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  1. The Football Guru

    * UPDATED: NFL Draft Profiles - RB Damien Harris

    I want to like Brown more than I do, but I really don't know how that guy is going to stay healthy for a full season. If he lands on GB, however, I'm sure he will be no lower than 1.03 on my rookie draft board.
  2. The Football Guru

    * UPDATED: NFL Draft Profiles - RB Damien Harris

    I'll be doing a write-up on him (not a profile) before the draft. I know I like what I have seen from him.
  3. The Football Guru

    * UPDATED: NFL Draft Profiles - RB Damien Harris

    Would not surprise me if the Pack passes at the position, although I do agree with you. Word has it that GB likes what it has in Robert Tonyan. With that said, I don't know how the Pack could pass on Hock if he's there at 12.
  4. The Football Guru

    * UPDATED: NFL Draft Profiles - RB Damien Harris

    You guys nailed it on the head, IMO. Just got done evaluating Brown, I strongly considered Jarvis Landry as a comp before settling on Boldin. And most definitely, I see a lot of WR2 and WR3 types so far in this class and none of the "alpha" WR1s.
  5. The Football Guru

    * UPDATED: NFL Draft Profiles - RB Damien Harris

    Funny you mentioned DGB. I did have him listed as a low-end comp at one time, but I ultimately decided against him in part b/c he's nowhere as strong (27 bench reps to 13 for DGB) or explosive (11+ feet broad vs. sub-10 for DGB). Either way, one of the reasons I like doing these profiles is b/c they force me to challenge the rankings of all the draft analysts. It appears most of them believe Harry or Metcalf are No. 1, but I sure don't see it that way.
  6. The Football Guru

    Why is Carlos Hyde bouncing around so much?

    Shanahan wanted "his guy" in San Fran and Hyde was at the end of his rookie deal. In CLE, we should have seen been able to predict Chubb was going to be a factor when he went early in the second and again when Hyde wasn't showing much efficiency. The Jags were a bad situation, as has been noted above. I like Hyde in KC. We'll have to wait and see if the Chiefs targets an RB on the first day or two of the draft. If they do, I'm probably betting on that rookie. If not, I'll probably acquire a ton of shares in Hyde in the middle to late rounds as opposed to buying Williams in the second.
  7. The Football Guru

    Forums Software Upgrade - 2/5/19

    Wooo-wey ... snazzy
  8. The Football Guru

    Bill O'Brien

    We knew his line sucked going into the season. The media loves to play up how much he is responsible for his own sacks, but PFF doesn't seem to agree. However, since either PFF doesn't offer this info to premium subscribers or I can't find it on the site, I'll use this link instead. As of the end of November, PFF assigned responsibility to Watson on only seven of the 37 sacks he had taken (18.9%). Using that same rate over the course of the season, he would have been responsible for 11.5 of his 61 sacks (PFF's number), https://texanswire.usatoday.com/2018/11/28/pro-football-focus-sacks-texans-qb-deshaun-watson/ Even if we bump the final number up to 15, it's ridiculous. LT Julie'n Davenport was raw coming out of Bucknell and should just now be working as a starter, but he's their LT and started a bunch last year. LG Senio Kelemete should be a rotational guy, not a guy starting next to Davenport. RT Kendall Lamm was waived by the Texans last season when their line was even worse after being a college free agent two years before. He's the starting RT. Houston's other huge problem is it got old in the secondary in a hurry. I would have no problem if the Texans do nothing but draft o-linemen and corners this spring, Lamar Miller is replaceable but also good enough to use in tandem with a healthy D'Onta Foreman if the line gets a serious upgrade. Short of this draft offering up a Quenton Nelson at Houston's pick in the first round (highly unlikely, obviously), the Texans need to find Aaron Colvin's long-term sidekick and then throw most of their picks at athletic o-linemen.
  9. The Football Guru

    Monday night what do you need?

    Let's make it 19 and everyone can be happy. Against Denver's lackluster TE defense, 5-80-1 is doable.
  10. The Football Guru

    Hello Caller, I'm Listening ...

    If you're asking me if I trust Michel to get 15 carries, sure. Do I think he'll give you October numbers? No. Too many horses in the stable now and the Pats don't care about getting one back his numbers. I feel Coleman is probably the ceiling play and Anderson is the safer play with a decent amount of upside. I had to make this decision earlier in the week on the waiver wire and I went with Cleveland. No Green, Boyd, Eifert or Dalton. I would hope the Browns could keep a second-string offense in check. I would play Miami if I had to, but I don't trust that defense.
  11. The Football Guru

    Hello Caller, I'm Listening ...

    I'd say the odds of Luck sucking (for fantasy purposes) two weeks in a row are slim. I do think Big Ben is a better fantasy play b/c the Saints should be able to stop the run. Would not surprise if Ben went something like 400-2-2. All this assumes the Saints returning home is all their offense needed to get back on track.
  12. The Football Guru

    Hello Caller, I'm Listening ...

    JuJu assured his fantasy owners on Twitter that he'll go tomorrow. I think Anderson makes sense as the WR4.
  13. The Football Guru

    Hello Caller, I'm Listening ...

    No problem. Mike puts us through a three-week customer service and sensitivity training course after the draft each spring
  14. The Football Guru

    Hello Caller, I'm Listening ...

    I can understand your dilemma. Half-point PPR makes it a bit easier for me to go Damien Williams over Cohen as your RB3. I couldn't sit Chubb or David Johnson unless you gave me the answers to the test, and even then I still might question benching them
  15. The Football Guru

    Hello Caller, I'm Listening ...

    Thanks boss