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  1. BufordT

    Scottie is going to get a mulligan.......

    Now imagine he was black
  2. BufordT

    Caitlin Clark debut

    She needs an offseason to hit the gym and tone up a little. She looks soft out there to me.
  3. I tend to agree but Johnny Lawrence is one my all time favorite tv show characters.
  4. He’ll be a great announcer someday.
  5. Yup. Hulk should be in the one spot. A list having him at 10 has no credibility.
  6. BufordT

    Do you consider yourself smart?

    I consider myself smart but not quite Cdub smart.
  7. BufordT

    Kelce restructures contract

    Classy guy. Good for him.
  8. BufordT

    35th annual

  9. BufordT

    Spermoff: Favorite "villain" in a TV show

    Bob Villa was a pretty good nemesis for Tim The Tool Man Taylor on Home Improvement
  10. 10 years ago, maybe.
  11. BufordT

    New Falcons QB: Kirk Cousins

    Maybe we can finally see what Kyle Pitts has to offer.
  12. BufordT

    Trade: Broncos Send Jerry Jeudy to Cleveland

    Tend to agree. There could be some untapped talent there. For fantasy purposes, I’d be comfortable with him as a WR3 with WR2 upside
  13. BufordT

    Trade: Patriots Ship QB Mac Jones to Jacksonville

    Belichick would’ve gotten a 4th rounder.