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  1. MDC

    Biden to Ban Critical-Thinking

    Trump is a well known POS with a 40-year history of business fraud, infidelity and sexual assault. So it’s hard to figure out when he’s being treated unfairly and when he’s just playing the victim card to activate his rubes. I suspect the truth is somewhere in between and there are bigger injustices out there than a scumbag rapist charlatan getting hassled by the FBI. You should probably channel some of that passion into a more worthy cause.
  2. MDC

    Biden to Ban Critical-Thinking

    Trump’s administration was filled with the same corporate lobbyists, partisan hacks and Ivy leaguers as anyone else’s. It is pretty embarrassing that you think he’s going to do anything in Washington other than enrich himself and make fools of people like you, again.
  3. MDC

    Biting Priest

  4. I wasn’t. The economy feels bad even if it doesn’t technically meet the criteria for a recession because of the spike in prices.
  5. Can’t really blame them. For people under the age of 50/60 this is the first serious spike in inflation of their adult lives.
  6. MDC

    Biden to Ban Critical-Thinking

    But you put your faith in a billionaire charlatan with a 40-year history of business fraid and sexual assault.
  7. MDC

    Biden to Ban Critical-Thinking

    Holy overstatement.
  8. All ADPs from FantasyPros: QB sleeper: Jayden Daniels (108). Decent weapons at receiver but it’s the rushing upside that could make JD a low end QB1, great value for a player going in rounds 9-11. I think he’s a terrific upside pick for teams who wait on QB and draft a backup with upside. QB bust: CJ Stroud (46). He will probably throw for 4,200+ and over 30 TDs, but he offers no rushing upside and seems like a bad value compared to QBs like Love, Murray, Purdy etc. who will all go several rounds later. RB sleeper: Zamir White (78). Raiders absolutely fed White down the stretch and did nothing but bring in Alexander Mattison, who sucks. White is basically assured of 250+ touches and could put up RB2 type numbers, great value for a RB going in the rounds 7-8 range. RB bust: Josh Jacobs (23). I can’t say why a guy coming off an injury riddled year with only 800 or so rushing yards is being drafted as a late 2nd / early 3rd round pick ahead of better options like Henry and Cook, but he won’t be on any of my teams. WR sleeper: Malik Nabors (53). He’ll be drafted 4-5 rounds after Harrison Jr. but he’s nearly as good and on a team with even fewer weapons and less competition for targets. I doubt he scores more than 7-8 TDs at the high end but he’ll get peppered with targets and 70-80 catches plus 1.100 yards is a definite possibility. WR bust: Chris Olave (20). He’s probably a great NFL receiver but this is way too rich for my blood. Nothing much has changed in NO to make me think he’ll put up much more than 1,100-1,200 yards and 7-8 TDs at the high end, the same production you can expect from Aiyuk, Devonta and Waddle 1-2 rounds later. TE sleeper: Jake Ferguson (98). Hard to pick a sleeper at such a loaded position this year, but if you dont draft a Top 4 TE (Kelce, Andrew’s, LaPorta or McBride) you may as well wait for Ferguson in rounds 9-10. He quietly had an excellent first year as a full time starter and the Cowboys still can’t run the ball and don’t have much at receiver other than CeeDee. TE bust: Kyle Pitts (64) of course. Based on one good year people are really taking him in Rounds 6-8 as TE6? The 4-5 TEs immediately after Pitts will all return better numbers at a cheaper price. I’d guess he’s not even a Top 12 TE again. Of fantasy managers thought Cousins would make such a big impact he would’ve be QB17 going off the board at 110. Hard pass.
  9. MDC

    What Is The Best Newer Movie You Watched ?

    I haven’t seen The Lobster but I did see Dogtooth and Killing of a Sacred Deer by the same director, and they were totally waaaaayyyy different than Banshees of Inisherin. The director Michael McDonagh also did In Bruges and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing MO. Not going to talk you into it, but Banshees was probably the best movie I’ve seen in the past 3-5 years.
  10. MDC

    Trannies in jail, another thread cause I dont wanna search

    Another tranny thread.
  11. MDC

    Biden to Ban Critical-Thinking

    A lot of the “intelligent critical thinkers” out there are the willing rubes of fake news propaganda and conspiracy nutter sites. But it’s not the government’s place to make that call, so I’m glad the Disinformation Board is on pause.
  12. That’s exactly what you implied when you said it was “isolated” to Dem areas. Also it’s aisle. HTH
  13. Am I supposed to dignify your claim with an actual response? Nobody over the age of 10 thinks racists only come from one political side of the aisle.