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  1. The Football Guru

    Fantasy Guru

    I will get back to you on this. My schedule hasn't quite freed up the way I expected it to quite yet.
  2. The Football Guru

    Ravens at Titans: Wildcard Weekend Discussion

    I kind of understand why Corey Davis was 44 percent owned on DraftKings, but how did 50 percent of DFS players think Derrick Henry was going to justify his $9200 salary. I thought I projected him at his extreme upside in my article and didn't have him in any of my lineups.
  3. The Football Guru

    Fantasy Guru

    I have done very little in terms of studying the matchups this week. Looks like TyMont is no longer available and Boone will be splitting reps (at best) with Mattison, so I think Michel is the right call with Lev Bell likely to handle most of the reps for KC.
  4. The Football Guru

    Thank you FFToday for great season

    Awww shucks
  5. The Football Guru

    Final All Out Blitz of the season ...

    Man, that's a tough group to pick two from. My inclination is to go with Hall and Mooney, but both of them are more of the big play or bust type. Conner would have been an easier call earlier this year, but I have very little faith in what Pittsburgh is doing offensively outside of forcing the ball to Diontae Johnson.
  6. The Football Guru

    Final All Out Blitz of the season ...

    I don't like the upside of Dare or Ito, so it would be Hansen for me.
  7. The Football Guru

    Final All Out Blitz of the season ...

    If Edmonds is a surprise inactive, I'd probably go Drake and Gordon. If not, Wilson and Gordon. I think Gordon has benefited from some good luck lately, but he's set up for a full workload this week with Lindsay out and Freeman hurting too. Good luck.
  8. The Football Guru

    Final All Out Blitz of the season ...

    I think I'm on an island with the Miami RBs this weekend, but I could see Ahmed taking the lead role this week to let Gaskin ease back in (or an RBBC at the very least). COVID has not been kind to player's respiratory systems. I would be surprised if we don't get some kind of report from a Miami beat writer before game time. Given Detroit's coaching situation this weekend, I'm actually playing Kittle ahead of TJ Hockenson. I like him better than everyone else here as well.
  9. The Football Guru

    Final All Out Blitz of the season ...

  10. The Football Guru

    Final All Out Blitz of the season ...

    I know the "safe" play is Metcalf given his talent, but we know he is going to see Ramsey probably at least 70 percent of the time. The Rams' other CBs are no slouches either, so you have to hope they play a lot of zone. I can see a scenario in which Lattimore keeps Jefferson somewhat in check, meaning a decent game for Thielen. Thielen again. Hilton has Pittsburgh and McLaurin is trending toward not playing. Wilson by a hair over Robinson. I don't feel great about it and Robinson says he's "fine," but I'll take a Shanahan back likely to get 15-18 touches over an injured stud.
  11. The Football Guru

    Final All Out Blitz of the season ...

    I'll get to the remaining questions tonight sometime after MIN-NO.
  12. The Football Guru

    Final All Out Blitz of the season ...

    Sanders doesn't have enough realistic upside (I mean anything can happen, but I'm not sure he's going off for 120 and 2 this afternoon) to play him over the RBs. I think Wilson is a solid start and Robinson has to be the other starter if he is active. Hunt's not a bad fallback option. The Jets actually aren't a great matchup for traditional RBs but have given up the fourth-most catches to the position. I'd still go with Wilson and Robinson b/c they should have something resembling workhorse roles this week.
  13. The Football Guru

    Final All Out Blitz of the season ...

    Ugh. As much as I really don't want to recommend Cousins, I think I like him more than any of your other options. He's got the most difficult matchup, but he also has the best weapons. I know Lock did well for fantasy purposes in the first meeting vs. LAC, but he's really only had one solid full game this year (Carolina) and he's only topped 15 fantasy points (six points/passing TD) three of 11 times this season. Congrats on getting this far and good luck.
  14. The Football Guru

    Final All Out Blitz of the season ...

    Based on what I've seen so far, Jones won't be eligible to practice before Saturday (which is obviously a problem since the Bucs play on Saturday). I highly doubt Mixon is coming back either. Those would be my drops. So many unknowns with the waiver pickup priorities: CEH is out, so Bell would be your best bet for a solid floor. He'd probably be my top-ranked guy here even though I don't think he has much left in the tank. Zeke seems to believe he's playing this week, so Pollard would be my last-ranked priority. Ahmed would probably be my #2, but it's more of a science call than a fantasy football one. Gaskin actually tested positive for COVID, and the instances of players returning from a positive diagnosis has not been great. I could easily see Ahmed getting more carries than Gaskin. Conner also sounds like he is going to be back. Either way, the only way I'm playing a PIT RB is if DeForest Buckner is ruled out.
  15. The Football Guru

    Final All Out Blitz of the season ...

    Yeah, I think the case you make is the clincher for Hurts. I have this exact decision in an industry league championship game this week and will be rolling with Hurts. Herbert is not running as much as I expected. Combined with Allen and Williams ailing, I can't play him over a guy with a 60-yard rushing floor and a solid matchup. Plus, I will almost always have a healthy respect for a Vic Fangio defense and the fact this will be his second look at Herbert.