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In Topic: Pats will get either Bills orTitans in first round

09 January 2018 - 03:31 PM

I don't know what the Vegas spread is this weekend with New England vs Tennessee...but I have a bad feeling Brady is going to throw for 250 yards and 3 td's in the first half alone.  The only hope for the Titans is a giant snowstorm.  Tennessee's secdondary is going to get shredded.   Take the Pats minus the points.


Let's Go Titans!

In Topic: LeGarrette Blount

01 October 2017 - 10:49 PM

Blount is a now must start!  Go go go

In Topic: Another London game

27 September 2017 - 06:43 PM

I've discovered throughout the years the NFL has been playing in London that (1) the fans there have no clue as to what to cheer about, and (2) all offensive players deliver sub-par performances. Play'em if you want,  I'm (Lazy Parker, whimpy Ajayi) not gonna play any of the guys on my team. I'll play guys (Cooks or Julio and Carson or Duke Johnson) that are playing here rather than that long flight and all the distractions there. And besides, Miami looked like a jr high team last week-I'm afraid to play ANY of those slackers! Buncha quitters!


and Jacksonville lost to Tennessee like 36-2 the week before London.  Jacksonville looked like a JV team.  Then look what Jacksonville did to Baltimore the following week in London. .  Jeeze - hard to predict.  Maybe teams that receive an azzs whooping the week before, come out on fire and play awesome the next weekend b/c the season is still early?  On a side note - after Baltimores stinker in London last weekend...I'll be curious to see how they respond. 

In Topic: Tiger Woods: there's 'definitely' a chance I never return to play...

27 September 2017 - 06:10 PM

Roger Federer > Tiger Woods  :banana: 

In Topic: Another London game

27 September 2017 - 05:31 PM

Well, last week I said play all Baltimore players because they were the better team in a different London Thread. They are going to score score score and the defense is a must start!  (That was an awesome 0 points from my defense!)   Non the less, somebody seems to score big each time over there.  I chose the wrong team..........






I was unedumucated i have to admit.  Jacksonville has played there several times - Baltimore never - Baltimore planned on a 60 minute bus ride from the hotel to the stadium that morning.  They arrived there in 25 minutes.  Thumbs then went up their butt, They had no groove, no feel, routines out of whack, London is just different.  I'll have to do a little better planning this weekend on the London game.  Get meself smarterer!  Then I'll make some better predictions!



PS - awesome waking up to watch an NFL game live on IPAD early in the morning!  It does make for a long day though :cheers:



in case you want a good laugh!  Oh, I am proud to own my fock ups!  Jocstrap does make mistakes and doesn't blame somebody else. 


Here are scores from the past 3 years of London and Mexico nfl scores...

Oak 27 - Texans 20
Redskins 27 - bengals 27
Giants 17 - Rams 10 - these teams had horrid offenses last year - don't use this example!

Chiefs 45 - lions 10
Jags 34 - bills 31
Jets 27 - dolphins 14

Cowboys 31 - jags 17
Lions 22 - falcons 21
Dolphins 38 - raiders 14

After computing all the numbers mathematically in my head...here is my conclusion...

The better team is Baltimore or Jags? I'm taking Baltimore after the way Tennessee just crushed the jags this past weekend. The winning teams have put up some very solid point totals in these international affairs. Fantasy players on those rosters must've produced. That's why I like all Baltimore players this Saturday at 9:30am. Start em if you own em!

Flacco - only problem here is that they get ahead too much and run 2nd half
Maclin - will score a td for three weeks in a row
Defense - a must start
Javoriuos Allen - potential huge game especially if Terrance West has a lingering injury from last game
Terrance West - will score for the 3rd straight week as well if he gets over 14 touches - monitor injury
Benjamin Watson - hello late pick tight end that was on fire last week! He will do it again vs Jags

Leonard Fournette - might receive an ouchie in this game if the Jags can't find any passing rhythm - just saying because he's an LSU poosay. Go Mississippi State Bulldawgs!