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  1. Frozenbeernuts

    Manafort: 19-24 years + $24mil

    I really wish the top prosecutors in this country would root out corruption inside our own borders this fervently. We wouldnt be so bad off in IL if we didn't have to pay every family member of every alderman a lifetime pension.
  2. Frozenbeernuts

    Could somebody please loan me a damn?

    This is an amusing attempt at click bait.
  3. IL is in such bad shape. It's a shame, because the Chicago suburbs are some of the nicer places to live in the Midwest.
  4. Frozenbeernuts

    Amazon not coming to NY

    Leave it to a republican to not give two shlts about workers rights involved
  5. Frozenbeernuts

    Does your wife do this too?

    Too skinny
  6. Frozenbeernuts

    Joe Flacco traded to Denver

    Yeah that payed off. It was for an all time great though. Ever other qb he has had his hands on has been horrible
  7. Frozenbeernuts

    MDC, you were right

    I think he was joking
  8. Frozenbeernuts

    MDC, you were right

    Seriously? That's like the best pizza place in the entire Chicago land area. I don't understand why you wouldn't like it.
  9. Frozenbeernuts

    Am I high or is that a tiger?

    1000 pounds? Isn't a very large male like 600? Coincidence that I just watched Joe Rogans stand-up, and he said there are more tigers as pets in Texas than there are tigers in the wild
  10. Frozenbeernuts

    MDC, you were right

    Where did you have it from?
  11. Frozenbeernuts

    MDC, you were right

    I have had it fresh from the restaurant. You would be in heaven. I bet they are still pretty damn good in your own oven
  12. Frozenbeernuts

    Refrigerated bacon

    That's an odd fetish
  13. Frozenbeernuts

    Joe Flacco traded to Denver

    Elway kind of sucks at identifying qbs
  14. Frozenbeernuts

    Joe Flacco traded to Denver

    There goes any chance of the receivers being reliable in fantasy
  15. Frozenbeernuts

    Refrigerated bacon

    Anyone else cook a bunch and just eat it out of the fridge? Thin cut works a lot better than thick