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  1. justforbeer

    Players coming off Covid

    Should be interesting to see how T Hill does today. Coming off the Covid list, not practicing and then straight to game time. I am playing against him and Mahomes so I’m hoping it’s a big dud for KC today! Let’s go Pittsburgh D!
  2. justforbeer

    Nick Foles to start for Bears

    I’m very happy with this as this definitely helps Montgomery to have a big game today! Let’s go! Maybe even a Monty pass to Foles for a touchdown!
  3. justforbeer

    Browns at Packers: Saturday Football Discussion

    Let’s go!! Browns need to draft a quarterback or go find a decent one out there. Nick Foles? Lol!
  4. justforbeer

    Are you playoff bound? Why or why not?

    That is truly not right......Any asshat that does that and they are no longer in contention should not be able to do that. If you are in a yahoo/espn online league with a bunch of people you do not know, well, that is then expected.
  5. justforbeer

    M. Evans - if out Wk 16, then ..

    I would go Greg Davis and the fact will be that if diggs gets shut down then you would hope he gets points for you. Got to go all in or nothing! The bees is out and Sanders is jacked up still. Revenge game for Buffalo
  6. justforbeer

    Leonard Fournette likely out until playoffs

    I got lucky when I picked up Ronald Jones last week!
  7. justforbeer

    Skibum - Axe Elf bet

    Sadly what the jester doesn’t realize, is that this bet and his continued focus on just trying to win tells a story. Robbie Anderson was fools gold. He didn’t want him because cam newton was going to throw the ball so that’s just luck that it happened. More importantly Antonio Brown was huge in the games he played. And as he comes in for the playoffs hopefully that will continue. Also, I will make it clear that I do not like Antonio Brown. I think he’s a punk, but he’s one hell of a football player. Lastly, If you wanted to receiver that would avg 40 yards a game throughout the season and end up with about 700 yards receiving, that’s not the guy I want! If you had a guy that played 8 games and the other 9 he was out but got a 900 yards receiving and 7 touchdowns, that’s the guy I want! Also, that’s what we are looking for at the beginning of the season is someone that wins games for your team. Not mediocrity!
  8. justforbeer

    Skibum - Axe Elf bet

    Get real! Who in this forum didn’t have a fake ID to get beer or get into a bar? I don’t think anybody’s celebrating or criticizing unless you have no life. It’s a bunch of BS. Don’t act like you’re all high and mighty and better than somebody else, especially an entire state of people.
  9. justforbeer

    Are you playoff bound? Why or why not?

    Decision became A lot easier now that the wide receiver corps of Tampa Bay is all jacked up. Aaron Rodgers, here we go!
  10. justforbeer

    Are you playoff bound? Why or why not?

    Got the bye! Week 16 is going to be tough to decide between Brady or Rodgers..............
  11. The New England the Buffalo Bills game is a clear example of how weather can completely disarm your fantasy team. Looking at week 16 and 17, what games do you think have a chance of being bad weather? pray your players play in a dome those weekends!
  12. justforbeer

    What's up with David Montgomery?

    He played the full game so I’m assuming it’s just giving him some rest as he is now the clear workhorse
  13. justforbeer

    Are you playoff bound? Why or why not?

    Matrix movie is coming?
  14. justforbeer

    Are you playoff bound? Why or why not?

    With a win this week, I will get a bye in the playoffs. This team has had its ups and downs, definitely hurting on my TE players as they just are not putting up the points I expected. RB's are now starting to look fairly strong too as Monty is coming into his and Jacobs will be in all 3 downs. Just have to decide which QB to play....Brady or Rodgers.....
  15. justforbeer

    Skibum - Axe Elf bet

    Wait a second. Just because there was no injury clause in your bet, To even think that the choice of Robbie Anderson was a good one is the more obvious issue here. Not only did you preach about how great the guy was and how great he was going to do and he was the steal of the draft essentially, he ended up being one of the biggest busts of the year. It wasn’t just quarterback play, Anderson may have the most drops of any wide receiver this year. He was horrible! He currently leads the league with seven, and I feel like there were more than that. You need to own that, or nobody will respect you here. If somehow Anderson outscores Antonio Brown because AB only played six games, well That may be the epitome of your character in this forum as you consider it a “win”.