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  1. MDC

    The Jihad squad

  2. MDC

    Trump, you clever dog

    Keep waiting, focktard.
  3. MDC

    The Jihad squad

    The bad guys aren’t here Ray. It’s just you, acting like a fool.
  4. MDC

    The Jihad squad

    Seems to describe your bedwetting about “trolling” too. What is wrong with you?
  5. MDC

    The Jihad squad

    I’m pretty sure criticizing people for engaging in a type of behavior while engaging in the same behavior yourself is the definition of hypocrisy. Even if you’re being a hypocrite ironically.
  6. Glad nobody was killed but the guy tossing incendiary devices. Agree with the OP too, we should definitely talk gun control. I propose limits on types of firearms and tougher laws to prevent straw purchases and guns vanishing into the black market.
  7. MDC

    The Jihad squad

    It’s called “being a hypocrite.”
  8. MDC

    The Jihad squad

    You don’t “have” to live down to the example set by people you hate Ray.
  9. MDC

    The Jihad squad

    I already gave you my standard. I can’t speak to the film-flam logic of you and the leftist weirdos you imitate.
  10. Just glad the Eagles are the only NFCE team that won’t tolerate this crap.
  11. MDC

    gayest footwear? for men

    Pink slippers with bunny rabbit ears.
  12. MDC

    The Jihad squad

    I don’t think criticizing US policy toward Israel is racist.
  13. MDC

    The Jihad squad

    Such as?
  14. MDC

    The Jihad squad

    The scale I use with Trump is repeatedly implying that people are less American or less qualified to do their jobs because of their ancestry.
  15. MDC

    The Jihad squad

    Trumpers now calling these four “racist.”