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  1. MDC

    ***Happy Football Day Week 14****

    Dallas isn’t going to a SB without beating the Niners regardless.
  2. MDC

    ***Happy Football Day Week 14****

    Yeah they’re fine.
  3. MDC

    ***Happy Football Day Week 14****

    I don’t know why Philly doesn’t blitz more when their secondary cant hold up against anyone. Cowboys cutting through them like a hot knife through butter.
  4. MDC

    California Hates Jews

    The City raised the Israel flag already. Now they have both flags.
  5. I see, what I actually said matters less than your feelings.
  6. “Porno” in school libraries.
  7. I found one instance of me using the word “transphobe” in a joking manner and zero of me calling anyone an Islamophobe. You’re welcome to set the record straight.
  8. Didn’t the right cancel Bud Light and Disney?
  9. I just bothered to look it up. Among my tens of thousands of posts, I have never once called anyone here a transphobe or an Islamophobe. I have called out obvious racism when I’ve seen it. Nice try though.
  10. Cruising historically disenfranchised groups just makes you a John.
  11. It’s all part of the establishment’s plan to conflate any criticism of Israel with support of Hamas. Both major parties and the GC are pushing that narrative hard.
  12. MDC

    Week 14 start / sit

    I’d probably go Breece because Lawrence is dinged up.
  13. MDC

    Week 14 start / sit

    Win and I’m in. WSIS? Full PPR. Here’s my lineup: QB: Tua RB1: Etienne RB2: ??? WR1: Tyreek WR2: Ceedee Flex: ??? TE: Likely (McBride on bye) K: Elliott D Browns I need a RB2 and Flex from the following: Javonte @ LAC JeromeF vs. JAX JCook @ KC Cooks vs PHL I’m leaning Javonte and Cooks due to matchup and how bad the Eagles pass D has been. I am not loving ETN’s matchup but he seems like a mortal lock for 20+ touches and any goal line work. Little help? ty
  14. The ACLU is a great organization. They’ve take up many free speech cases in defense of right wingers over the years.
  15. No, but I remember the time you said there were celebrations of the Hamas attack across US cities. Ever find that link?