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  1. Casual Observer

    These black folks prefer segregation.

    Usually I think your posts should be doused in gasoline a set afire, but this one was good.
  2. Casual Observer

    Great Write Up - Shapiro

    His actual position is and always has been Israel First and his shtick has been to try to co-opt the right in this support. There's no shortage of propagandists here, but trying to rehab this guy's track record is a fool's errand.
  3. Casual Observer

    Great Write Up - Shapiro

    Ben Shapiro is a fake conservative and a tribalist of the highest order. I get tired of neocons and faux conservatives lecturing us about how "we" should think or act. He's not one of us. He's part of the Jonah Goldberg/Max Boot crowd.
  4. Casual Observer

    Nat Enq, Bezos, Trump, Saudi

    Are the guys that own the pizza parlor the ones that make sexually suggestive comments directed to photos of children? Keep it up and you're going to earn the new handle "Pedo Defender #1".
  5. I don't really care what the NY Times was 170 years ago. It's fake news now. Show me one false story on Conservative Treehouse. Don't drop Q anon in favor of World Net Daily. Midwits like you should just shut the fock up and get back to work.
  6. It took about four or five posts for your "reasonable guy from the left" mask to slip off.
  7. You're orange man bad all day long. The MSM is left-aligned and has been peddling Fake News for years now. You haven't called them out once, which means you agree with it. To be fair Fox News is a neocon-aligned media outlet. They peddle Middle East involvement at all costs, except for a few people, who I am surprised are still on the channel. Guys like you will post buzzfeed, the Atlantic, Salon, NY Times like they are the absolute truth. They are garbage leftist-aligned fake news outlets. You will then dishonestly post something along the lines of: "Gee, the right wingers here sure love their Q anon fake news." I have not seen the right here posting about q anon as though it were true; only your false equivalencies.
  8. Yeah, that absolute unit of a 15 year old totally blocked his way. There was nowhere he could go. Whatever grievance you can salvage from this thing.
  9. They could have run into black guys who would have stomped them out and posted it on Worldstar.
  10. The only thing I can't figure out here is whether the Indians were supporting these kids or not with the songs and drums. As I understand it, these kids were already assembled at the Lincoln monument. If there is already a group present at some location and you walk into the midst of them trying to disrupt them you should expect a beatdown. That kid just stood there with his arms behind his back while the guy was drumming three inches from his face. Someone with less restraint would have grabbed that drum and broken it over his head. Yet, this kid is somehow in the wrong? Clown World.
  11. Casual Observer

    Wall question

    Because a majority of them don't want it. Their donors like cheap labor and depressed wages.
  12. Casual Observer

    How the universe works

    Thanks for this. When I really want to ponder the deep mysteries of the universe, I usually seek out laid-off pipefitters for enlightenment.
  13. Casual Observer

    These are the people that Trump supporters get their info from

    If true, I should think an impartial guy like you would be alarmed by at least the foreign interference in our election result.
  14. Casual Observer

    Speaking of news...

    Can we get Paul to run an IP check, please? You're as bad at this as Worms was.
  15. Casual Observer

    Speaking of news...

    Filthy gets his news from a site that hates Qanon. Proving that you've never been on that site despite the gay emoticon responses you post every time that site is mentioned.