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In Topic: Patriots @ Chiefs AFC Championship Thread

Today, 04:57 AM

Because the Patriots are still alive, at least one of the Patriots, Broncos and Steelers have now appeared in the AFC title game in 16 of the 18 games played in the 21st century. The only 2 games where all 3 were absent were in 2009 when the Colts beat the Jets and 2002 when the Raiders beat the Titans.

In Topic: Patriots @ Chiefs AFC Championship Thread

Today, 04:47 AM

A lot has been made of Andy Reid scripting the first drive of the game and how that's been super effective.  When the Chiefs score a TD on their 1st drive, they are 9-1.  When they don't, they are 4-3. 

In Topic: Patriots @ Chiefs AFC Championship Thread

Yesterday, 08:26 PM

Game likely comes down to the Chiefs 1st two drives.  The Chiefs are the most dangerous on their first two drives and Mahomes is so good with a clean pocket.  The Patriots need to find their spots to disrupt Mahomes to force some bad throws early.  After their first 2 drives, the Chiefs are less potent.  I don't think the Chiefs will be able to stop the Patriots offense much all day.

In Topic: Mahomes

Yesterday, 02:36 PM

The only flaw in Mahomes game is 9 fumbles.  If he just throws 35 TDs / 20 INTs next year and fumbles 15 times, that may become a problem.  But that's just looking for something to complain about.  Great QB.

In Topic: What if it's found that Trump did help the Russians

Yesterday, 02:32 PM

In 2000, 50% of republicans trusted the press.  In 2019, its around 10%.  Basically no Trump supporters trust the press.  Trump has also come out and called the investigation into him a witch hunt and a coup.  It doesn't matter if the media says the evidence is rock-solid to impeach him for x, y, or z.  His supporters do not believe the media.  So if Trump is removed, even if republicans in congress support removing him, you will get riots because his supporters will feel they no longer have a voice and that a totally corrupt system removed their president unjustly.  And they will begin to look for justice.


If you look at the polls, Putin's approval rating among republicans has actually gone HIGHER since Trump was elected.  The effort to tie Trump to Putin and Russia is doing nothing but sanitizing the image of Putin and Russia in the eyes of republican voters.