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  1. Page 1. That didn’t take long.
  2. Articles on this on FOX, CNN, NY Post, NYT, etc.
  3. Interesting table in this link that shows the % of covid-19 deaths that occurred in long term care facilities (including nursing hones) by state. You’ll see that only 20% of covid deaths in New York were in LTC facilities, significantly lower than most other states. I bothered to look this up after Trumpers, butthurt over their hero’s disgraceful womanly performance and jealous of Cuomo’s leadership, started in with this nursing home stuff. Turns out that Cuomo has done an especially marvelous job of protecting the elderly too! Haha.
  4. Twitter probably has the right to apply their terms of service any way they want. I just don’t think it’s very smart business policy to get into making these kinds of judgment calls. I’m also concerned about having a POTUS who’s a pathological liar and conspiracy wingnut. I just don’t think it’s Twitter’s job to police it.
  5. Cuomo has done a good job, that’s why his approval ratings are so high.
  6. I’m torn. On the one hand, Twitter probably doesn’t want to get into the business of fact checking every claim on its platform. Unless a tweet is the subject of some kind of legal action they should leave it alone. On the other hand, Twitter has a right to enforce its terms of use any way they want. Overall I’m leaning toward rat’s ass / amusement at Trump’s undignified womanly meltdown.
  7. @ Trumpers pretending to be shocked - SHOCKED I SAY! - at the minority party rooting for failure. Did you ladies Miss Trump’s Twitter feed from 2008-2016?
  8. The party that’s out of power wants bad circumstances to hurt the party in power? GTFO. Next you’ll tell me politicians are hypocrites and only care about themselves.
  9. MDC

    The single, messy bun

    They’re all on Facebook talking about the creep who won’t stop staring at their hair.
  10. Or old age. It’s not as bad as old age either. When you really think about it, just being born has a mortality rate of 100%, eventually.