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  1. Burt

    2019 check in

    I'm in for now, but after further consternation, replace me if we go pay.
  2. Burt

    2019 check in

    I'm in. But if Trump never pays me my money, I wont be able to do the $20.
  3. Burt

    **Season Discussion**

    Thanks guys. I really wasn't expecting much out of the Braves THIS year, but hopefully they've already turned the corner for the foreseeable future and this isn't just an aberration.
  4. Burt

    Playoff matchups set

    Looks like your Rays are going to make it. It'd be nice to play you in the championship, but I can see my guys choking it away in the final two days.
  5. Burt

    I screwed up.

    Daniel didn't pitch so its a non-issue.
  6. , I've lost track in this "two rounds over the course of a week" clusterfuck. Give me Jesus Aguilar, 1B, MIL Nobody fucks with the Jesus.
  7. 2.12 Didi Gregorius, SS, NYY
  8. Burt

    **Season Discussion**

    I'm picking in a sec. Just sorting through whats left.
  9. Burt

    **Season Discussion**

    If you're saying I'm whining, you're incorrect. I'm bitching instead. There's a three day window here, of which two have already been pissed away. Put a clock on and start skipping. At this rate the draft will last into early August.
  10. Burt

    **Season Discussion**

    Two picks in a day. Slow this ride down!!
  11. So is this a thing today? Just wondering so I'll know to check in occasionally.
  12. Burt

    **Season Discussion**

    No ! I was leading 11-5-2 going into Sunday and wound up losing by that exact score.
  13. Burt

    Time Zone

    I think you have to do that in your main Yahoo profile.
  14. Burt

    Scott Kazmir cut by Braves...

    Hey posty, mind you're own fvcking business.