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  1. MDC

    Leftists next target, books...

    It’s one woman. I wouldn’t give it any more oxygen than it deserves.
  2. MDC

    Who gets Goof Friday off?

    Posty has a kid???
  3. MDC

    Leftists next target, books...

    It’s a famous poem called “First they came” about Naziism. The headline of your article was clearly alluding to it. Seemed to be a little over the top.
  4. MDC

    Leftists next target, books...

    The “first they came for the books” thing is a reference to that poem about the rise of Naziism. That is the headline of your article but you’re right, you didn’t write it you just passed it along.
  5. If Trump wanted a wall why did he wait until Dems had the House to down government over it? Because it is a stunt to rile up easily manipulated rubes. Sorry to break the news to you. Don’t hire illegals. They depress US worker wages and it’s a POS thing to do.
  6. Trump’s own businesses hire illegals and bring foreign workers in on visas. The wall is his campaign stunt. He doesn’t care if it ever gets built.
  7. Trump puts himself first in everything he does.
  8. MDC

    Leftists next target, books...

     And the interpretation is "Leftists next target books". Another good thread title might be 'Hyperbolic responses to differing points of view".  Ironic. Do you mean that Ray found some random fringe weirdo opinion and illogically attributes it to “leftists” in generally while unironically alluding to Naziism and the Holocaust?
  9. I accept his findings. Trump is a miserable president for many non Russia reasons.
  10. MDC

    Buttigieg eliminates O'Rourke

    That happens whenever the party that’s out of the WH is going to pick a candidate to run against a sitting president. There is always going to be a power struggle between the establishment v newcomers and the more fringe vs the middle road.
  11. MDC

    Buttigieg eliminates O'Rourke

    On paper Trump is really vulnerable but you can always count on the Dems tripping over their own diiks.
  12. MDC

    Buttigieg eliminates O'Rourke

  13. MDC

    Buttigieg eliminates O'Rourke

    I agree. Old stereotypes die hard. Some voters are going to wonder if he will be tough enough or respected on the workd stage etc. because he’s gay. I could see him as a VP pick but no way he wins the ticket.
  14. MDC

    Buttigieg eliminates O'Rourke

    You should start a band called The Grievance Hierarchy.