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  1. Casual Observer

    Is the NCAA Islamaphobic?

    The only LOL is you. You complained that the NCAA repeated this on Twitter because you believe it offends Muslims. Then you posted tweets of a Muslim wrestler who didn't like the tweet. Who cares? Why would you cater to the feelings of Muslims, especially if you're an atheist? I already know the answer, Tim. Anyway, in case you hadn't heard, Muslims are generally militant regarding their religion and regard other religions as bastardized versions of the truth. That includes severe retribution for claiming Jesus Christ as fully God and fully man. You seem not to be very well read on the subject of world religions, though. Some Christians believe that in the afterlife our bodies are raised up whole out of the ground. I can't believe you haven't heard that before.
  2. Casual Observer

    Is the NCAA Islamaphobic?

    Don't Muslims say that there is only God, Allah and Mohammed was his prophet? Does that not at least imply that all others that claimed to be prophets are some kind of lesser stature or counterfeit? Muslims do say that Jesus didn't die on the cross, only that he was near death, taken down and nursed back to health. It only appeared that he died on the cross. As to resurrection, are you telling me that you've never heard of Christians believing they will have eternal life, raised up whole in the afterlife, through their belief in Jesus Christ? Does your just-under-the-surface hatred of Christians allow us to conclude that your ceaseless vaxx promotion here means that the vaxx is not good for us Christians and that you are trying to eliminate us?
  3. Another figment of your imagination, just like you're a straight guy with a kid.
  4. Without reading your post I was going to guess that you are a huge phaggot.
  5. Casual Observer

    Tennessee passes bill gutting marriage rights

    There sure are a lot of ostensibly straight guys that don't live in Tennessee, that are wringing their hands and clutching their pearls over this.
  6. Casual Observer

    Tennessee passes bill gutting marriage rights

    Profound statement, Professor.
  7. Didn't you already say this earlier today?
  8. You mean you can't defend the comments. You've been trying to backpedal all day. You guys are all the same; make some scummy comment, get lambasted and then come back and say "Of course I am totally against _______________. I was just trying to say __________________." That's enough of that.
  9. I'm not here to answer your questions. I started reading the thread and reacted. Again, since you don't want to accept it, those that would try to make moral distinctions on these varieties of rape, or to try and minimize drugging and raping a 13 year old are viewed as scumbags by me and others. That's because there is no beneficial discussion to be had on any alleged differences between them. Backpeddling and trying to explain things away isn't helping. You look like a disingenuous scumbag.
  10. I'm putting this back up again for Scumschochet to try to defend.
  11. Good, can you shut the fock up now? If you actually speak to people like this in daily life, they're going to think you're a pretentious douche.
  12. No they weren't. Strike quoted your post and ably commented on your post at the head of this thread. Stop lying.
  13. Neither were they purely theoretical. Polanski actually raped the 13 year old.
  14. I pretty much take objection to everything you post. For the post above, trying to draw a distinction between forcible rape and drugged sex with a 13 year old is evidence of a depraved mind. You posted plenty more that is objectionable too. You don't seem to understand that and you are not remorseful either. Don't play the "show me what you disagree with" or "show me the post" game with me either. You've posted sick stuff all over this thread. Your wingmen aren't doing a good job trying to distract, either.
  15. Still entirely unconvincing, Professor. I know you think you're the brightest bulb here, but that wasn't what Tim was doing as Strike and others pointed out. See my post above for another example.