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  1. Fearsome

    Drop Golladay for Chark?

    Cook, Mixon, Henderson, Hunt, Mitchell AJ Brown, Godwin, Sutton, Golladay, Cooks Brady, Fields
  2. Fearsome

    Who to start as my wr2 standard league

    Lamb. Easy choice. Drop Golladay for Chark? - A Little Help! - FFToday Forums
  3. Fearsome

    McLaurin or Devonta Smith?

    Agree. McLaurin. Play your studs. Drop Golladay for Chark? - A Little Help! - FFToday Forums
  4. Fearsome

    Fournette trade

    Tampa is pass first. Also to me, Jones is RB1 there. If I could get Claypool for Fournette I'd do it in a second. Drop Golladay for Chark? - A Little Help! - FFToday Forums
  5. Fearsome

    sutton, shepard, golladay

    I have Sutton and Golladay as well. I think of the three Sheppard is the guy. He seems to have taken over as WR1 from Golladay. WFT defense could be an issue. Also, with Denver playing JAX, Sutton could breakout but I want to see it first before I risk putting him in the lineup. See mine please. Drop Golladay for Chark? - A Little Help! - FFToday Forums
  6. Fearsome

    Drop Golladay for Chark?

    These two are within 10 spots of each other on most ECR's I've seen with Golladay the higher ranked. Chark is available and I'm reading that he is a WR2 at this point with his week 1 target share and air yards (third highest last week). Other bench WR are Sutton and Cooks so I think Golladay is the one to cut, if any at all. Non-PPR scoring. Also have Fields as back-up QB who I could cut but I think he's in for a big second half. Thoughts? I'll help you.
  7. Fearsome

    Elijah Mitchell: Sell High?

    Thanks guys for the thoughts. 10 team standard. I am fortunate to be deep at RB. Mitchell is my RB5. I drafted RB heavy at the top (4 of first 5 picks). I have Cook, Mixon, Henderson, Hunt and Mitchell. Dropped Michael Carter to add Mitchell. At WR I have AJ Brown, Godwin, Sutton, Golladay and Cooks. Pretty middle of the road and very questionable.
  8. Fearsome

    Elijah Mitchell: Sell High?

    With the unknowns around this committee, is now the time to sell high on Mitchell if you were able to get him off the wire? And, if so, what should you be expecting in return?
  9. Fearsome

    Raheem Mostert to IR

    In Detroit??? Wow, they must have some top quality groupies there. Crazy.
  10. Fearsome

    Week 1 MNF What Do You Need?

    Under 50.5
  11. Fearsome

    Raheem Mostert to IR

    49ers RB Raheem Mostert (knee) will be placed on IR and will be out approximately eight weeks after chipping cartilage in his knee. (Nick Wagoner) That said...Elijah Mitchell > Michael Carter or is Carter better stashed for later in the season in non-PPR leagues when the Jets figure out their backfield mess?
  12. Fearsome

    Gus Edwards injury?

    Drop Michael Carter for Williams/Bell/Murray?
  13. To keep our schedule perfect for our 10 team league we have decided to skip Week 1 and begin the following week. Our schedule is set with 13 games with three playoff weeks skipping the final week. We play our own division twice for 8 games and the other division once for 5 more games giving us the 13 game set. Thought about skipping weeks 17-18 but decided on this instead. Probably doing a one week best ball tournament for $10 a team winner take all. Thoughts? What are your leagues doing Week 1 or whenever to get around this wrinkle?
  14. Fearsome

    17 Game Regular Season

    To me this stinks. We have a 10 team league with a perfect schedule that was manually drafted 20 years ago where we play the four division opponents twice, once in the first third of the year and the second time in the last third while we play the five out of division teams in the middle third for 13 regular season games. Now we have to figure out something new with the odd number of games. The immediate thing that popped into my head was messing with the bye weeks in the fantasy playoffs or moving to a two week championship cumulative total like some leagues already do. What are your thoughts on how to deal with this extra week of NFL games?
  15. If your league continues on in the NFL playoffs with fantasy, how do you do it? We've talked about it but can't figure out a model. Currently, we are a standard, 10 team league. Thanks.