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  1. Missed this. I like martial arts movies. I think Hollywood action movies had a hayday in the 80s and have mostly been crap ever since. The last one I really liked was Taken. I am not a fan of CGI spectaculars like the Marvel or Transformers stuff in general. I’m not judging, it’s just not for me.
  2. How is this any different than being a liberal in any red state?
  3. Says the guy who likes to talk about sucking Sho Nuff’s cack.
  4. I didn’t even vote for her. 😂
  5. Child molestation is no joking matter, creep.
  6. Models and polls don’t matter remember? Just look at how wrong they were in 2016. Polls had Hillary winning by 3% and she only won by 2%.
  7. Always the pedo / tranny / gay stuff with Trumpers.
  8. MDC

    John Wick

    I like 80s action movies for the cheese / nostalgia factor: Die Hard, Road House, Mad Max, Conan etc. I like some newer martial arts movies. I like some westerns and gangster pics if they’re considered action. Not interested at all in superhero movies, Bond, MI, etc. Action just isn’t my thing.
  9. MDC

    John Wick

    I don’t really like action movies in general and this one looks especially cringey to me. I don’t watch that Marvel stuff or Bond, Mission Impossible etc. either.
  10. MDC

    John Wick

    Yeah I don’t like shooty shooty bang bang movies either.
  11. MDC

    John Wick

    I don’t like CGI. I sometimes like martial arts movies but I can’t buy Keanu as a martial artist. Just looks cheesy and not in a good way.
  12. MDC

    John Wick

    I’m not above watching a dumb fun movie, but this does not seem like my kind of dumb fun movie.
  13. You have a Trump calendar.