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  1. I'm thinking they probably wouldn't have reported on it, but as we know, the cover-up is always worse than the crime.
  2. Mookz

    2020 Season Discussion

    Orioles summary: See Royals
  3. Mookz

    test a poker room real quick?

    That was me...my one good hand of the night.
  4. Mookz

    State Wrestler stops kidnapping

    Wholly fock Kidnapper must have had a screw loose. I don't understand his plan.
  5. Mookz

    What sport do you miss the most?

    It'll be pretty boring if the riders have to stay six feet ahead and behind each other.
  6. Mookz

    2020 Season Discussion

    Anybody else get this amusing/sad notification from Yahoo? https://prnt.sc/romj9h
  7. Mr. Belding moves to Virginia and opens a carpet store.
  8. So you're saying I can continue milling sorghum at my current rate and not worry about higher taxes?
  9. Mookz

    Left or Right - Day 3 “the do over”

    Thank you. Again the one with the big boobages happens to clearly be the prettier one.
  10. Mookz

    Left Right Day 2

    Lefty's eyes are too far apart. She looks like she has a touch of what Lamar Jackson has.
  11. Mookz

    Right of Left - Bikini SFW

    Prob'm is, lefty is prettier too. We need ladies of equal beauty with the two different body types.
  12. Mookz

    Emily Ratajkowski

    That's fine, all I'm saying is just...take eye protection.
  13. Mookz

    Is Trump doing enough to counter Coronavirus?

    Maybe, but this thread is about counter Coronavirus. As long as he's wiping down his counters with Clorox wipes periodically, he gets passing marks.
  14. Mookz

    Emily Ratajkowski

    And in that still-frame you can see the full extent of her pointy elbows.