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  1. Reality

    Nancy blinked: 5.7 for Wall............developing.

    Honcho is a fkn idiot. HTH
  2. No longer considered a victim.... Ummm, wow.
  3. Lie about what? You were attacking his headline as if he should update it.. You know, like his source did AFTER he posted.. What a fkn retard...
  4. Bottom line, it's looking real bad for 'ol Jussie. Honcho loves defending these types of people.
  5. Again, seriously though, what is the punishment for staging a fake hate crime? Jail time?
  6. From the guy who wanted somebody else to update his headline after the one he posted what updated by the news source.. I realize some of you guys are low hanging fruit as far as intellect but, wow... You never cease to amaze.
  7. Seriously though, what is the punishment for staging a fake hate crime? This sort of thing should be pretty serious, correct?
  8. What is the punishment for staging a fake hate crime?
  9. Reality

    Happy Valentines day!!

    Ball game tonight so we celebrated last night. Cooked together, steak dinner, shrimp, mushrooms in garlic and butter, twice baked potatoes, and baked brussel sprouts. On a brussel sprout kick lately, salt/pepper olive oil and baked... Good stuff.
  10. Reality

    Joe Flacco traded to Denver

    Manning played 4 years for Denver. The first 3 years were outstanding, the last year the def carried him. It would be tough to label his time there anything other than a success.
  11. Reality

    Trump has $50k golf simulator installed in WH

    I need that in my life.
  12. Reality

    Joe Flacco traded to Denver