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  1. MDC

    I think animals are superior to humans

    My dog is definitely superior to a retard. He’s fully housebroken and doesn’t hump as much.
  2. None. Almost nobody supports riots and looting. The game you guys play is pretending that every left leaning person does. Yes they are.
  3. Impossible: You’re either a Trumplican or a cuck. That’s how the GC works. Support Trump or back Critical Race Theory, gender reassignment, rioting in the streets etc. We come in 2 flavors here.
  4. He was in the Minutemen and Shellac. He’s best known for producing a ton of indie rock bands from the 90s onward: Pixies, Breeders, Nirvana, Fugazi, etc.
  5. Yeah the point was that according to the GC partisan hacks you either believe the Orange Messiah farts rainbows or you support burning cities and gender reassigning children. That’s just how it works here.
  6. If work as a producer counts I take Steve Albini without hesitation.
  7. You’re in the wrong forearm. Here at the Geek Club you’re either a Trump cultist or a non-binary Antifa soyboy who supports Critical Race Theory and firebombing government buildings. Those are your options chose wisely.
  8. That’s hard to beat. If you pick Band Aid, you’d get U2, Genesis, the Police, David Bowie, Kool and the Gang, Duran Duran, Culture Club, etc. Not a bad haul. I can’t think of any one single band I’d like to exclusively listen to forever. The Beatles aren’t even in my Top 10 but I might have to pick them just for a vast, diverse and excellent catalogue.
  9. MDC

    Is Subway’s tuna fish…. tuna fish?

    Let me guess black forest ham. Foot long.
  10. MDC

    Critical Race Theory

    Leave it to the Geek Club to make white people the real victims of slavery.
  11. MDC

    Critical Race Theory

    First it’s “Public school systems coast to coast teaching CRT everywhere!” Then it’s, “Okay they aren’t calling it CRT per se but it’s some variation of CRT.” Finally it’s, “OK, this isn’t actually widespread public school policy but some teachers somewhere are teaching a variation of CRT.” When do you realize you’ve been had?
  12. MDC

    Critical Race Theory

    My kid is absolutely not being taught that all white people are racist / bad and that everyone’s success or misfortune is due to their race.
  13. MDC

    Critical Race Theory

    Widespread teaching of CRT in schools.
  14. MDC

    Critical Race Theory

    Good thing there is zero evidence this is happening.