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  1. Mookz

    Best TE in NFL History

  2. Mookz

    Alec Baldwin killed a woman

    Still, why would he point and fire at two people backstage, was he just yolking around? And was it in such rapid succession that he didn't see the first person actually get hit? Maybe he thought they were playing along? Or maybe it was a single shot that injured the first person and then lodged into the second person? Do we know whether he fired once or twice?
  3. Mookz

    Just got back from the Urologist

    Urethra con man or a liar, bub, and we'll not stand for it.
  4. Mookz

    Just got back from the Urologist

    Urologist a bunch of focking comedians, aren't ya?
  5. Ah, okay. A lot of people find it to be a rather bland and boring excursion anyway.
  6. I'm not sure about your religious leanings, but would you ever consider taking on a missionary position?
  7. Mookz

    I Have Out-kicked My Coverage

    Sounds like you may be falling into the same trap that I can't avoid, wherein you put her on a pedestal. I think you should be more of a ###### to her.
  8. Mookz

    I Have Out-kicked My Coverage

    Oh fock, there was no spark? You got friend-zoneded?
  9. Mookz


    Kid seems to have a good head on his shoulders. Is just buying and holding some BTC and ETH on Coinbase okay by him?
  10. Mookz

    Scream 2022 - Trailer

    But why does Courteney look like a wax figure?
  11. Mookz


    I was thinking of finally giving this a try. Can you remind me if there was a detailed poast in this thread on how to get that going, or can you direct me to an outside resource that would be suitable for the ruhtarded?
  12. The thing about Jodie Foster is that she's not easily impressed.
  13. Mookz

    I Have Out-kicked My Coverage

    Would now be a good time? Of course anonymousize it as much as needed.