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  1. MedStudent

    Greatest city in America

    Boston closes too early at night.
  2. MedStudent

    2019 DNDL Weekly Winners and $$$

    Show me the money!
  3. MedStudent

    2019 Rookie/FA Draft Talk

    I'm camping at Yellowstone this week. I will be drafting and trying to pre-draft but I may not be my fast drafting self. I can't stand those fockers that take forever to draft but I may be one of those fockers this year. Sorry in advance!
  4. MedStudent


    Aaron Rodgers on the block - looking for a top notch Running Back.
  5. MedStudent


    What is your team again? Professor Stats?
  6. MedStudent

    2018 DNDL Weekly Winners and $$$

    You can roll me over too.
  7. MedStudent

    2019 Who is in... Who is out?

    I'll be in to defend my championship
  8. MedStudent

    I quit

    Mahomes to Tyreek is fantasy bliss!
  9. MedStudent

    2018 League fees and sh1t

    A. League Dues: 1. $50.00 per team (plus equally divided MFL league fees). Teams will be eligible to receive back their quitters fee after three (3) consecutive years in the league. League fees are due one week prior to the annual rookie draft. Failing to do so will result in a stiff kick in the ass. Continued failures will result in a loss of a 2nd round draft pick.
  10. MedStudent

    2018 League fees and sh1t

    I just sent my money.
  11. MedStudent

    2018 Rookie Fraft Date?

    New year. New Team name! Lets get this draft started!
  12. MedStudent

    How do you like your team Pre-Fraft?

    QB: Rodgers, Dak, Mahomes - Strong and pretty deep. Mahomes could be special. RB: Jordan Howard, David Johnson, Gallman, Rawls - 2 very good backs but need more depth - Draft need. WR: Kennan Allen, D Hopkins, Ju Ju, Jeffries, Chris Hogan, Tyreek Hill, Chris Godwin - Strong - VERY VERY deep. tradable commodities TE - Evan Engram, Jordan Reed, Jake Butt, - Good - potential to be very strong K - Boswell - yawn D - Miami and Houston - Houston has strong potential depending on Watts.
  13. MedStudent

    Stop the nonsense

    Your first sentence is utter bs. I have made counteroffers to you in the past. We had a lot of counteroffers for Matt Forte. I wasn't going to offer much for a washed up running back for last years playoff run so it didn't work out. All your other offers I responded to. A couple of times you pulled trades within a day making them, So that was just you have 2nd thoughts before I could respond. As for your latest offer, you were also asking for a third from me. so it was basically 2-3rd's and a 5th for JuJu and Mahomes. Over the last 7 games he played, JU JU averaged 19 points a game. Average that over a full season and he would have been 6 points short of Deandre Hopkins who led the league in receiver scoring last season. Andy Reid thinks Mahomes is good enough that he got rid of Alex Smith. Multiple reports from people who see Mahomes in practice say this guy is really special. JJ and Mahomes both went higher than a third round in our draft last year. But that fifth rounder will make up for that huh?
  14. MedStudent

    Stop the nonsense

    I was offered two third round picks and a fifth rounder for Juju smith schuster and patrick mahomes. Really? Stop wasting my time you Focken idiot!