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    Metamucil and hemorrhoids

    PBJ sandwich??

    Metamucil and hemorrhoids

    Yeah, I’m 46 now. I spent the last 5 years feeling like I’d been sodomized by a cactus before getting the rhoids cauterized. Sucks getting out of bed each day knowing that as soon as you take that first dump, the rest of your day is fckored. I thought it was a friggin food allergy or something...I’m a GD moron. Do absolutely love the Metamucil effect.

    Metamucil and hemorrhoids

    After about 5 years of dealing with @nal discomfort and pain, I found out that ‘rhoids are more often internal than external, contrary to my conception of them basically looking like fishing worms sticking out of the . So after 2 rounds of a proctologist laser beaming things inside my anus/colon, my quality of life is SUBSTANTIALLY restored. In an effort to keep it that way I’m now using Metamucil each day and I wish I’d started years ago! I’ve always had fiber in my diet, but still had unpleasant BMs anyway. The consistency of my poo has been comparable to peanut butter for years. Difficult to get it out and tedious to clean up. Now with the Metamucil I’m consistently getting really well formed turds that are shockingly big and they practically just fall right out with nearly zero effort. Another plus is 70% of the time my wipe is a “clean sweep” instead of resembling a smear of Nutella.

    Your personal music tastes and upbringing..

    Voivod: Dimension Hatross De La Soul: 3 Feet High and Rising Public Enemy: Apocalypse 91 GNR: Appetite Toad The Wet Speocket: Bread And Circus They Might Be Giants: Flood Depeche Mode: 101 Radiohead: all first 3 albums The Jayhawks: pick any album Liz Phair: Exile in Guyville Pearl Jam: Ten Belly: Star Veruca Salt: American Thighs

    I may have found by biological father.

    This is interesting. I have a half sister I’ve never met. My rotten crap worthless excuse for a man or person father had a daughter 8 years after I was born. I was able to locate her 15 years ago but I never contacted her. Last week she emailed my mother through FB trying to track me down. Now I have to decide if I wanna open myself up to having contact. From my research I know she’s been jailed numerous times on drug charges. People often change but I feel quite wary of telling her much about myself. I have a lot to protect.
  6. Is it more action for you because of extra time together and little else to do? Or less action because SO is distraught over the pandemic? I figure there’s probably a fair amount of both those situations. Did hear someone suggest there will be a baby boom Jan-Feb next year. Everything pretty status quo for me and the wife (34B), which is to say we didn’t screw much before and still aren’t now. Although she’s basically agreed to let me play out a kink that she has always denied me in the past. Maybe that’s my reward for still working full time while also filling in as an elementary school teacher, custodian, grounds keeper, personal shopper and executive chef for the last 7 weeks.
  7. I mean, if y’all want to. Because I’ve learned a lot about it recently.
  8. I think the most important question here is being ignored: do we really accept “Jussie” as a legitimate name?

    Does your wife do this too?

    Whatever dude. Let her keep c0cking around on ya. Take life by the ball or let life take your balls. Obvious what you’ve chosen. Fck that chinaman.
  10. MLCKAA

    Does your wife do this too?

    Women. I assume you are considering leaving? I hate this sht and so I hate to say this but it sounds like she has already bailed and presently you’re just allowing her to benefit from the dual-income arrangement. Even if you don’t have career success. Respect yourself. Break something of hers. Put an app like Life360 on her phone without her knowledge and show up at one of her nights out.
  11. MLCKAA

    401k Balance by Age

    Wife and I have $296k in the 401k at ages 44 and 45 respectively. however, we have only $35k in college savings right now with a 14 YO freshman and a 3rd grader. mortgage is $148k against market value of $220k and $2600 in CC debt plus a car loan still at $14k. 2018 household income $182k.
  12. Honestly can’t really say. Never saw anyone for treatment or whatever. It just kind of diminished. Now I probably haven’t had suicidal thoughts in probably 5 years. I still find myself sometimes melancholy, but nothing like the dark shadows I knew before. As an addendum to what I posted before, this was never woe-is-me feelings I had. Imagine if your kids or wife or mother or best friend died and the grief you’d have. I had intense sadness like that without the actual loss. And it was always SOOOO perplexing to feel that way knowing nothing had gone wrong, nothing had changed from the day before. I think it was brain chemistry imbalance.
  13. I can maybe add a little bit to this. Maybe not. Was never diagnosed, but dealt with general depression from about age 17 until about age 40. It wasnt situational. I would find myself inconsolably, deeply sad for weeks and weeks at a time and there was no explanation for it. There was also no getting by it until it resolved on its own. These would be awful periods of inexplicable grief. Over nothing. Just insurmountable darkness. Many times in my late twenties and much of my thirties I contemplated suicide. Looking back I cant explain why I didnt do it. Glad I didnt. All this to say, outsiders cant always understand it or judge it.
  14. Probably not what youre looking for, but in 1996 a woman I knew told me that my attitude was so negative that it was easy to see why few people wanted to hang around with me. That burned, but I took it to heart and it changed me.