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  1. Mookz

    Armenia vs Azerbaijan

    I'm not much on flaggotry, which team is that?
  2. Mookz


    Their contestant selection process has become more stringent?
  3. Mookz

    Breona taylor decision

    Why do they call it a building? I mean, it's already finished. It should be called a "built". Who are these people?
  4. Mookz

    Trivial things that bug the hell out of you?

    Nice! Really glad that you found redemption. Although I'm a little worried about what might have happened to the previous owner of that cart.
  5. Mookz

    Trivial things that bug the hell out of you?

    Did you realize it after the point of no return, or did you swap it for a smooth roller? I have the same problem with Walmart shopping carts and tend to believe that there's actually something wrong with 90% of them. Meanwhile, Aldi carts are always perfect because of the $.25 motivation to take care of them.
  6. Mookz

    Unwinnable Arguments

    Can size and relative attractiveness of these female bosses?
  7. Mookz

    Nikola auto...wow. Anyone following?

    Did Tesla have a middle name? If so I'ma copyright that schnizz.
  8. Mookz

    Unwinnable Arguments

    Yeah, at least splurge in her hair first, then argue.
  9. Mookz

    DFW to Ft. Lauderdale -

    Yeah, okay, but how much is holding down the DFW fort worth?
  10. Mookz

    This Week I Splurged On __________________

    Many thanks, that song did pop into my head during this discussion.
  11. Mookz

    This Week I Splurged On __________________

    And them suckers ain't cheap, neither. Like $8 for 14 oz, which I can go through in about a day and a half. I have to get Planters because they're the only ones who cook them in peanut oil as opposed to the worse oils. That's actually really fortuitous. I was imagining your car coming at me all cockeyed with one bright and one dim.
  12. Mookz

    Anyone ever

    It's like they say: never trust a shart. You may think your underpants are absorbent, but it could be full-on diarrhea.
  13. Mookz

    Remote Teaching

    Well hello there.