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  1. MDC

    Let's Do the 75 Day Soft Challenge!

    Won’t take 75 days to get me hard though.
  2. MDC

    Let's Do the 75 Day Soft Challenge!

    I’m already soft.
  3. The only thing that can derail Russia’s imminent nuclear attack on the US is injuries.
  4. Utoilet’s imaginary girlfriend can’t see rated R movies without an accompanying parent or adult guardian.
  5. MDC

    Trans Kids

    Surprised it took you 5 days to respond, seeing as how you’re here 24/7/365 and on all major holidays.
  6. Why does Utoilet put sad face emojis all over posts? This never happened before Utoilet joined. Now it’s all over the forearm. Does he think this hurts your feelings?
  7. I saw Bros and it was fabulous.
  8. MDC

    So the Q in... LgbtqciafbistfupLmnop

    QFITH. Pronounced like queef but with a phaggy lisp @ the end.
  9. MDC

    what would be your last meal before you die?

    I’m assuming I have less than a week to live before Putin nukes us into oblivion. We had London broil for the last time tonight.
  10. MDC

    So the Q in... LgbtqciafbistfupLmnop

    Dunno. I think it’s mostly biological but not entirely. Maybe 75/25?
  11. MDC

    So the Q in... LgbtqciafbistfupLmnop

    Questioning. If you’re even thinking about going gay you get a letter now!
  12. Maybe he’s drunk at Chuck E?
  13. I’d like an example post that contradicts this thread. Just one best example will do.
  14. No. HT just needs attention and doesn’t care how he gets it.