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  1. Homicide Hunter -- just binged all 9 seasons very good stuff. I'll be checking out Joe Kenda's book as well.
  2. BufordT

    Favorite 80’s Movie

    Die Hard edges out Top Gun & Back to the Future.
  3. BufordT

    Favorite Supergroup

    .......for me at least. Does a supergroup have to be at least great (not good) to be considered a "supergroup"? If yes, then this thread is a superfail.
  4. BufordT

    Tiger vs Phil with Manning and Brady

    Tiger/Phil/TB/Forehead dude = boring X 2. Plus, I'm not really into watching celebs play golf. Rory/Reed could be worth it, Rory is a little too classy for this to be interesting tv. Just saying there's some genuine animosity between Reed and Spieth which could be (probably wouldn't be, though) watchable television.
  5. BufordT

    Tiger vs Phil with Manning and Brady

    Wouldn't pay a nickle for this. However, Patrick Reed vs Jordan Spieth might pique my interest. Reed vs Poulter too.
  6. I posted in the seattle grunge thread that Soundgarden put on a better show as the opening act than Guns N Roses in circa 1991 (or 2) in San Diego. The 2 guys I went with agreed at the time. What others do we have?
  7. BufordT

    Favorite Album - Seattle Grunge era

    I went to a Guns N Roses concert back in the early '90's in San Diego. Soundgarden was the warmup band, I enjoyed their show better than Guns N Roses. That's all I have to say about that
  8. BufordT

    Favorite Song - ZZ Top

    Rough Boy.
  9. BufordT

    Why are people still hoarding toilet paper?

    Lebatard had some expert on saying soap and water is more effective than hand sanitizer.
  10. BufordT

    Favorite Album - Rush

  11. BufordT

    Why are people still hoarding toilet paper?

    Especially when you can get a bidet.
  12. BufordT

    Favorite Album - Rush

    I was half kidding with 10-15 range for power trios. I can't put them in the Top 5, though.. I always found Geddy's voice annoying and overrated. Never understood the hype. Cream, Jimi Hendrix Exp, Green Day, Nirvana, The Police are a solid Top 5. 6-10 you have in no particular order. ZZ Top > Rush, Blink 182, maybe Sublime and who knows...so Rush Top 9 probably 7.
  13. BufordT

    Favorite Album - Rush

    Rush is easily in the Top 10-15 range when it comes to best power trios of all time.