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  1. MDC

    burfday dinner

    HB menu looks good.
  2. Sho Nuff should make a mold for your baker. Hah that’s pretty good. It’s funny cause you are gay for Sho.
  3. Link? Check your favorites.
  4. Bookmarked. Lol creep.
  5. Didn’t vote for her. Trumpers love tranny stuff tho.
  6. MDC

    Avengers: End Game

    Never heard of it. What’s it about?
  7. You’re so dumb you flunked out of Trump University.
  8. I didn’t even vote for Hill. You’ve been carrying Trump’s nuts on your chin since 2016. At least Stormy got paid.
  9. Gary Johnson’s getting executed?
  10. MDC

    Geek Club NFL Draft Talk

    I give the GM credit for admitting his mistake. Sort of begs the question though why he should be trusted to use another high pick on a QB?
  11. I have good health insurance. Our HC system sucks. Hopefully Trump replaces the ACA with “something wonderful” as promised, maybe after he erases the debt and gets Mexico to buy is the Wall.
  12. Back to this stupid question?
  13. MDC

    Geek Club NFL Draft Talk

    I don’t see it. The Eagles have a really good roster and they’re positioned to win now. They’re not going to take a possible medical red shirt guy, especially after doing that with Sidney Jones two years ago, who has been a disappointment to this point. Plus the Eagles are a high character organization.
  14. You guys misuse socialism all the time. In a truly socialist system the state would own the hospital and the provider would work for the government. In a single payer system the government would pool buying power but the patient would be the payer. You could probably go single payer and have a more cash based and legitimately free market HC system.