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  1. riversco

    Nancy blinked: 5.7 for Wall............developing.

    Why is it funny? People argue and debate over a new policy. But if, in the end, the public decide that the new policy is OK, then former opponents of that policy often change tactic and change their platform to use the new policy to their advantage. Here's an example. Right up until Pearl Harbor, most prominent American politicians stood firmly against getting involved in WW2. After Pearl Harbor, people changed their stance. Here's another example. Right up until shortly before the Civil War, most prominent American politicians stood opposed to war and believed in compromise. Once Fort Sumter happened and the overwhelmingly majority of nation was ready for war, the politicians shifted. Sure, Trump might have tried to oppose Obama and his use of executive orders. But the public has accepted Obama using them. So its only natural to change course and for the GOP to start using them as well. If people are not comfortable with Trump wielding executive orders to set major policy goals, perhaps they should have stood against Obama using them.
  2. riversco

    stock talk

    As of now,this trade is showing a profit. TNA is over $62 and should be heading for new all time highs. The goal is not to pick bottoms but make money and this will make plenty of money.
  3. riversco

    Trump Approval Rating at 52%

    One of the biggest problems with polls is 2 states (California and New York) vote overwhelmingly democrat. Exclude those 2 states and the republicans are doing great. And then throw in the electoral college and you wind up with a situation where the democrats win the popular vote and Trump wins 300 EVs. When you poll, you actually need to poll the entire nation, and then do a poll just for California and New York and then a third poll for the other 48 states. Otherwise, its hard to tell what the poll is really telling you.
  4. https://sports.yahoo.com/tucson-birmingham-join-forces-bid-raiders-home-cities-2019-220106723.html The newest idea is to split home games between Tucson, Arizona and Birmingham, Alabama. They would play in Arizona Stadium (57k capacity) and Legion Field (71k capacity). The article says this is a plan hatched by Tucson and Birmingham and not the Raiders taking initiative here.
  5. riversco

    Kareem Hunt signed by Brownies

    That offense should rack up close to 400 points next year if they add nothing. If Dorsey continues to evaluate talent well and finds another good WR in the draft or trade or free agency, it probably goes over 400.
  6. riversco

    Kareem Hunt signed by Brownies

    The Browns and Chiefs have the 2 top young elite QBs in the AFC and are both young rising powers. They are going to be a huge rivalry next decade and this only adds more sauce. Should be fun to watch. Baker Mayfield gives attitude and now with Hunt on board, they seem primed to be villains in this rivalry.
  7. Its not religion. Its people. This sort of thing happens all over the place. If I were to tell you that there was rampant sexual abuse among office managers in corporate America I think most people would agree. For some reason, people want to hold church leaders above this (as if they aren't human or something). But when you think about it, you know its impossible for any organization run by humans to avoid this problem. Its gonna happen regardless. The thing you should be questioning then is why are they singling out religion for it? If your goal is to have a religion that zeroes out sexual misconduct among its leaders, you know that's impossible. Just like its impossible for any other sector of society.
  8. I don't get the Rams being the favorite. Goff is not an elite QB. More teams will expose his weaknesses in 2019 and his numbers will probably drop quite a bit. Rams might drop back to 10-6. Seahawks might take the division. As a matter of fact, the Seahawks are a fantastic bet because Goff is very overrated. The Seahawks were at +4000 and you are probably getting a division champ there. The current NFL mock at walterfootball has them taking TE T.J. Hockenson which would be a perfect shot in the arm for that offense.
  9. riversco

    AAF and Betspn

    Once the sales department gains influence in a product, it becomes all about driving sales higher. That means the product must cater to the lowest common denominator instead of the fans of the actual product. In the case of media outlets, this always means becoming a gossip rag. ESPN is pretty much a worthless gossip rag now and not to be taken seriously as journalism.
  10. riversco

    New Jets 2019 uniforms possibly leaked

    While its not an entire uniform set, I like this fan design for the helmet:
  11. https://sports.yahoo.com/report-raiders-go-crawling-back-oakland-resume-talks-play-coliseum-2019-season-021559667.html Raiders have reportedly resumed talks with Oakland Alameda County Coliseum officials to play there in 2019.
  12. riversco

    What do the Democrats stand for ?

    First, you must understand the roots of the democratic party are in an organization known as Tammany Hall. What was Tammany Hall? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tammany_Hall Tammany Hall was a political machine. They were powered by the growing immigrant community in New York City. They protected and defended the rights of immigrants to win votes. When elected, they quietly cut through red tape and legislative roadblocks to get immigrants jobs and win the favor of the business elites. So they had a two-pronged core of immigrants and business leaders. Tammany Hall arguably lost influence as the demographics of the nation changed from a rural one to an urban one. When America was mostly a rural nation, the tactics wielded by Tammany Hall were only effective in very localized areas with large urban populations like New York City. Once America had large urban centers coast-to-coast, Tammany hall was phased out and usurped by the national Democratic party bosses who employed the exact same tactics on a national scale. FDR led the charge to nationalize the effort. Originally, Tammany Hall drew power from a large Irish Catholic immigrant population, which drove the democratic party from the early 18th century all the way up to JFK. But once immigrant demographics shifted towards latinos and nonwhites, the immigrant tactics had to shift as well. But the democratic party has always been an immigrant party first and foremost. To kill the democratic party, you build the wall and make it harder to immigrate to America.
  13. riversco

    New Jets 2019 uniforms possibly leaked

    The modern era of uniforms in all sports are increasingly minimalist as a modest uniform design compliments an athlete that has tattoos all over the place. A garish uniform clashes with a guy wearing two sleeves. So I tend to think these are legit because there isn't a lot going on.
  14. https://www.totalprosports.com/2019/01/23/potential-new-uniforms-of-the-jets-leak-they-look-terrible-pics/ Sometimes an independent artist will design something and then it gets passed around as a leak. Sometimes its real. Here are rumored leaks of the new Jets uniforms.
  15. https://sports.yahoo.com/report-49ers-will-not-waive-territorial-rights-preventing-raiders-playing-oracle-park-015724398.html The 49ers are rumored to have exercised the territorial rights and blocked a Raiders move to San Francisco. Apparently now its down to playing in Oakland again or in Levi's Stadium (the 49ers venue). Levi's was built with the idea of being the home to 2 NFL teams, but the Raiders don't want to go there.