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  1. justforbeer

    Ouch! Evans, Golladay, Sutton & Cooks.

  2. Because they were playing against each other. Drafting is all about value.
  3. I took David Johnson in the third round and he scored the same as CEH so I’m good! Let’s see what D Henry and Gordo do on Mon Night!
  4. justforbeer

    Instant Fantasy Analysis - RB Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Chiefs

    He didn’t catch a ball. He was 0 for 7 within the 5 yard line. He had 25 rushes against the Houston Run D fence that truly sucked as they kept two safeties back almost every down, they dared Kansas City and run the ball all night and that’s what Kansas City did. Houston played to stop Mahomes from throwing the long touchdowns and they succeeded in that. It was a good game plan.....Except for the fact that I love a shoot out!
  5. Yeah well I’m happier with my David Johnson pick that scored just as many points as I got him in the third round. He wasn’t given seven opportunities inside the five either. It was a good outing for the rookie, but it also was a bad outing. Didn’t catch a ball either. One thing to note, the Chiefs Ran it 34 times which they never did last year. Is this a trend or was this an outlier because it’s the first game of the season?
  6. So the rookie looked good tonight and he took advantage of his opportunities. There are some concerns. He didn’t play very many 3rd downs, several times he was subbed out, lastly he had so many goal line opportunities and came up with a big fat egg. Not a good showing inside the 5.
  7. Wow, that was a nice cut by CEH. Nice first touchdown for him.
  8. Good first half! For my team!
  9. Where is Axe.....CEH is splitting so far.
  10. justforbeer

    Ouch! Evans, Golladay, Sutton & Cooks.

    Golladay, who missed five games as a rookie with a pulled hamstring..... cooks is one concussion from being out for the year... I love talking about this stuff!
  11. Have a great time! Very envious! This last few years I haven’t been as big of a fan of going to any sports games but this one I definitely would want to go to!
  12. Three wide receivers go down with injuries or lingering injuries this week. Sounds like Evans and Golladay may not even play. Cooks is very iffy. Sutton just went down with a shoulder injury.
  13. justforbeer

    Laviska Shenault

    KHunt Definitely cut into Chubbs production. The last five games of the season we’re very pedestrian for Chubb. His catches significantly went down. He averaged 75 yards rush a game for the last five games. He only scored one touchdown during those games. KHunt Became the receiver out of the backfield clearly. He was averaging 50 to 75 yards total a game and had two touchdowns during that five game span. I don’t believe it was a question of significance as much as there was a difference. I believe they will totally split the backfield this year. Chubb will be about 1000 yard rusher with about 5 total I would put Hunter down for about 750 rushing and 750 receiving with 8 td’s.
  14. Going to get a pretty good idea how my team will be this year after tomorrow night....