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    What do you eat for breakfast?

    Two sausage patties with a piece of melted juusto or a protein shake or homemade sausage mcmuffin or bacon and 2 medium cooked eggs

    ever notice how unathletic girls are

    I’ll put a bat in her box

    Auto insurance claim question

    You’re dreaming, man.

    Rank meat

    Beef chicken pork lobster anytime I can

    Auto insurance claim question

    The average agent is going to make minimal effort on this. They sell, not adjust claims. There are some agents who are more than happy to get knee deep in it, though.

    Auto insurance claim question

    Listen, dude. I’ve been adjusting claims for 20 years in some capacity or another. Right now I’m a large loss adjuster handling enormous housefires. In many states, legal liability for property damage is limited to ACV. And in many of those states, depreciation is allowed to be applied on both material and labor. Really don’t give a fck if you believe it or not.

    Auto insurance claim question

    You’re most likely only entitled to the “actual cash value” which means the cost of the repair less depreciation based on age or condition of your vehicle. Go through your own insurer for the best experience.
  8. In 2013 I bought 2,600 sf for $175k. 2021 sold it for $312k. At the same time, bought 4,200 sf for $455k with $120k down at 2.79%. No way I’m selling in the next 20 years. Zillow says my house is now “worth” $515k.
  9. Same. I was pretty kookoo for her and had a helluva collection of rarities and b-sides and stuff.
  10. Oh hell yeah. Was so into her.
  11. Right now for me it’s Ana de Armas. To own her as my concubine I think I’d go as high as $2.5M.
  12. MLCKAA

    Roe V Wade overturned!!! Leaked, SCOTUS SHOULD BE IMPEACHED

    The people who say that life doesn’t begin at conception are the same people who would laud the discovery of alien life if a single amoeba was found in a scoop of dirt on Mars.
  13. MLCKAA

    dont bother with doctor strange 2 - woke trash

    That was me
  14. 1. Positive attitude 2. Metamucil 3. Zoloft
  15. MLCKAA

    Roe V Wade overturned!!! Leaked, SCOTUS SHOULD BE IMPEACHED

    But the subject here isn’t what states might do. We’re talking about what the SCOTUS is doing. And what SCOTUS is doing isn’t a restriction on anything. In fact, it should be seen as rescinding unconstitutional restriction on the rights of states to govern themselves.