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  1. As long as I’m going to UPS I might as well go to Macy’s. That way I leave with clothes I know fit, same day.
  2. MDC

    Kobe Bryant - Dead in helicopter crash

    Can’t speak for any other fan base but Philly fans hated Kobe.
  3. MDC

    Kobe Bryant - Dead in helicopter crash

    Your buddies already brought Kavanaugh, #metoo and the impeachment into it. Go lecture them.
  4. MDC

    Kobe Bryant - Dead in helicopter crash

    A handful of NBA players and reps criticized Trump, therefore Trumpers lash out in retard fury at all things NBA related past and present. They’re incredibly thin skinned and defensive, just like their cult leader. The irony is that they call other people “snowflake.”
  5. The Rams should go back to some variation of the blue and yellow (as opposed to gold). That was a great look. I’m sure they’ll go modern and fock it up because it’s Los Angeles. I’ll be the one who likes the Browns traditional uniforms. Simple and classic. Get rid of the “Browns” word mark and other unnecessary updates and you’re fine. If they’re going to adopt a logo the bulldog is a lot better than the elf. Falcons uniforms have always sucked but primary red and toning down the black would be an improvement. They look straight out of the “black for black sake” 1990s.
  6. MDC

    Kobe Bryant - Dead in helicopter crash

    I don’t remember all the details of the case and don’t care enough about it to rehash it. But my sense at the time was she wanted something to happen with Kobe and something else she maybe didn’t want also happened. So she settled to not get her name dragged in the mud and he settled to keep the details from getting out. I didn’t like Kobe for aping all of Jordan’s mannerisms, pretending to be a Philly guy even though he went to a prep school outside the city, and calling himself Black Mamba. And also for being a Laker. The rape stuff was just gravy. Sorry to hear of his passing though because of his family and he was undeniably an all time great.
  7. MDC

    Kobe Bryant - Dead in helicopter crash

    I realized how that came off as I typed it. I just meant that he had kids and this hurts them too.
  8. MDC

    Kobe Bryant - Dead in helicopter crash

    We care about you too Jennifer.
  9. MDC

    Kobe Bryant - Dead in helicopter crash

    Kobe was congratulating Bron on Twitter during the game last night. Crazy. I never liked Kobe much but he was an alltime great and a family man. Lost his daughter too. Very sad.
  10. MDC

    Pests of the Geek Club

    I’ve been here for 20 years. It took you 2 weeks to get perma banned for posting n-bombs. Peefoam.
  11. MDC

    Goodbye Eli

    Eli will get one cause of the SBs. For most of his career he was an average starting QB. He benefits from longevity and ability to stay on the field. But mostly he gets in cause he came into the league in an era when passing stats exploded. In 2000 there were three QBs who passed for more than 4,000 yards. Last year there were 10, and Jamies Winston led the league with more than 5,000. Eli is 5th in passing yards but it’s less impressive when you see guys like Carson Palmer, Testeverde, Stafford and Kerry Collins in the Top 20. In 20-30 years Eli’s counting stays will look a lot less impressive. Anyway he’s getting in. I don’t buy him as an alltime great but the Hall is a joke anyway so who cares.
  12. I don’t have trouble finding sizes in stores. You’ve got to re-package the clothes you don’t want, print a return label and schedule a pickup or drop off at a UPS box right? Sounds like a hassle. If I need clothes I just go to Macy’s and it’s done. I’m not against online shopping. This model wouldn’t work for me, for most clothes.
  13. MDC

    Movie you’ve watched the most

    It was like early M Knight, with more corpse sodomy.
  14. MDC

    Movie you’ve watched the most

    I can’t keep them straight. You should see his IMDB page.