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  1. He is just as bad against the Saints as well. However, he tears up the Falcons....who he won't see until week 12.
  2. BufordT

    Drew Brees Thumb Injury - Out 6 Weeks

    I have serious doubts that Bridgewater can stay upright for 6 games. Or that he's any good.
  3. BufordT

    How to get rid of a possum

    You're no Gocolts
  4. BufordT

    Thank You ALL FFToday folks

    I contribute about one nugget a year so you are welcome
  5. BufordT

    Eagles at Falcons: In-Game Discussion

    This just in Devonta Freeman is a bust.
  6. BufordT

    What's the thoughts on David Montgomery?

    Snap percentage: Week 1....37% Week 2....47%
  7. BufordT

    Week 2 FU

    Yep. As long as Brown (and he looks pretty good) is producing, Gurley is TD dependent.
  8. You seem pretty knowledgeable. Can you start posting this info before the game please?
  9. BufordT

    What is your favorite play in football?

    The TD called back for a holding penalty
  10. Don't disagree but like vudu says, effort is def a factor. My success seems to be directly proportional to effort.
  11. BufordT

    Best fish You enjoy?

    Not much love for Flounder here. Easily my fave Bluegill for freshwater. Eat more tuna than any other fish combined though.
  12. Yup. This is me. Lost the passion. I practically did zero prep this year. Printed out a few cheat sheets for the draft and even that felt like it took a lot of effort.
  13. BufordT

    Who are you dropping?

    Didn't start him but Corey Davis is gone. Would like to see what he can do with a real QB some day.
  14. BufordT

    Texans at Saints: In-Game Discussion

    I keep on thinking there's a flag on the play with the way espn has their graphics set up on the bottom of the screen