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In Topic: Do the Rams just sell out on stopping Hyde tonight.

Today, 02:36 PM

What's the point of ending a question with a period.

In Topic: Guy missing for 8 months found in truck at busy airport parking lot......

Today, 12:57 PM

Sorry I thought the dude was sleeping.


Actually read the airport pays a company to take inventory of all license plates in each lot every night.  I'd say that company is probably going to get sued a couple times.

In Topic: MLB 2017

Yesterday, 12:58 PM

I owe crackattack and Hardcore Troubadore hats.  I think.

In Topic: Alex Smith ROTW

Yesterday, 12:30 AM

Super Bowl mvp

In Topic: A little moral dilemma for a Tuesday night....

Yesterday, 12:29 AM

I have a small amount in a TSP aside from a SIRA I currently contribute to. I don't care enough about the TSP I'd let you make me 35% on it :thumbsup: