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  1. They still can but the chances seem high that they are anxious to nominate somebody that triples down on freak show wedge issue identity politics. If they're lucky they cough up somebody who isn't creepy... like Creepy Joe for example. And I don't know that he'd win either.
  2. Voltaire

    What do you make of this??

    https://www.mlive.com/news/flint/2014/04/michigan_football_star_espn_an.html Desmond Howard had to buy the rights of his iconic Heisman Trophy pose from the photographer who took it. (He'd just burned Ohio State on a punt return for a TD and did, in fact, go on to win the 1991 Heisman) What I'm saying is that in his case, the law states that image belongs to the photographer, not the subject.
  3. Voltaire

    Free Yahoo Tourney Pickem all geeks invited

    I use to be good at this stuff, I won a large pile of money in the Army then again in college. Now I'm a blindfolded monkey throwing at a dartboard. One of the years I won, I'd taken 13 Detroit-Mercy over 4 UCLA.
  4. No. The way to read that is the same as today, some a$$holes thought non-citizens in the country who can't vote should still be included in the census for congressional representation because it served their own best interest.
  5. Voltaire

    Public Shaming

    Oh, no! Tucker went on a shockjock radio show ten years ago and said something funny. Horrors.
  6. Voltaire

    Padma Lakschmi

    Isn't she Luke Skywalker's mom?
  7. Voltaire

    Free Yahoo Tourney Pickem all geeks invited

    In... but totally clueless. Teams are just names and ranking numbers to me, sadly. I can name maybe 3-4 Spartans and 3-4 Wolverines and not anybody from any other team. I just took a bunch of midwestern teams in upsets until it got too stupid that I couldn't justify their advancing anymore and mostly followed the numbers elsewhere.
  8. Ah ... the road not taken. The greatest tragedy of 2001 was that sh*tball GWB getting sworn into office, 9/11 doesn't come close. Punch in nose > Cancer
  9. They move in the neighborhood and you can't afford a new house. My grandfather got lucky although he sure as hell didn't think so at the time. The government needed his house to put in an on-ramp on the new expressway they were building, so he moved out of the Italian ghetto into the Detroit suburbs a few years before the riots crashed the housing prices.
  10. I came so... so close to missing it ... The "WOMAN [WHITE]" represenational photo is Rachel Dolezol version 1.0.
  11. Voltaire

    AOC is an actress...Brains behind her inside....

    Good idea, I bet she's even sexier on 'mute.'
  12. Voltaire

    Good Primer/Summary of Brexit

    It's what happens when you put a 'remain' supporter in charge of Brexit that secretly wants to undermine/poison pill/sabotage it. What you do is, instead of re-inventing the wheel, get a copy of every trade, immigration, etc negotiation that Norway (or Switzerland) ever negotiated with the EU, edit out "Norway" and replace it with "Great Britain", and you're 95% of the way there. Next, tweak this, tweak this, tweak this, change that, and you're all set. Now it seems they're entering endlessly kicking the can down the road mode for ten years then eventually saying it's been ten years, let's re-vote'.
  13. Maybe if Hillary had spent a day or two in Wisconsin and Michigan, the Democrts wouldn't have these problems. If Trump and his unwashed supporters are the dumb ones, how come they're the only ones that know how to read a map?
  14. Nah, let her keep running. It'd be nice to see her take on Trump with this on her agenda because it's poltical death. Bye. Even if she somehow beats Trump, she'd have to get reparations through Congress.
  15. The states were drawn funny. Have you looked at Maryland?