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  1. Mike FF Today

    Steelers-Bell-Transition tag

  2. Mike FF Today


    ProFootballTalk A lot of smoke around Beckham getting moved. We'll see if the fire materializes.
  3. Mike FF Today

    Forums Software Upgrade - 2/5/19

    We did have some connectivity issues over the weekend which spawned the "Too Many Connection" errors, etc. It's definitely on our end. We've got a good idea what the problem is and will be implementing a fix.
  4. Mike FF Today

    Forums Software Upgrade - 2/5/19

    This is a bug that was fixed today. Please try again and let me know if you are still getting an error when attempting to edit your profile.
  5. Still getting same error when trying to remove what is in 'interests' in profile:



    You don't have permission to access /forum/profile/1523-lod01/edit/ on this server.

    Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

    1. Mike FF Today

      Mike FF Today

      We've been working on this issue and I believe it was fixed about 1:30 pm central time today. Can you try again and let me know if you are still getting the same error?


  6. Mike FF Today

    Essay Threads at GB

    They have been removed.
  7. Mike FF Today

    Broncos trading for Flacco

    From ESPN...
  8. Mike FF Today

    Antonio Brown says goodbye to Steelers fans

    OK, so what team does AB play for in 2019?
  9. Mike FF Today

    Anybody watching the AAF tonight?

    Plus the refs are wearing... vests?
  10. Mike FF Today

    Anybody watching the AAF tonight?

    Rules are interesting... no kickoffs and an onside kick is a 4th and 12 from the 28 yard line.
  11. Mike FF Today

    2019 Free Agents

    Nick Foles is also likely to be available.
  12. Mike FF Today

    2019 Free Agents

    2019 Free Agents ⬅️ Got the free agent list compiled for 2019, broken down by position. Not much available on the QB front but certainly some interesting RB names on the list. I'll be updating the FA Tracker once signings/releases are official from the NFL.
  13. hey Mike, don't know if I need to change my login or something now, but after this upgrade, I can no longer sign in on mobile, I believe it has something to do with the apostrophe not being a recognized character, when I type my name it says that name doesn't exist, only on mobile

    1. Mike FF Today

      Mike FF Today

      OK, I'll check into this. Weird that this would only be happening on mobile though and not desktop/laptop too.

      Also the old version software had the option of a login name, different from your display name. This update has done away with the old login name, so make sure you're using your display name to login with. It sounds like you are but just wanted to make that clear.

    2. RaiderHater's Revenge

      RaiderHater's Revenge

      yah I don't know what happened, never used anything different, I used to not be able to login on the old mobile, but I was able to switch to desktop mode on my phone and then login, now I can't

      I don't know if there are many other people with ' in name, might be an issue.  I don't know how easy or hard it is to change my login, but I dont want to lose anything.  when you guys first launched I was Raiderhaters, but it got hacked long ago, and I never regained access

  14. Mike FF Today

    Forums Software Upgrade - 2/5/19

    Upgrade to version 4.3 of the Invision software is complete... kind of. There will be some background processes running over the next 24-48 hours that will be updating old posts so things such as quotes, signatures, lists, images, etc may appear broken until those processes are complete. I'll also be making modifications to layout and other features moving forward. If you run into a specific problem, go ahead and post it here and we'll try and get it squared away as soon as possible.