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  1. Mookz

    I Have A New Idea For A Star Wars Series

    Boba Shette. Son of a famous galactic bounty hunter infiltrates the world of Canadian professional baseball in order to uncover secrets and have some decent pop for a middle infielder.
  2. Mookz


    The only one without curly hair maybe.
  3. Mookz


  4. Mookz

    The Mt Rushmore of stopped threads

    Teh geek photo album threada.
  5. Mookz

    What animal, creature creeps you out?

    Hasn't seemed to stop you from rogering her weekly.
  6. Mookz

    2022 Season / Draft Discussion

    Yep, speaking of trades that did not happen, the Dodgers were said to be in on Pablo Lopez late, but that did not happen. He stays on the Marlins.
  7. Mookz

    2022 Season / Draft Discussion

    How did the trade deadline treat everyone? I didn't notice a whole ess ton of major conflicts arising between homers teams. For me: Mancini to the Astros probably helps me a little, at least for this season. Still an exclusive, good team, friendlier park, possible option when the Os are off. Jorge Lopez to the Twins may also help slightly. No longer a closer, but I have the next man up for the Os (Bautista), and hopefully Lopez will now be a good source of holds on a competitive team. Givens to the Mets makes him no longer exclusive so I can no longer churn him, but hopefully his value improves slightly going to a much better team. Brett Phillips - no idea why they wanted him. Probably a non-factor for me. It seemed like half my team was the subject of trade rumors and therefore had to be protected or gambled on, so now I can finally relax.
  8. Mookz

    Record fish caught brook trout

    On a black midge?
  9. Mookz

    Ready to start ..

  10. Mookz

    90's Music

  11. Mookz

    The Forward party.

    Fockers is only slightly less annoying than the Reply All party.
  12. Mookz

    More war, Kosovo/Serbia's turn

    Serbia ###### if they did, though!