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  1. They should make a movie about a geek from Texas who lies about being a NY cop and call it The Retarded.
  2. No idea where RP got that one from.
  3. MDC

    National Emergency

    Yep. Read anything about Donnie hiring illegals / foreigners and getting his in laws citizenship yet?
  4. MDC

    National Emergency

    Illegals are going to start following OSHA regs now? Lol.
  5. MDC

    National Emergency

    Depends. How tall are the ladders in Mexico?
  6. MDC

    National Emergency

    I can’t really blame them for refusing to fund the wall since it’s been a stunt from the beginning and Trump said Mexico would pay for it. I think some Dems have allowed themselves to be baited into being anti border control in general and it’s a losing strategy.
  7. MDC

    National Emergency

    You’re 100% right. Democrats should be pushing an immigration policy that calls for increased border patrol, electronic surveillance and strategic border fencing. They should oppose the 35-foot border wall idea because it’s a stupid idea. Dems who oppose it because it’s supposedly immoral etc. are playing Trump’s game.
  8. I thought spouses and kids were off limits? Woof. 🐕
  9. He’s from Florida and often brags about knocking people’s teeth in. Reminds of me this retard in my home town who used to pretend he has ninja skillz.
  10. 12th Man has no kids. And no wife. He does have a speech impediment and a fear of women. Also a fertile imagination that allows him to beat up celebrities, in his mind, from mom’s basement.
  11. MDC

    Bernie Sanders is running for President 2020

    You are not aware that his golf courses in NJ employed illegals, or that he brings in visa workers for Maralago, or that his in laws became US citizens using the chain migration Trump complains about? Weird that a guy who seems to have nothing at all going on except Trump missed those stories.
  12. MDC

    Bernie Sanders is running for President 2020

    I won’t waste my time posting links to things you absolutely know.
  13. MDC

    Bernie Sanders is running for President 2020

    I have never heard Bernie say there shouldn’t be borders. You can look up Trump’s hiring practices yourself.
  14. MDC

    Bernie Sanders is running for President 2020

    Can’t tell from the article what he was flying or why. There are probably security reasons for it. Odd to see you blasting Bernie for hypocrisy though. Trump hires illegals and visa workers and you’re all over his nuts every day.