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  1. Casual Observer

    The official Biden crime family thread.

    You know something about that? Have we seen the Trump children receiving massive wires from Russian Oligarch's wives, payments from the other nation we are in a trade war with for seemingly nothing, no show jobs for massive paychecks on foreign boards?
  2. Casual Observer

    Bidens town hall crowd had obama speechwriter and spouse of lib rep.

    Good catch Gary Johnson voter. Good to see your non-biased opinion here. The GOP irons out details of debates. Of course that includes a commission filled with John McCain sycophant neocons on the con side of the debate commissions. They fill or allow to be filled town halls with shills, along with moderators who try their best to support the Biden campaign. If I were Trump, I wouldn't go and then I'd tell Ronna Romney McDaniel to blow me. The only people who don't see through this horseshit are cheese pizza eating pedo defenders.
  3. We should find out if this shooter has the space invader tattoos on him, what they mean and what group they're affiliated with (yes, I'm excluding the fact that this guy is a space invaders fan).
  4. Really? "Forget about me, I'm out". Only to come here and post that trump is an embarassment? If you're really on your last legs, go out and tick off your bucket list.
  5. Casual Observer

    Poor Junior NB Lol

    Yes, but it's 12th man's thread and he did some heavy lifting from the get go.
  6. Casual Observer

    Poor Junior NB Lol

    You know, I thought about piling on here for a second, but that would be obscene considering the pummeling 12th man is giving you on his own.
  7. Casual Observer

    I got 4 ballots in the mail today.

    Is that the guy who just testified that white supremacists were behind the recent violence, looting and destruction at BLM protests? No thanks.
  8. Casual Observer

    I got 4 ballots in the mail today.

    This is the left, operating on the axiom that the left projects bad actions they themselves have engaged in. We'll see corrupt election officials in Dem strongholds (think Dade Co., Philly, wherever in MN they found ballots in the trunk of a car to elect Al Franken) stuff ballot boxes behind closed doors. Someone will bring a challenge to some puke Dem judge who won't find any wrongdoing. We've all seen this shady shiot before. The setup for all of this, not surprisingly parroted by you nonstop, is that there's no evidence of voter fraud.
  9. Casual Observer

    Trump and Melania have Covid

    The Baron returns!
  10. Casual Observer

    Trump and Melania have Covid

    I know one person who had it. You've known what, twenty five people who have gotten Covid?
  11. Casual Observer

    ***Official Here we go Debate Thead***

    Most of this post is horseshit. The rest of you wringing your hands in this thread about tone and feeling sad for the Country are ghey and probably gheyer than the Proud Boys. If you didn't know what these two candidates stood for before last night, you don't know anything.
  12. Casual Observer

    Secret Of BLM Success

    Great, because some jackass told me that was all a conspiracy. https://www.jns.org/600-plus-jewish-groups-sign-full-page-ad-supporting-black-lives-matter/
  13. Casual Observer

    Characteristics Of Fascism

    I don't remember consulting you before using that word to describe him, do you?
  14. Casual Observer

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg hospitalized with infection: court

    Tonight's a good tell. Who won't be commenting on this tonight. RBG has probably been dead for three months anyway.
  15. Casual Observer

    Characteristics Of Fascism

    Yeah I bet. That or you just hate being a called a cuck.