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  1. Casual Observer

    Man dies after encounter with Minneapolis Police

    Boogaloo happening when?
  2. Casual Observer

    Man dies after encounter with Minneapolis Police

    Did we have rioting when that Somalian immigrant Minneapolis cop rolled up and shot the pretty blonde yoga instructor complainant dead?
  3. Casual Observer

    The crazy dog lady in Central Park

    Was this an example of white privilege?
  4. Casual Observer

    Corona Deaths in the USA since Feb 2, 2020

    The coffee guy is on his Muslim fetish again.
  5. Casual Observer

    President Trump taking hydroxychloroquine

    They need early voting for two weeks before the actual voting date and mail in ballots so they can track how many votes they are behind and magically find more than that number locked in the trunk of a car, in a U-Haul, etc.
  6. Casual Observer

    Has everyone died yet?

    Hey look, here's MDC intentionally distorting and adding absurdity to someone's post in order to make a stupid point (in this case Cuomo's mishandling of Covid and nursing home patients). This is an example of why I call you dishonest. It's neither cute, nor clever.
  7. Casual Observer

    President Trump taking hydroxychloroquine

    I think it's confirmation that it works. Thanks for this info Concho.
  8. Casual Observer

    Has everyone died yet?

    Not really your call to make. We had abortion expansionist Cuomo telling us every life matters. Now after the heat he's been getting on his intentional mishandling of nursing home patients, he moves in a different direction, saying "Hey, we can't save everyone." You should be right there with him.
  9. Casual Observer

    Ahmaud Arbery

    Oh, it's all normal behavior. I was in your garage last night, just looking around. I didn't take anything, what's the big deal? Secondly, stop saying this guy was "hunted down". If he were hunted down they would have simply rolled up and blasted him from their truck. That's not what happened here.
  10. Casual Observer

    Ahmaud Arbery

    Please calculate this on a per capita basis so that Newbie can understand.
  11. Casual Observer

    Ahmaud Arbery

    Do you know what "interracial" means?
  12. Casual Observer

    Ahmaud Arbery

    Yes, but you were guessing as to the reasons you didn't get shot and I'm going to put "because you were 8" at the top of the list. Of course, I'm certain you didn't try to charge the cop and take his gun either.
  13. Casual Observer

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    Or we could follow the Swedish and now German models and open up responsibly.
  14. Casual Observer

    Ahmaud Arbery

    And you were 8.
  15. Hey, jerkoff. Can you stop puking in every thread? Thanks in advance.