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  1. This. Why was he not banging her all along?
  2. Mookz

    Brave Browser -Cryptocurrency

    Downloaded last night. So far so good. Have not gotten into the token side of things, yet. Hope to figure that part out soon.
  3. And now it looks like he'll be getting sued for defamation. I was wondering why he felt so comfortable sitting there and strongly hinting that the younger brother is ghey and the older brother is homophobic. Anyway, I still hope Adam cans Gargle-os and gets Alan Dershowitz to co-host.
  4. Mookz

    Anybody watching Jeopardy?

    Well thanks a lot! I wanted to figure that out for myself.
  5. Mookz

    Is OldMaid Gone Now?

    Did you also draw your name from a Scrabble bag?
  6. Mookz

    So, I almost got arrested for theft

    slink is easily the best spambot this place has ever had.
  7. Enjoyed that quite a bit. Dude has the dooshy announcer affectation down.
  8. Mookz

    Bible games, did Judas hang himself today?

    In before kutulu posts Judas Priest.
  9. Also you're missing a "thread" between the two "lockeds".
  10. Mookz

    Who gets Goof Friday off?

    We yoost to, but then it got thrown into the PTO bucket, which is better, I suppose. Should be pretty quiet here today. I'm takin' off Monday instead.
  11. Mookz

    Buttigieg eliminates O'Rourke

    Butt gig. Peter/butt gig.
  12. Mookz

    Buttigieg eliminates O'Rourke

    His last name holds so much promise, but I feel like we still haven't seen the definitive nickname.
  13. The long national nightmare is over. 3 for 5 with 2 doubles and 4 RBI.