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  1. Hold on! Hold on! Someone said a bad word at Georgia that he never heard and he had to transfer. You're being all mean and stuff! He might quit...again.
  2. Law

    The Official Week 7 FU Thread

    Just unreal.
  3. Law

    The Official Week 7 FU Thread

    WTF is with Stafford and his love for Kupp!??!
  4. Law

    Broncos at Browns: TNF Discussion

    That TD to Jav Will hurt. Game was going so well for me. Just couldn't finish it.
  5. Law

    Darnell Mooney

    Here's the true tell...I'm playing against in more than 1 league so I'll, conservatively, predict 7-120-2. Book it!
  6. Law

    Broncos at Browns: TNF Discussion

    Is M Garrett even playing? Asking for a friend.
  7. Law

    D'Ernest Johnson: Cleveland Browns

    I haven't seen anything on D Williams. My assumption is he and Herbert both play and so neither is worth squat against the Bucs. Since he has a TNF game, I'll probably go with De Johnson so as not to risk Gibson.
  8. Law

    D'Ernest Johnson: Cleveland Browns

    In that list, I'd got De Johnson, Dovanta, then Ingram. My choices are De Johnson, a shakey Gibson, or either Herbert or D Williams against Tampa. None really thrill me.
  9. Law

    D'Ernest Johnson: Cleveland Browns

    And now Baker is out.
  10. Law

    D'Ernest Johnson: Cleveland Browns

    I don't know. An undrafted player who's done almost nothing in 2+ years as a distant 3rd string RB? I mean, he is almost all that's left, but Baker is hurt, their receivers are hurt, and Denver is no slouch of a defense. Johnson did have a decent show of it against Dallas last year, but who didn't? Do we really trust him to do much? He's got a great line in front of him, but opportunity isn't everything without talent.
  11. Law

    Bills at Titans: MNF Discussion

    I won a game with that kickoff return for a TD and then lost it with the holding call. That's how quick a win can turn into a 1 point loss.
  12. Law

    Michael Thomas

    Seems week 8 or 9 now. Same song, new year.
  13. Law

    What do you need Wk 6 MNF?

    I need T Bass to get 8 points for the win!
  14. Law

    Week 6 FU Thread

    Yeah. I doubt I play Boyd again whenever he's the #3 to Chase and Higgins. #waste In fact, he's rocketed to the top of my available to drop list. I don't have an endless bench as he's taking up a valuable seat right now.
  15. Law

    Christian Mccaffrey is a sissy

    Still plowing the high-quality "cat"! I would too! As long as it's my turn, before she moves on to Next.