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  1. MDC

    National Emergency

    I get it - NPC. I’m surprised a free thinker like you didn’t go with something original like “cuck” or “snowflake.”
  2. MDC

    National Emergency

    If Trump asked for funding for strategic barriers he would have it by now. Instead he asked for funding for a 35-foot continuous border wall and spent the last two years lying about the threat of terrorists coming over the border to justify it. I am glad Congressional Dems called his bluff. Besides isn’t Mexico supposed to pay for it?
  3. MDC

    Nancy blinked: 5.7 for Wall............developing.

    Join the club. We meet at the bar on Thursdays.
  4. MDC

    Amazon not coming to NY

    I order all my books at one of the handful of independent bookstores in Philly. I costs slightly more and I end up waiting another day or two but it isn’t time sensitive and I’d rather support a local business. When it comes to gifts and Christmas stuff though there is no other reasonable option.
  5. MDC

    Quoting Ann Coulter today of all people

    Deep State finally got her.
  6. MDC

    National Emergency

    Yes - I never start a conversation with him or HT and they follow me around like a couple biitches in heat - RMFF.
  7. MDC

    National Emergency

    Gonna follow me around all day flexing? 💪
  8. MDC

    National Emergency

    Remember when Trump criticized Obummer for using EOs? There have been worse presidents than Donald but when it comes to being a hypocritical sack of shiit he truly is in a class by himself.
  9. MDC

    National Emergency

    Right on cue. Woof woof! 🐶
  10. MDC

    National Emergency

    I bet you play with your mom’s underwear when she goes out.
  11. MDC

    Amazon not coming to NY

    Honestly the stuff about their business practices is just gravy to me. I don’t think cities or states should be “bidding” on companies with tax breaks at all.
  12. MDC

    National Emergency

    It hurts because it’s true.
  13. MDC

    National Emergency

    You don’t make eye contact with them either.
  14. MDC

    Amazon not coming to NY

    Sometimes. I try to limit it to the degree that I can. Honestly my issue isn’t really wish Amazon doing everything it can within the law to increase its competitiveness. I don’t think US cities should be bidding against each other for the “right” to host Amazon at all. It’s a sad commentary on how much power corporate America yields that 70+ cities would play this game in the first place. Even sadder that so many people seem to think that’s fine. I would feel the same way if it was another business. I guess it seems worse since Amazon is known as a crap employer that runs small businesses under.
  15. MDC

    National Emergency

    Please don’t hurt me badass.