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  1. "When this started out, it was a story about people who hated Jussie Smollett because he was black and gay." No, no it wasn't. What an idiotic response by Noah.
  2. Reality

    What's your current 40 time?

    You can be sorry all you want but, 11.4/100 is a decent speed but, probably wouldn't make a city finals in my area on any given year. Guessing your 40 times were hand timed, 11.4 doesn't match up with a 4.4 40, not even close. 11.4 translates more to a 4.8'ish 40. My daughter is a sprinter and is at school on an athletic track scholarship. I know a bit about this, guy's who think they run fast 40 times were never timed electronically.
  3. Reality

    Dumb credit card question

  4. Reality

    What's your current 40 time?

    Unless it is electronically timed, it's make believe.
  5. Reality

    Dumb credit card question

    Wtf.. Auto pay a credit card? Manually make the payment each month online depending on what the balance is.
  6. Reality

    Maga crowd

    Well said, agreed.
  7. Reality

    What's your current 40 time?

    I've never been fast, no way I could break 6 now. I'd be shocked if anybody here could get under 5.5 now. Was a decent athlete, sat the bench in college for 2 years, D2 basketball. 4.3's & 4.4's.. You guys are cute, that's freak show fast. https://heatonminded.com/how-many-people-in-the-united-states-can-run-a-4-3-40-yard-dash/
  8. Reality

    Geek Golf Outing - Vegas

    I think I'd be good, my wife is 5'7
  9. Reality

    Geek Golf Outing - Vegas

    Could you imagine trying to explain this one to your wife..
  10. Guy was probably in shock, therefore, walking in the middle of the road.
  11. Reality

    Zion Williamson’s shoe

    Watched as it happened, not sure how something like that happens.
  12. Wiff won this thread, sorry Dr. OB
  13. I'd never spend 2k on a phone but.... Damn.. Me want.