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  1. justforbeer

    Lessons learned from 2023

    Once Wilson was hurt before the season started, I went bananas, saying to draft Mostert. So no, I didn’t Miami was a RBBC. starting to draft running backs after the third round as what I consider late.if you went wide, receiver, wide receiver, QB, then running backs, he might have a championship team right now. Tyreek, deebo,hurts Then start, drafting, running backs if you need more examples, how about Kyren Williams at the end of the draft? Rashad White in the fourth round. Kamara in the fifth round Kenneth Walker in the fifth round James Conner in the fifth round
  2. justforbeer

    Bounceback Players

    I guess you are pigeonholed into the argument of comeback player of the game instead of comeback player of the year. Your focus on one stat is about as transparent as can be. At the end of the day. The Dolphins are going to the playoffs and Tua has played the entire season. The player you chose is getting benched and has a losing record. It’s not just about stats it’s about wins. lastly, there are many players that played a few games in a season, got injured, and then was out for the rest of the year. Came back the next year played with the same but played a full season and won comeback player of the year. You clearly don’t understand what the award is for. Don’t take shots at me…. I can read your losing argument just fine.
  3. justforbeer

    Lessons learned from 2023

    Yet Mostert was complete gold in the 14th round of my draft. also, I listed off plenty of work horse backs that were not drafted in the first two rounds.
  4. justforbeer

    Bounceback Players

    Ok weeman….. who is getting benched? I guess, if we’re talking about players making a comeback to the bench warming spot, you win!
  5. justforbeer

    Amari Cooper. The playoff MVP!

    I have to admit, having Cooper in my lineup is what got me to the championship! My team’s been solid all year, but needed a little luck and got it this last weekend. Anyone else strike luck with Amari? you can see my lineup on the left.
  6. justforbeer

    Lessons learned from 2023

    Kelce is no longer a first round pick next year. Unless Mahomes gets some wide receiver help. He is no longer a top 3 qb. Laporta is the TE to have next year. Probably was this year also! McCaffrey will be the number one pick next year. (Barring injury.) Try to avoid running back by committee situations when drafting running backs late. There is several backs this year that were given the opportunity and have been amazing. Rashad White, Raheem Mostert, travis Etienne, Kamara, and James Conner.
  7. Got Mostert in the 14th round and currently has 20 TDs! if anybody was listening to me, they would have them also!
  8. justforbeer

    Bounceback Players

    Here it goes…. it’s semi finals this weekend. If I win this, then off to the championship! Riding with my lineup….. let’s go Tua and Mostert! would be nice to see AJ Brown, and Kelce do something!
  9. justforbeer

    Jeff Wilson on IR- MOSTERT A #1RB?

    Mostert now in the running for MVP He is the TD leader. Beyond what I was thinking, that is for sure!
  10. How is there No information about Christian Watson and Aaron Jones It’s Thursday morning and still nothing! Where is the insight from anyone?
  11. justforbeer

    Bounceback Players

    Head to head Tua beat his a$$ by 50 points. Are you kidding me right now? Also, the fins are 9-3 clear division winners, and the Broncos are 6-6 and have lost some really ugly games. let’s keep in mind a lot of Wilson’s stats have been trying to come back after being abysmal the first half.
  12. justforbeer

    Bounceback Players

    I believe word for word my point was "if he plays a full season". Also, what QB has not had bad games TUA 9,12,13. Mahomes 5,14,15, Dak 5,6,16, Hurts 13,18 Herbert 8,6,12 & Allen 10,16,17 have all had bad games..... He is going to be a top 10 QB this year.
  13. justforbeer

    Bill Belichick is a Facade. Not a good coach!

    He never valued offense like he does Defense. BB may have just destroyed another quarterback’s career. Mac Jones is a solid QB. He had limited offensive weapons and horrible offense of playcalling. with all that’s been said. The fact is he’s no good now and needs to go.
  14. justforbeer

    Jeff Wilson on IR- MOSTERT A #1RB?

    You know, Mike should actually start paying me for these predictions. Every team that drafted MOSTERT is most likely making the playoffs. Got to admit, achain may win the championship for them.
  15. justforbeer

    Bounceback Players

    Tua so far…..3457 yards, 24 tds On pace for 4,800 yds and 34 Tds. come on now! I nailed it! aside from injuries….these predictions were in point!