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  1. The Football Guru

    running into buzsaws

    I believe there was a total of 89 touchdowns scored in Week 1, which is a high number. Obviously, we'll have to wait a bit for the final tally in Week 2.
  2. The Football Guru

    Any Word On James Conner's Injury?

    The injury happened on his last touch of the first quarter. He caught a screen and planted his left foot to turn upfield. It's pretty noticeable if you slow down the film. I'm actually shocked he was able to return to practice and practice in full as quickly as he was. This is pretty much what I expect as well. Only problem is that if Denver plays run defense as well as I know it can, neither Conner nor Snell will look good behind the Steelers' injured o-line. I can't wait to hear how many people will start crying for Anthony McFarland if that happens.
  3. The Football Guru

    Instant Fantasy Analysis - RB JK Dobbins, Ravens

    This might explain why I keep getting him in the seventh round. Not counting on him to start or even contribute for me in the first month, but boy could he ever pay off down the stretch if Ingram goes down.
  4. The Football Guru

    Laviska Shenault

    Dede Westbrook is supposedly falling out of favor in Duval. If that is the case, it means Chark could push for 150 targets and he's just be assuming about a quarter of Minshew's throws. Shenault could honestly set a record for the number of bubble screens and Wildcat carries a receiver has seen in a season if Westbrook is not going to be a major part of the action. I don't think 25-plus carries and 90 targets is out of the question for him. I'm getting Shenault quite often in the 15th round of my high-stakes drafts and he's moved up into about the 11th round range on my board.
  5. The Football Guru


    Check this link out guys ... the doctors go through six key players, including Kamara. https://hwcdn.libsyn.com/p/5/8/3/5839749d276b7c64/Betz2.mp3?c_id=82867964&cs_id=82867964&expiration=1599415275&hwt=96c1c92ed2909e0d3c4fa2497d462a52
  6. The Football Guru

    Doug Orth returning to Sirius XM today ...

    I'll see if I can, but I'm pretty sure you need to have a Sirius XM account to listen.
  7. The Football Guru

    Doug Orth returning to Sirius XM today ...

    I don't want to be the guy that interrupted Jamal Murray doing his thing (again). You can always find it on-demand afterward.
  8. The Football Guru

    Doug Orth returning to Sirius XM today ...

    Interview is scheduled to air at 10 pm ET. I think it went well.
  9. The Football Guru

    Doug Orth returning to Sirius XM today ...

    I'll be talking with Football Diehards' Bob Harris and Jags play-by-play guy Mike Dempsey for about 20-30 minutes on Sirius XM today. I can't remember for sure, but I'm pretty sure this is my first spot with SIrius XM in seven years. Channel 87 on your radio dial (showing off my age a bit there).
  10. The Football Guru

    Doug Orth's Big Boards 2020 - Top 200

    PPR. Got him at 102 in non-PPR at the moment.
  11. The Football Guru

    Doug Orth's Big Boards 2020 - Top 200

    Most recent changes ... AD release means Gibson moves up in a big way. (No. 80 overall) - Don't see him getting featured, more like Kamara lite Bryce Love moves up and JD McKissic enters the rankings. Shenault now at 150 ... probably should be higher, but I can't get excited about the TD upside in Duval even though I really like the player here.
  12. The Football Guru

    Doug Orth's Big Boards 2020 - Top 200

    I knew this would be my reaction getting involved in this conversation, but still ...
  13. The Football Guru

    Doug Orth's Big Boards 2020 - Top 200

    Totally agreed.
  14. The Football Guru

    Doug Orth's Big Boards 2020 - Top 200

    Ok, this would be where you and I disagree. I think Fournette will see more work than Jones at some point, probably beginning in October after Fournette has had a few weeks to learn the playbook a bit more. Could be hot-hand, RoJo could get featured all year. I just think it will be very hard to start either one with confidence very often outside of the layup matchups where TB can run 30 times.
  15. The Football Guru

    Doug Orth's Big Boards 2020 - Top 200

    Oh, AxeElf ... I have Ingram at 50 and Dobbins listed at 80, so early fifth and last part of the seventh round. So, 82 is not exactly irrelevant. Zack Moss is poised to be a co-starter in Buffalo and I usually see him lasting until the ninth round. Again, far from irrelevant. Dobbins and Jones' place on my Big Board isn't only a reflection of where I think they'll end up, but how much risk goes into relying on them all season long (and how much patience an owner needs to wait things out in some cases). Fournette couldn't beat out Armstead and Thompson? Do you think that is what is happening in Duval? This shows some ignorance for an "expert" such as yourself. Armstead hardly participated in camp this summer, and Ozigbo has reportedly done enough in camp to either pass Armstead or split carries with him. Thompson was added to do his thing in the passing game. Jacksonville may not be tanking per se, but the Jags aren't trying very hard to win this year either. Fournette was going to help them win, or at least be more competitive. That's bad for business when you want to be in a spot to potentially land Trevor Lawrence. Arians has a long history of saying one thing and doing another at RB. Maybe that changes this year. I wouldn't bet on it though. I think RoJo still has a good chance of having an impact this season. I appear to be one of the few who thinks that. If you think my "take" is out there and reversed, take a sampling of other analysts' opinions. I spent a lot of time last night defending Jones, so I know most of the industry seems to think he is "done." I think Fournette is a slightly better talent, and I think it will play out that way. I can see Fournette getting more of the fantasy-friendly touches, although it wouldn't surprise me if Arians just goes with the "hot hand" either. I don't pretend to know exactly how this thing is going to play out, which makes me different than most. One of my most important jobs is to assess risk and upside. I think I'm doing that here.