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  1. MDC

    *Official 2020 Election Thread*

    I’m not crying you’re crying!
  2. MDC

    *Official 2020 Election Thread*

    Poor drobeski
  3. If the money laundering thing has legs I hope Hunter gets charged. There is no evidence of kiddie porn I know is, but the forearm pedos keep tossing that charge around.
  4. I’ll go on record as predicting he won’t be charged. It’s a year older investigation and the kiddie porn stuff seems to only exist in Rudy’s fantasies.
  5. Trumpers obsession with pedophilia is creepy. Reminds me of how so many conservative pastors turn out to be gay.
  6. Not to interrupt this circle jerk, but what crime did Hunter supposedly commit?
  7. MDC

    Full pardon for Flynn

    I know this one guy whose wife took a 30-pound dump out of her vagina.
  8. MDC

    Full pardon for Flynn

    Peefoam. lol
  9. MDC

    Full pardon for Flynn

    I’m confused: If the Mueller investigation was a nothingburger, why did Flynn bother to lie to investigators? Seems like he could have spared himself a lot of rigamarole by telling the truth.
  10. Don’t forget Covid and election theft.
  11. MDC

    Full pardon for Flynn

    You’re the one defending a criminal, you waffling cultish assboy. A predictable inglorious end to your POS hero’s failed loser one term presidency.
  12. MDC

    Full pardon for Flynn

    Typical Reality: Crimes don’t count if my side thinks they’re justified. What a waffling Dirtbag loser you are.