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  1. MDC

    Kaepernick to hold workout in Atlanta

    I wondered the same thing. I assume it was part of the league’s collusion settlement with Kaepernick.
  2. MDC

    Happy Football Day Week 11!

    The Eagles aren’t very good and we’re missing their top 2 wideouts and best RB. A win is a win but the Pats don’t seem to have that same aura of invincibility this year when they’re not playing the Fins or Jets.
  3. MDC

    Happy Football Day Week 11!

    I flipped it on, saw the score in the 3rd and now I’m watching Law and Order.
  4. MDC

    Happy Football Day Week 11!

    Eagles D played well enough to win they just have nothing on O right now. Pats really didn’t look that good. I don’t think they’re a SB team this year but obviously they’re better than Philly right now.
  5. MDC

    Happy Football Day Week 11!

    Eagles are going to get smoked this week and the next (Seahawks). They’ll probably have to run the table after that to win the division: Giants X2, Redskins, Dolphins and Cowboys (12/22). At this point I know they’re not a Super Bowl challenger. I just want that second Dallas game to be for the division.
  6. Obummer was “far left”? I was disappointed in what a middle of the road mediocrity he turned out to be. I’d have voted for Satan if he ran as a Democrat after W though.
  7. Trump probably wins re-election. He will have the worst 2nd term you’ve ever seen, as Republicans realize he’s just Mitt Romney in ugly disguise.
  8. Pretty typical stuff - meatballs and spaghetti, meat loaf, breaded chicken cutlets. Every now and then we’d have pancakes and bacon for dinner. That was awesome. Mom also used to make pepper steak, one of my faves.
  9. MDC

    Official Trump Impeachment Inquiry Thread

    What is wrong with him?
  10. The “drain the swamp” crowd sure pivoted quick to “Meh - obstruction and witness tampering are process crimes.” Good day for America.
  11. MDC

    Browns / Steelers War ( madness )

    Totally. Making up baseless claims about people based on their occupation, race, religion, national origin etc. is wrong.
  12. MDC

    Your memories of the 'outrageous" NFL

    I was at a kids bday party at a retro arcade a few months ago and they had NFL Blitz. The game ran a montage of big hits - pretty much every one of them would be a personal foul, ejection, fine and suspension today.