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  1. justforbeer

    Starting Jalen hurts and your fantasy championship game.

    Yeah, I was trying to let people know that it was a high-risk play and they were lucky to get the 19 points out of him as half of those were from one play by DJax.
  2. justforbeer

    Starting Jalen hurts and your fantasy championship game.

    He was lucky with that long touchdown to DeSean Jackson. Six points today Without it.
  3. justforbeer

    Starting Jalen hurts and your fantasy championship game.

    Two picks and a fumble lost at the end of the game. Andy Dalton, Derek Carr, Matt Ryan, Trubisky, Russell Wilson, and even CJ Bethard had better games today. If he didn’t have that one long bomb to Jackson, he would’ve scored about 6 points.
  4. The media and so many people are drunk on the Kool-Aid of this guy. I know they are playing Dallas but to throw out a guy that really is unproven and only had one good game in his nfl career?! My gut is telling me that there is a very high chance there is going to be a lot of angry threads about hurts having a crummy game and everybody’s mad that it actually happened. Ironically, nobody should be surprised by it. I would say there’s probably a 20% chance that he has a decent game. Those are not good odds in my opinion. High risk!
  5. justforbeer

    Axe Elf Breaks the Seal

  6. justforbeer

    EFF the love on here for D Henry!!!!!!!!!!

    The price is wrong Bobby. Maybe you should give up fantasy football. Kamara was the guy to draft number one and will win people championships. #1 in PPR. Unlike you, I drafted Henry sixth. Will probably win my championship because I have other great players including Mike Evans, today he is rocking it!
  7. justforbeer

    Weather in Green Bay! SNOW!

    0 visibility. If that is the case, there goes the passing game.
  8. justforbeer

    Weather in Green Bay! SNOW!

    This could be significant, then again it could be nothing. Chance of snow during the game. Knocks down all qb’s and wr’s. I may bench Corey Davis and put in G. Bernard for my flex play.
  9. justforbeer

    Everything week 16 Championship game.

    It is tough to change my starters so I am sitting Gordon, Bernard and Coutee.
  10. justforbeer

    Made it to the ship?

    Just gonna ride the Mahomes and Henry train to Paydirt hopefully. Team I’m playing scrapped to get into the finals out of 12 teams but we’ll see what happens.
  11. justforbeer

    Week 15 F.U playoff edition

    JesterElf has been using this same old clinical self absorbed Narcissism all year. What he or she does not realize is that we all see through it. Only teams they posted on here was a bunch of loosing teams .....hmmmmm? PLAYING IN THE CHAMPIONSHIP NEXT WEEKEND! MY ONLY TEAM POSTED IN SIDEBAR.
  12. justforbeer

    EFF the love on here for D Henry!!!!!!!!!!

    140 and 2 tds would be nice, throw a couple catches too. 2019-400 yards and five touchdowns 2018- 500 yards and seven touchdowns What are you trying to say, that nobody saw this coming? Thanks captain obvious
  13. justforbeer

    Week 15 Thank U thread

    Thank you Mahomes, thank you Henry, thank you David Johnson, thank you Mike Evans, thank you Aiyuk, thank you Cory Davis! So thanks my team! Sorry Melvin for not starting you but we’re good!
  14. justforbeer

    Week 15 F.U playoff edition

    Again. Wrong. You have no clue. You’re like the local weather news, worthless. Off to the championship! Solid week for my team. Nearly unbeatable.