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  1. Without doing too much research, I think these from the first few pages could work: If you could relive one event, what would it be? Joe Biden said what? Is America Headed to Civil War? Of Course it is. President Kanye? Talk About Oppression! In Case of Emergency Break Glass... Sharted in bed so bad last night This is our future Like groundhog day!! Break the cycle!! Seriously, though, I hope he does take at least some inspiration from teh geek bored.
  2. Mookz

    How Russia deals with the trans community

    In former Soviet Russia, gender transitions you.
  3. Lots of close calls, but I've always made it out the bedroom window in time.
  4. Yup. If my man coulda got like 50 this year, he'd need four more seasons averaging 150, at which point he'd be 41.
  5. Sucks for Markakis. My man has an outside outside chance at 3,000 hits.
  6. Mookz

    Wifes teachers union had a meeting...

    Just a little bit of background info here...can size of wife?
  7. Mookz

    Say his name...Jamee Johnson

    Okay, I said it, now what? Should I have been standing in front of a mirror?
  8. Mookz


    Looks like I may be able to watch these on adultswim.com.
  9. Aw, come on. In today's world, the voice of Lil' Webtoed Porkbutt is needed more than ever.
  10. Mookz


    Wow, thank you, I had no idea about this. Now I have something to watch.
  11. Mookz

    How close are you to another geek?

    I guess it wasn't because of his woman.
  12. She can steal my Buick anytime.