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  1. Casual Observer

    Dilemma - with self-serving interests

    Your feelings are completely rational, given what I've read in this thread. Your ex-wife is the one trying to carve out a piece of your role as Father and give it to someone who is not the kid's Father. That said, you cannot engage in violence or get yourself in trouble, including violating a Court Order.
  2. In Sunni countries and wherever Sunni extremism (Wahhabism) is exported, people suffer. You don't see us bombing Saudi, where a lot of this extremism originates, or Turkey, who right now is exporting the Syrian terrorist rebels it supported in Syria over to Libya to fight in a civil war of sorts over there. Be that as it may, it's not our job to police these people or save the world.
  3. ISIS is ours, Turkey's, Saudi's and Israel's Frankenstein. I don't think Suleimani was on our side (though you can find photos of Suleimani standing amidst U.S. troops in the field). I further don't think we've done much to fight ISIS and that the Syrians, Russians in Syria and paramilitary brigades made up of locals under Suleimani's command in Iraq have been the forces effectively fighting and eradicating ISIS. Contrary to your opinion, I think he did give a sh!t about the people being massacred by ISIS. I think we don't and our track record in fighting that Sunni, Wahhabist JV squad is telling. I share the same opinion as Voltaire that the real problem faction over there are Sunnis, not the Shia. In all, I'd prefer we stay the fock out of there and let these people sort things out themselves, given all the money we've wasted and all the lives lost and irreparably damaged. The essence of the populist anti war sentiment that helped Trump win is that our government is wasting money that could be spent domestically, while it is doing some foreign element's bidding and wasting our military lives doing it. It's past time to end this waste and get out of there.
  4. I agree with this post. The "attack" on our embassy wasn't much of an attack and died out by sundown. I don't believe this Suleimani ordered an attack on our military contractors, either. The US delivered airstrikes on 5 of these Shia militia garrisons. That's what pissed these people off in the first place. Ethnic militias formed to fight ISIS and apparently these Shia militias under Suleimani's command were very effective at it and engaged in ongoing operations against pockets of ISIS fighters in Eastern Syria and Western Iraq. Unfortunately, because Western media can't be trusted to tell the truth, one has to go out and find alternate sources to try to create a composite of the truth. Some say this guy was a terrorist; others say he defended the people from ISIS and was very effective at it. It's very troubling that those that are or were the most effective at eliminating ISIS get eliminated themselves or have stumbling blocks placed in their way at every turn. This has someone else's fingerprints all over it. We're supposed to be past this neocon bullshit at this stage.
  5. Casual Observer

    Real conservatives asking real questions

    This is bullshiot. You and the other shlep both agree with 90s that you want immigration locked down and then you call him a radical. You haven't seen radical on this bored. It's not difficult to distinguish between liberal and conservative ideals. Your comments above are confused. If me and 90s are not allowed to say what is conservative, then neither are you allowed to say what is radical. The "closer to the left" comment is a joke.
  6. Casual Observer

    Real conservatives asking real questions

    Nah, you're just a liberal. You pretended to be conservative for a minute, but that got blown up pretty quickly.
  7. Casual Observer

    Real conservatives asking real questions

    It's totally your thing, which is why you like him so much.
  8. Casual Observer

    Real conservatives asking real questions

    No, keep it straight - you are a liberal cuck phag just like MDC.
  9. Casual Observer

    Real conservatives asking real questions

    Yes. It's h0m0s like you pretending to be conservative, like these other three h0m0s in this thread. Also, it's about the h0m0s at TPUSA pretending to be conservative, when they're not, like the other three h0m0s in this thread.
  10. Casual Observer

    Real conservatives asking real questions

    Oh, now he's a shock jock and who cares. I bet you'd love to see him suck cawk on air.
  11. Casual Observer

    Real conservatives asking real questions

    Yeah, whatever gheyservative. Here's your hero shoving a d1ildo up his arse. https://imgur.com/r/EnoughLibertarianSpam/227Kdwo
  12. Casual Observer

    Real conservatives asking real questions

    The ghey conservatives have spoken: they pretended they were conservatives, then came to a realization they were libertarians, then realized they were liberals. Have fun with those elections, boys.
  13. Casual Observer

    Real conservatives asking real questions

    Pretty much.
  14. Casual Observer

    Real conservatives asking real questions

    You asked the question, dummy. I guess you missed the cross-dressing, making out with a gay guy on camera and shoving a up his arse on camera.
  15. Casual Observer

    Real conservatives asking real questions

    You'll have to hit the internet for both of these guys, especially McInnes.