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  1. BufordT

    After You’re Death

    Creamation. Ashes spread out between the CT River and the Long Island Sound. No funeral. No wake. No mass. A reception with an open bar at the local VFW would make me happy. If anyone has to pay for their drinks then forget it.
  2. BufordT

    Does anybody like Ted cruz? And if so, why?

    Don't call his wife names or he'll ....uh .... err... kiss your a$$ and try to be friends. Truly a stand up guy.
  3. BufordT

    Tip Question

    Wrong thread probably, but..... what's with the recent (seems like it anyways) trend of parents bringing their kids into the bar area of a restaurant instead of the dining area. I never brought my kids into the bar area or even to a bar. Let the drunks be drunk without worrying if there are kids around after dropping the f bomb 4 times in one sentence.
  4. Not to mention he is phony as they come
  5. BufordT

    **2022 British Open (Open Championship) Thread**

    All pretty good points above me. Rory going into today tied for 1st with a 4 stroke lead would've had to shoot -5 to win outright. Who'd of thunk it. That said 34 putts in a round for a pro is atrocious. And how many times did Cam Smith just miss going into one of those pot bunkers. Probably wouldn't matter with him cuz he's not afraid to sink a 25 footer for par. Helluva job, Cam, now get a haircut.
  6. BufordT

    **2022 British Open (Open Championship) Thread**

    You couldn't be more wrong.
  7. BufordT

    Clinton Campaign Indictments Coming?

    This stuff was reported a couple of months ago.
  8. I think you want it to double the record high by then.
  9. 36,799 on Jan 4th, 2022 is the current record. When will this be broken? I think its going to be a while, May of 2026
  10. BufordT

    4Chan Breaks into Hunter’s iCloud- Placeholder

    He's back.
  11. BufordT

    Canada's internet is broken

    Al Gore, paging Al Gore
  12. BufordT

    MLB Commish - Robot Umpires in 2024

    Never understood how umpires were able to get away with having "their" own strike zone. This should've been done a decade ago. Trying to figure out if this helps the batter or the pitcher. Probably the batter.
  13. BufordT

    Wordle scores

    may not be my game. they could’ve showed me the whole movie and I wouldn't have got it.
  14. BufordT

    Libruhl SCOTUS rules for migrants$#@!$#@$!!!

    That's a nice lollipop for the libs.