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#6338493 What are you getting wiff for christmas?

Posted by Voltaire on 19 October 2018 - 03:07 PM

A unicycle and a kazoo

To go with that, I'll get him a fez cap, mintan, salvar, and fake Rollie Fingers mustache 

#6338049 Kleenex to ditch Mansize tissues after gender inequality complaints

Posted by Voltaire on 19 October 2018 - 07:33 AM

Kleenex- Official sponsor of the Hillary Clinton Victory Party, Javitz Center, New York November 6, 2016

#6337186 Cool Music Video

Posted by Voltaire on 17 October 2018 - 08:47 PM


Any of the ones Duran Duran filmed in Sri Lanka. Here's my favorite.

#6337181 What are you getting wiff for christmas?

Posted by Voltaire on 17 October 2018 - 08:35 PM

One of those high tech sex dolls. If we can't raise enough money to afford that, one of the inflatable ones. If we don't get enough money for that either, a cantelope. If we can't afford the cantelope, a link to a video of a fat guy focking a cantelope.

#6336529 Pocahontas Refuses DNA Test!

Posted by Voltaire on 17 October 2018 - 05:47 AM

Ignoring actual facts to fit your narrative, what kind of logicis that?

What facts? Is Elizabeth Warren by her own DNA test  at least 98% white and -potentiality- >99.9% white? Yes, correct? Should someone 99.9% white be able to claim they are another race? I ve said all along yes if her race will negatively affect her employment.

Now, I have read what youre saying, you repeat Warrens claim that lying about her ancestry did not affect here employment. But thats transparent buIIsh1t. Right now as I type this and you are reading it, Harvard administration officials and lawyers are lying their asses off under oath about their blatantly racist admissions policies. Their employment policies are cut from the same racist cloth.

Warren spent ten years falsely claiming that she was a First Nation person, not a white one, despite being 99.9% white. She lied about her parents struggling with biracial discrimination. Anyone but you (and the corporate media whose paycheck requires that they dont understand) can figure out why. Also this doesnt offend me, I may well have done the same thing. I respect her and I sure wouldnt have outed her.

Im just saying... Trump called her BS on being a First Nation person and she took a DNA test that can back 99.9% white thus proving him right. Now everyone knows she isnt Native American despite claims otherwise. Then she got called out by the Cherokee Nation as well on her BS.

I think the cluelessness is funny as heII. That were having this discussion gives me insight into how her and the MSM minds work.

#6336284 No Stormy Daniels thread?

Posted by Voltaire on 16 October 2018 - 05:33 PM

Trump even gets hookers to pay him. 

#6336069 Predict Liberal Shenanigans Prior to the Mid-Term Elections

Posted by Voltaire on 16 October 2018 - 11:14 AM

The Dems are imploding and I think it's hilarious. You knew the leftist fringe would be making asses of themselves but the reasonable Dems taht are supposed to be the adults are as well. Hillary, Holder, and now Warren are all making unforced errors.


Meanwhile, McCaskill was caught in (an undercover, dubiously ethical, James O'Keefe) sting admitting she's been lying about the gun issue all along.


I'm not even a Republican, I'm just here riding Trump's populism wave and if they ever revert to the Jeb! GOP, I'm out. But hell yeah, for now, I'm very pro-GOP at the moment. It's not even close. They're significantly less horrible than the CooCoo for CoCo Puffs Dems right now.

#6336021 Looks like Pocahontas is Native American after all

Posted by Voltaire on 16 October 2018 - 09:43 AM

How is it possible for you to quote something and still not properly comprehend it?

Because she just admitted that she's more than 99.9% white. Richard Spencer would be impressed. He should endorse her.


I mean I don't care that she lied to Penn and Harvard. Fock them, they are racist schools that deserve getting lied to. And she knew they're racist, it's not a secret, which is why she did it. So I think it's funny. People who support affirmative action need to drown in a puddle of AIDS figure out what her lying means to themselves.


I like this about her. I like that she stared in the eyes of Affirmative Action and said "Fock Off, racist sh*tbags". If she wanted to win big applause from me, she'd take the flag and point out to other liberals how focked up affirmative action is; do that and I'd like her a hell of a lot MORE.

#6335862 Limerick

Posted by Voltaire on 16 October 2018 - 06:47 AM

To get into university

A woman said she was Cherokee

Trump told us she was a fake

And a DNA test she must take

Turns out she's whiter than me

#6335649 things you associate with libtards

Posted by Voltaire on 15 October 2018 - 07:39 PM

Using good intentions to pave the road to hell.

#6335090 Looks like Pocahontas is Native American after all

Posted by Voltaire on 15 October 2018 - 08:24 AM

In related news, if any of you take a DNA test, use a fake name and send it to a friend who works in a corporate mail clerk office or rent a PO Box.


These fockers will sell your data and the police will use it to look you up.

#6333704 Even Fox News is sick of trump rallies

Posted by Voltaire on 12 October 2018 - 06:06 PM

Theyre part of the corporate media. The difference is they favor the establishment right instead of the establishment left. Trump does what he can to keep both sides of the GOP divide on board. The Tea Party is where the votes are while the establishment has all the money/power/influence.

#6333268 things you associate with libtards

Posted by Voltaire on 12 October 2018 - 08:12 AM


Flag Kneeling

3rd Wave Feminism
Gays/Trannies and 95 genders
Obnoxious condescension

finding facts and jokes offensive

safe spaces

Masculine Women/Effeminate men
Affirmative action
Black Lives Matter
White guilt/White Shaming
Real Racism
Political Correctness

heteronormative non-binary and other wacko newspeak concepts
indiscriminate overuse of : racist/sexist/homophobe/bigot
The EU
The EUs dumb focking immigration policy
Cultural Marxism


Historical Revisionism
College Brainwashing

#6332303 things you associate repubtards with

Posted by Voltaire on 11 October 2018 - 08:15 AM

You do realize that 90% of the Republican Party believes in angels, right?

Angels = Deep State operatives

#6332268 Americans Strongly Dislike PC Culture

Posted by Voltaire on 11 October 2018 - 07:38 AM

Political correctness, we are catering to a small minority and it needs to stop..  Americans aren't on board, Twitter and social media aren't representative of America.






I'm stunned that the Atlantic ran this article, hats off to them.


Maybe it will help the woke will wake up. I'd rather they all get put to sleep.