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In Topic: Kavanaugh sexual misconduct in High School

Yesterday, 06:14 PM

Huh?  I've had Sloturd on ignore for 2 or 3 months now.   I've maybe responded 2, maybe 3 times in that period but only in anticipation someone would quote me.
Maybe you should get your facts straight before you spout nonsense.  I know it's difficult for you, but could you at least TRY not to lie?

Whats the over / under on number of Shiny posts about Sho in the 2-3 months since hes had him on ignore? 50? 60?

In Topic: Greedy

Yesterday, 11:00 AM

I did hear you liked smoking mushroom shaped poles.

You smoke Trumps trouser toad here all day every day.

In Topic: Greedy

Yesterday, 10:14 AM

The Trump Train could use another pole smoker.


In Topic: New Training coming

Yesterday, 09:49 AM

Because my time is devoted to meaningful endeavors, like controlling actual behaviors.
This is akin to saying that your actions are the result of your hidden biases.  So if I do not like it that black people drive slow I can attribute it to their hidden biases and ask them to be trained out of that insensitive behavior.
It's not about actual behaviors, its about trying to guilt people into behaving the way THEY think is appropriate but using this idea of hidden bias as the tool to compel it.  Not buying it.

At least youre approaching it with an open mind. :thumbsup:

In Topic: No Stormy Daniels thread?

Yesterday, 09:46 AM

Which one of you played the Trump role?

CPU controlled Trump dong. :thumbsup:

It was also pouring rain and a school day in Philly yesterday. Elite pre-Ks in upstate NY prolly got off for National Rice Crispy Treat Day tho.