https://www.ericwoolfsonmusic.com/the-alan-parsons-project-that-never-was/index.html also, the Poe musical is pretty moving.
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    Well, it seems like maybe Biden. You know, the topic of this thread. Unless you can provide a different interpretation of his recent speech. and maybe the VP as well: https://www.cbsnews.com/live-updates/biden-texas-school-shooting-address/ They seem to think we all know what needs to be done. What do you think that is, Rusty?
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    Turns out the “good guys with guns” couldn’t do . And Abbott cut mental health funding by $211 million last year, so how dare he blab about “mental health” now, especially since he said he was gonna do something about it after El Paso? A lot of people, even here in the mostly conservative GC, can agree that some limited gun regulations are in order. Time for Congress and the president to step up and do something.
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    He was adopted at 6 months. No abortion back then.
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    23 years. With any luck I’ll die before I get to 24
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    I'd probably go something like Breece Hall Drake London Kenneth Walker Juju Skyy Moore A lot of people would have Treylon Burks up there, but something about him makes me shy away.