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  1. MDC

    Cancel Target

    One of my in laws works security for a Target. He said his department has had to review all the emails they’re getting about pride displays because some stores are getting threats.
  2. You were also expecting Civil Nuclear War and a Chargers Super Bowl win.
  3. MDC

    Mount Rushmore of Gameshow Hosts

    Replace Wink Martindale with Richard Dawson (Family Feud) and you’ve got it.
  4. Trump is a charlatan. He lives in a country club and his entire admin was full of anti-labor corporate insiders and lobbyists. But the Dems made him happen when they abandoned unions and nominated Hillary over Bernie.
  5. MDC

    Marine doing Marine sh!t

    Drinking early for the holiday weekend?
  6. I think the Democratic Party abandoning organized labor and doubling down on identity politics is what lost them blue collar middle America. Neither party gives a fock about these people but the Dems have heaped scorn on them for years. I can see why Trump sticking his finger in the eye of the media and coastal elites appeals to these folks.
  7. Tardcore wouldn’t know. He didn’t go to college.
  8. I liked Redwolves and Redtails as options.
  9. MDC

    May is mental awareness month...

    Wait til you see 2024.
  10. Nobody cares about your issues. Hth
  11. I said Republicans don’t think income equality is an issue and therefore have no ideas for dealing with it. GC Republicans immediately confirmed the same thing. That’s just a statement of fact. And as we know, facts don’t care about your feelings.