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  1. ZeroTolerance

    NCAA POOL - pushing 1300 brackets so far

    I'll probably enter tonight, though I'll be stuck mailing the payment.
  2. ZeroTolerance

    2019 Season Discussion

    I don't think it should be a forfeit, but he can't pick any exclusive players that are dropped by teams for roster reasons (and he doesn't push it past early tomorrow).
  3. ZeroTolerance

    2019 Season Discussion

    I really wanted a starter but there was no value to be had by the time it made it back to me.
  4. ZeroTolerance

    2019 Season Discussion

  5. ZeroTolerance

    Rounds 27 & 28 Supplemental: DONE

    28.08 - Edwin Diaz, RP, NYM
  6. ZeroTolerance

    2019 Season Discussion

    Taking offers for 28.08.
  7. ZeroTolerance

    Random lyric thread

    The Who - My Wife
  8. ZeroTolerance

    There used to be an interstate highway there

    Where we're going we don't need roads.
  9. ZeroTolerance

    Random lyric thread

    The words you say never seem to live up to the ones inside your head The lives we make never seem to ever get us anywhere but dead
  10. ZeroTolerance

    Rounds 27 & 28 Supplemental: DONE

    27.07 - Bryce Harper, OF, PHI
  11. ZeroTolerance

    2019 Season Discussion

  12. ZeroTolerance

    Tyreek in trouble

    I guess the Cheifs' motto is "women and children first".
  13. ZeroTolerance

    2019 Season Discussion

    Indians are done.
  14. ZeroTolerance

    Round 11 & 12: DONE

    11.08 - Melky Cabrera, OF, PIT
  15. ZeroTolerance

    Round 9 & 10: DONE

    10.07 - Jon Edwards, RP, CLE