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    Why are you at the department of motor vehicles in the middle of the night?
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    Eric sleeping with bienemy
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    You are ignorant and ignorant about the facts in this case and completely ignorant about our legal system. He was accused of buying food with a counterfeit $20 bill. He was clearly a moron and a repeat criminal and no, I don’t feel sorry for his ass, but that wasn’t proper police procedure. Period. The police are not here to dole out justice. That is why we have the courts.
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    I soooooooo want to watch this with my 13 year old son. Sadly, he’s just half a step above Beacis and Butthead already and I think he’d mimic them.
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    Milli Vanilli came out too early…
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    Why is crapman copying and pasting his replies?
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    Called that one
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    I miss @drobeski Whoever got him the permaban can drown in a puddle of AIDS.
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    I have no empathy for him....nor for those rednecks that killed the guy rooting through houses.... nor for anyone else who behaves outside of common decency.....you reap what you sow.... Good people rarely have problems, and when they do they survive them, because they are not pieces of sh!t. JMHO
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    I agree with this. Despite his unsavory and criminal past, he didn't deserve to die. Justice, like you said, is what the courts are for. People aren't really going to mourn for a seasoned criminal but the way he went out was not right. We can't let our police dole it out in the streets. I get that they deal with the worst elements of society every day, but they can't be doing this. This hurts EVERYONE.
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    I hope it wasn’t the last time.
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    Lots of people, yet here you are posting in the thread about something you don’t care about. You are a weird dude.
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    I think this black guy killed far more people. Potato Chips George Crum was working as a chef at a resort in New York. A customer sent his dish of french fries back to the kitchen, claiming that they weren’t good. In an irritated fit, Crum cut the potatoes as thinly as possible, fried them until they were burnt crisps, and threw a generous handful of salt on top. Thus, the chip was born.
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    Loved him in Quick and the Dead too.......... not mentioned.
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    Holy sheeeit. That's mindblowing. "DID THE BIDEN'S CREATE COVID?? THEN UNLEASH IT ON AN UNSUSPECTING WORLD? ALL TO GET DONALD TRUMP OUT OF OFFICE? I'm just asking questions." Give it a couple of months and this will be one of Tucker's bits.
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    I heard Lane Johnson was there but he left early
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    There once was a miserable hag On her head men placed a bag When Newbie went to see her, she pulled out his wiener and he said “no thanks, I’m a faeg”
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    I’ve been recently learning about black chickens
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    The Geek Club needs a big beautiful wall and Joe Bryant should pay for it.
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    I am not sure that I ever hated him, just thought he was a overrated early in his career (felt the same about Rapelessburger) due to amazing defense, special teams and running game. He has benefited from more than a handful of "bounces" in tight, meaningful games but is truly a great QB and created many opportunities himself. In general, the game was better for having him in it.
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