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  1. Frozenbeernuts

    Missouri to ban all federal gun control laws

    Sounds pretty idiotic to me.
  2. Frozenbeernuts

    Aunt Becky done focked up

    I agree. Corruption needs to be curbed whenever possible. Allowing it to run rampant allows it to fester. I am always for a maximum penalty on someone involved in some sort of corrupt scheme.
  3. Frozenbeernuts

    Aunt Becky done focked up

    Well if it wasn't a big story, then it wouldn't be dealt with very seriously.
  4. Frozenbeernuts

    Doug Baldwin's Injury Struggles

    Stock up on David Moore. Unfortunately Pete Carrol isn't demanding his offense pass more. His ultra conservative ball control offense will not work without perfect conditions. Wilson should be allowed to sling it
  5. Frozenbeernuts

    Public Shaming

    They call him ol sticky lips
  6. Frozenbeernuts

    Google Stadia

    If they solve that problem it will be pretty cool. I agree though, a one time download of a few hours for a large game. It's only going to get quicker. Are people really that impatient?
  7. Frozenbeernuts

    Google Stadia

    For phones. 5G doesn't do anything for internet brought into the house.
  8. Frozenbeernuts

    Tyreek in trouble

    There were a few people who are in favor of using a switch on a child, aka child abuse
  9. Frozenbeernuts

    Google Stadia

    They are probably a little early to the party before latency issues could be resolved, if they could ever be resolved. We are talking about competing with the increase in demand for bandwidth, unless Google has their own completely private Fibre optie lines. Even then they probably need to share bandwidth, don't they?
  10. Frozenbeernuts

    Books you are reading

    I finished Winter World. I think that was my single favorite book by AG Riddle. It was much more to the point than his other books, so it was nice to see a little change in style. I am now eager about the second book in the series
  11. It's idiotic to me, in this day and age with the access to information, that campaigning in a state or region has any effect on the way someone votes. Any rally or public speaking event can be found online. Electoral college made sense years ago before the internet became our main source of info. Even after believing that, I think as of how where a candidate campaigns still has quite a bit of influence over voting in the area. People want to feel special, I guess. It seems important to keep the electoral college as it is for now.
  12. Why did it take Muslims to end this stuff? I don't get why they get precedence with their religious beliefs in school over Christians in these instances.
  13. Frozenbeernuts

    2019 Week in Maui

    Damn that's a nice view. Do you go pretty much every year yourself?
  14. Frozenbeernuts

    Panthers OL Taylor Hearn knocked da fukk out!

    Keep those hands up...
  15. Frozenbeernuts

    Tyreek in trouble

    If he is found to have abused his child and broken his arm, he needs to serve jail time. He should not be let off the hook because of his status.