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  1. Frozenbeernuts


    I strictly use Instagram for tattoo artists. I have pretty much cut off social media.
  2. Frozenbeernuts

    Maga crowd

    I know that. I agree with that. I am not a socialist, but there is a ton of money that is stagnant. If the middle class was larger, ie a better balance between the top CEOs, there would be the same if not better money flow with a larger middle class. Also, the top tier earners would still be the top tier earners with generational income coming in every year. Do we not agree that the middle class is shrinking?
  3. Frozenbeernuts

    Maga crowd

    It's painful that the MAGA crowd thinks that every rich dollar is invested. Let's also not forget the discussion of mega corps being slave to shareholders. It's also painful how moronic the MAGA crowd is when we talk about equalizing the classes more, that it means we take away all of the rich man's money. It's pointless talking them.
  4. Frozenbeernuts

    Maga crowd

    I certainly wouldn't trust you to be the one to explain it to me. You're saying that million and billionaires do not have money just sitting in banks? A banking system that is out of control with over priced interest rates? Sure, they accumulate interest so that banks can use that money for more loans, but it's mainly the banks and the mega rich that benefit while everyone else pays out the ass for interest.
  5. Frozenbeernuts

    Maga crowd

    The growing group of mega corps and 1% that hoard cash just to let it sit there and do nothing, no, not a problem at all.
  6. Frozenbeernuts

    Play gm for your team and manage your cap

    If I was a GM, I would never pay an offensive skill position player a premium besides qb. I would pay offensive linemen, defensive linemen, and corners top dollar. If I had a MBL like Lee or Kuechly, I would pay them also. The rest would be replenished through the draft or bargain free agency signings. I also would never hire a coach who was stuburn and unwilling to change his plan based on his personnel. Freddy Kitchens impressed me a bit when he said he didn't have a set system, but a system that adapts to the strengths of his players. It seems like a simple concept, yet most coaches do not seem to be able to utilize it.
  7. Frozenbeernuts

    Maga crowd

    The crowd also deems it necessary to place one's political affiliation first before explaining what they did. It reeks of inferiority complex.
  8. At the McDonald's play place They put his dirty shoes on the table before they put them on him. Is this normal for gay people with children?
  9. Frozenbeernuts

    Conservatives sure hate living children

    Most dillusional post this year? Yeah kids in orphanages or foster homes are always treated excellently and never abused
  10. Frozenbeernuts

    What's your current 40 time?

    I could get sub 5.0 I bet.
  11. Frozenbeernuts

    Name that Geek, micropeen addition

    Not me. I am very satisfied with my Geek sized cack. She is an idiot for never even seeing his cack. What if he had a gender transformation? What if he had diseases?
  12. Frozenbeernuts

    Republicans illegal election practices, yet again

    Republican deflection? Who would have guessed that's the party's first tactic?
  13. https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&source=web&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwiUjdf7_sfgAhVo4IMKHZLyBg8QzPwBegQIARAC&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.nbcnews.com%2Fpolitics%2Felections%2Fman-center-north-carolina-election-fraud-allegations-has-complicated-past-n945511&psig=AOvVaw3FoiNwg-x22HsiOVjsH4g1&ust=1550672395586052
  14. Frozenbeernuts

    What's your go-to salad dressing?

    Hands down the best salad dressing is 1000 island mixed 50/50 with creamy garlic dressing. You will never go back once you have this
  15. Frozenbeernuts

    Manafort: 19-24 years + $24mil

    I really wish the top prosecutors in this country would root out corruption inside our own borders this fervently. We wouldnt be so bad off in IL if we didn't have to pay every family member of every alderman a lifetime pension.