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  1. BufordT

    Favorite Gene Hackman Movie ?

    Unforgiven. I'm not sure anyone could've done a better job as Little Bill. Hoosiers I can't turn off once I see it on.
  2. BufordT

    Favorite Denzel Washington Movie ?

    Crimson Tide would've been if they ended the movie right Gene Hackman slaps across the face a couple of times. Since that didn't happen I'll go with The Negotiator.
  3. BufordT

    Death Pool Update: Billy Packer at 82...

    I always thought he was the most biased analyst in the history of cbs, nbc and abc broadcasting. His love for Coach K and Dean Smith first and the ACC in general always shined through, especially when the ACC was playing the Big East. He was much better as a guest talking college basketball on the sports shows though. Never knew he had a personality until I heard him on WFAN rip
  4. BufordT

    Who Is Your Favorite TV Private Investigator ?

    Sledgehammer “trust me, I know what I’m doing”
  5. Mattress Mack, who lost $2 million betting on Cowboys, has advice for Dak Prescott (msn.com)
  6. BufordT

    Bill Maher nails it AGAIN!

    Santos is an easy target at this point but that was as funny as I've seen Maher in a while.
  7. He did win a gold glove. Late in his career he became a liability out there.
  8. BufordT

    Anybody play craps??

    Almost correct unless my reading comprehension is off There's plenty of youtube videos out there that explain it very well, its not rocket science. Craps is by far the funnest game in a casino, especially if the table gets hot. My advice is to stick with the pass line & come line only with double odds. How To Play Craps
  9. BufordT

    Divisional Round weekend predictions

    Jason Garrett still has that sh!t eatin' grin pasted on his punchable face.
  10. BufordT

    Washing machines

    Must be an LG top load. My ex hated it because she had to use a little step to reach the clothes at the bottom. I like it because I can do all my laundry in one load.....most of the time. Agitator or no agitator is no difference
  11. Too me, Raines had 2 careers. Before the age of 30 then after the age of 30. Agree. Shouldn't be in.
  12. You got me to look at his career stats. Better than I thought He had 10 seasons with an OBP of .400 or better and 2 more at .390+ with a career OBP of .395. Not too shabby. He had 8 seasons with 100+ runs scored and 3 more seasons with 90+ runs scored. Not too shabby He had 8 seasons with 100+ RBI's. 14 seasons with 20+ SB's He did strike out a lot for someone who didn't hit a lot of HR's Surprised he only has 1 gold glove but he was a plus outfielder defensively with a good arm. All that said. Not quite a HOFer in my book but better than some of the schlubbs already in there.
  13. I've broken plenty of stuff with sports equipment sometimes on purpose sometimes by accident.