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  1. JustinCharge

    ***Happy Football Day Week 3***

    i never understood why jerry said dak had him over a barrel and paid dak. draft a new qb. sign a free agent. dak just isnt the guy.
  2. JustinCharge

    Useless Facts 9/25/23

    the plot of the movie True Lies is the reverse of the movie Total Recall. In one, Arnold is oblivious to the fact that is wife is a secret agent. In the other, Arnolds wife is oblivious to the fact that he is a secret agent.
  3. JustinCharge

    ***Happy Football Day Week 3***

  4. JustinCharge

    ***Happy Football Day Week 3***

    Cardinals are 6-1 in their last 7 games vs the Cowboys. sometimes a team just seems to have another teams number.
  5. JustinCharge

    Ukraine - Doomsday

    it is what it is. britain, france and germany were warring wih each other for ages. suddenly they stopped. no, its not because theyve evolved. its because their armies were dismantled by the USA and they all effectively became american colonies. recognize what happened. historically, its similar to what the roman empire did to Egypt. Egypt was this eternal power and then the Romans conquered it. they became a vassal state, a colony of Rome. then slowly they faded away into a non-player on the world stage.
  6. JustinCharge

    Anybody HERE have DeVon Achane on their team?

    i started him because i know why they drafted him. speed kills in the nfl and with him in the backfield and tyreek hill flying around the field at WR, the fish will be pretty much unstoppable. my other RB is the packers' aaron jones who has missed 2 straight weeks. i also stashed pierre strong on my bench this past week because there is a nonzero chance he wins the browns RB job. strong looked good at the end today. i had the high score of the week! roster (14 team league) QB kirk Cousins (i had rodgers to start the year) WR: Justin Jefferson WR: Kendrick Bourne RB: T. Spears RB: Devon Achane TE: Travis Kelce flex: WR Puka Nacua (blew my entire FAAB on him after week 1) DF: Steelers bench: Aaron jones (out) mac jones, WR Jahan Dotson (commanders), RB pierre strong (Browns)
  7. JustinCharge

    With the first pick in the 2024 NFL draft...the

    hahah it was jay cutler, thats even worse. aaron is bad.
  8. JustinCharge

    With the first pick in the 2024 NFL draft...the

    and rodgers only got it by beating grossman in the nfc title game
  9. JustinCharge

    Joke of the day

    my wife worships me! she puts burnt offerings in front of me every night. i hate when my wife gets mad at me for being lazy. its not like i did anything.
  10. JustinCharge

    Useless Facts 9/24/23

    hang your clothes like a gangster
  11. JustinCharge

    Joke of the day

  12. JustinCharge

    Joke of the day

  13. JustinCharge

    With the first pick in the 2024 NFL draft...the

    with what the fish are doing, the #4 might be the fastest offensive guy available.
  14. JustinCharge

    Useless Facts 9/24/23

  15. JustinCharge

    Ukraine - Doomsday

    technically europe ceased to exist when Hitler swept across the continent. if we didnt enter WW2, the USSR would have not stopped at Germany and swept all the way across europe and even would have taken he UK. instead, at the conclusion of WW2, the eastern half of europe were satellite states of the USSR, and the western half were satellite states of the USA. neither half has ever been able to project power since. they became colonies. NATO expansion is just transferring eastern europe from being colonies of the USSR to colonies of the USA. Britain exists in name only, will no ability to project power and not much say in anything.