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  1. Fearsome

    Handcuff Question

    Is it better to handcuff your own stud i.e. Cook with Mattison, Kamara with Ingram or grab the handcuff of another elite back that you may like better than the option you have on your roster or to keep that player away from the RB1 owner. So for example, one owner has Henderson or McCaffrey and you grab Michel or Hubbard? I've never thought it was vital that you handcuff your own stud, just get a high end handcuff from a top rushing offense. Thoughts...
  2. Fearsome

    Lost by .4 points this week...That is all

    That roster is the epitome of chip and a chair. If you can get in to the playoffs...Watch out!
  3. I play in a 10 team standard league. I am an Edmonds owner and probably will replace him since he is out 3-4 weeks, possibly IR, and won't return until the fantasy playoffs. He's currently RB5 on my roster (Cook, Mixon, Hunt, Mitchell). Miles Sanders is available. So is Mattison, Michel and Ingram, all high end handcuffs. As a Cook and Mixon owner, I probably should grab Mattison (he was just released) or Perine, who's also available, but Sanders is tempting, even though he is having a horrific season. Stevenson is also available. Thoughts
  4. It's my big money, best friends league. This is our 21st year. Limit used to be a hard 10. Now we get 10 free, plus 4 for $10 each if needed. Also free swap of K and D/ST but if you want your original player back it costs you a move. Puts major emphasis on the draft, which I like. Also eliminates streaming for the most part which I feel is cheating. Going with the hot hand so to speak. Almost like the DH in the AL and pitchers hitting in the NL. Totally different way to run a team.
  5. 5-3 now on the year. Lost one game by 9, one by .9 and one by .4. Awesome. So frustrating. Had Denver D and they give up two TD's in the final four minutes to crush a massive points effort. From mid-20's down to 6. Opponent had Dak who got both TD passes and a 2PT. Between that and he also had Jonathan Taylor who nailed me with 32. Just a crap week.
  6. Not really. Just think its a tall hill to climb. But how well will Tannehill do? Can he score 20 tonight in LA?
  7. I'm a Brady owner and tried to fill with Taysom Hill earlier in the week after hearing from the top fantasy experts that he was #1 in New Orleans, top 10 play etc. I make the move and then Sean Payton announces he's not starting. Last night, after midnight, waiting to see if any news came out on Tua, which none did..."He was fine, has a hurt finger but he'll go and have a monster day because of the matchup". So I made the move, dumped Hill and got Tua. I wake up this morning and Tua is inactive. That said...I faced Taylor on Thursday so I'm down 32-0. My league puts a cap on add/drops and trades at 10 total which I have now reached. Extra ones, up to four total, now cost $10 each. Is it worth picking up Tannehill, Love, Jones or T. Taylor for this week, spend the money when I'm so far in the scoring hole to start or take a zero? Thanks. Just goes to show that fantasy experts and even Schefter and Rappaport know very little. This scenario is incredible. Can't believe it happened.
  8. I am a Tom Brady owner and a I picked up Taysom Hill to cover his bye. I like his ROS value and don’t want to release him. Do you think he has any Week 9 value even though the Saints aren’t starting him? Could he come in and score on a couple gadget plays etc. Thinking of just taking the chance. I faced Jonathan Taylor and am down 32-0. Nothing to lose. Thoughts…
  9. Fearsome

    Ruggs in "Serious Car Accident"

    Obviously there are more opportunities to make stupid decisions in Las Vegas, but its not like this couldn't happen in any league city, even Green Bay. 31 of the 32 cities are major metropolitan areas with lots of things to do and places to liquor up. No different from NYC, LA, Chicago or Miami. Just a bad decision that killed someone and ruined his own life forever at age 22.
  10. What are everyone's thoughts about the production we can expect from Tannehill, AJ Brown and Julio Jones (one he comes back from injury) without Henry drawing maximum attention? I think that their numbers should actually go down. Tannehill is a game manager and now he won't have 8 stacking the box leaving wide open lanes for him to get the ball to Brown and Jones. Sucks for AJ, he was rounding into form and now he'll be doubled most of the time.
  11. Fearsome

    With crazy bye week anyone considering no kicker

    A team in my league chose not to replace his kicker and defense, took a zero at both spots, and won. Crazy gambles we take sometimes.
  12. I guess the point I’m trying to make is after the draft, backs are next to impossible to acquire. So going with nonstop RB’s at the top of the draft when WR’s are easy to snag rounds 7-11 seems like the way to go. Having 5 WR2-3 on your roster is not awful.
  13. With all the injuries this year having a stable of backs is huge. Owners hoard them. We’re starting RB45 for craps sake that we scrounged off the depths of the wire. WR’s are a dime a dozen. Outside of the top 5-7 they’re the same and they’re always available. Next year I’m going to start my draft with 6 RB’s and see how it turns out. Call it a one year experiment and we’ll see how it goes.
  14. Fearsome

    help me get this trade done

    He needs RB help. You have the depth. Neither of you have WR to spare so you could try that but I'm not sure if you would go 2 RB for 1 with that 1 being hurt.
  15. Fearsome

    D. Henderson for J. Jefferson

    Because I am deep at RB, I've been using a RB at flex and starting Brown, Godwin and lately Sutton because of Brown being hurt. Doing this gives me a clear number 1. I only have one QB (Brady) and I can then dump OBJ for a backup. I think Henderson is more expendable than Mixon. His other option is Diggs but I think Jefferson is the better option. Allen is a one man offense and just running like crazy. Diggs numbers are suffering.