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In Topic: Feminist Prof says men should be hated

Today, 03:53 PM

I saw this prof on a show a month ago or so. I felt sort of sad for her cause she so obviously wants to parlay her click bait article into some kind of bomb throwing pundit gig but completely lacks the looks or charisma to pull it off.

In Topic: so, it turns out Trump knew all along

Today, 03:12 PM

I thought the pee pee tape story was ridiculous before last week. Now I am pretty sure Putin has video of a tranny prostitute pinching a sh1t cone off on Dons fat face. :o

In Topic: How old you

Today, 01:46 PM

why don't you 2 just play nice. I know you have it in you. :cheers:

Dont blame me, you know Ive tried. :dunno:

In Topic: Who Will Die First?

Today, 01:28 PM

In an ironic twist, Pen. He thinks all meat is bad for you and considers himself the bastion of health. Meanwhile some guys here who eat nothing but red meat and booze will outlive him. Life is funny that way.

Shotsup will be drinking from a flask at his funeral. Pour one out for our homie Pens. :cheers:

In Topic: Who Will Die First?

Today, 10:26 AM

Jerryskids. Death by ketosis.