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In Topic: Which political party is more likely to...(poll)

Yesterday, 09:10 AM

I'm excited this question will finally be answered by this poll.

In Topic: Will Andy Reid open up the playbook?

Yesterday, 08:05 AM

I always thought they played conservative as sh-t with Smith, so me hopes so

In Topic: How do you maintain friendships?

Yesterday, 07:59 AM

It's really too bad you never came to any of the CP fundraisers at my place as you would have met numerous people from all over and more than likely established a few additional friendships.I can honestly say of all the the people that visited I made five quality friendships as in I've traveled to their cities,been a guest in their homes,done numerous things together and stay in touch.In fact one of the guys from Omaha is on his way down again today as he's been helping me with fireworks and doing some work at our place that I can't do.He stays in our guest bedroom and last week while he was here we sat on the deck till after midnight drinking some cold ones and visiting about pretty much everything.
Not saying this to be judgemental as I have no idea what your circumstances are/were but if I ever decide to host another such event maybe you can join us.

I have thought about it a few times, but in looking at them the dates never seemed to work. Again might be easier with no kids at home, but next time you do for sure I will take a look and see what's happening.

Also, I need thad to come home :(

In Topic: How do you maintain friendships?

Yesterday, 07:14 AM

I guess it's all what you're looking for.


Are you looking for friends to talk to and vent with about personal issues?  If so you likely need a variety of those people as each situation would be different.  These kind of friends you don't just find or come across, they take time to build and develop trust with.


If you are looking for activities to diffuse or distract you from stresses in your life, those can be easy to find.  You just need to make time and work that time out with the already important things and people in your life (family, work, commitments).  I coach and play sports to "hang out" and let off some steam or get some positive energy back.  I don't discuss personal things with these people however.

I've been lucky to have 22+ years of marriage and she's someone I've learned to discuss anything with.  Even if it's between me and her, we can talk about it and figure it out.  I don't need to talk to someone else about what she may have said, done, didn't do if it bothered me.  I just talk to her.  Figure the sh!+ out and move on.  We work at the same complex, half the time ride in together, opened a small business additionally together... too much time many would say but it works.


Friends you've made over the years, if they are important to you, you need to maintain that relationship.  I've kept in touch but not enough that I have put my need for venting or advice into these folks anymore.  I know my brother has held onto close relationships from high school to the point that at least 2 or 3 times a year they all get together and constantly keep in touch.  That's not me however.

you're like that guy that sits in the corner and never says anything, but when you do finally speak up everyone is like "ohhhh dammmnnnnnnn!!"



In Topic: How do you maintain friendships?

Yesterday, 07:12 AM

I never "hung out" with my friends, so i may not be the best person to give advice. But my friends are the people i go fishing, hunting, bowling, etc with.


Join a bowling league, buy a boat, etc. Easier to find/keep friends that way.

I do slow pitch softball, so I guess I got that goin for me.  But again it's more plutonic and not something you share intimate details with.  Sounds like I need a "best friend" more than a bunch of friends to hang with