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  1. Every week, any players I play on TNF under-perform. Any players I face over-perform. Week after week after week. This week ARob gets 2 TDs, Gallup goes over 100 (in a yardage heavy league), and Witten gets garbage time production when he had nothing most of the game. Meanwhile, I had Montgomery and his fumble. I wonder how it will play out next week. (#notreally)
  2. Law

    The Official Week 13 FU Thread

    Foles is what, the ONLY QB to suck against TB? Thanks you asshat! Jon Williams? Blow me! Crowder? You too dickweed. Oh, and FU to me! Got scared with Blough starting for Detroit and sat Golladay for McLaurin. That went well.
  3. Law

    Packers at 49ers: In-Game Discussion

    Gotta laugh at NBC for calling for the switch to this game and then pimping it out so much.
  4. Law

    The Official Week 12 FU Thread

    The list is long as the FF Gods were against me today. For my side: FU to Carson, Samuels, Barkley, Sutton, Ty Williams, Crowder, Evans, Hilton, and Waller. I faced these guys that can take a BIG FU too: Darnold, Godwin, OBJ, and Ertz. Just not good today.
  5. Law

    Steelers at Browns: In-Game Discussion

    This explains it: Youngstown, OH
  6. Law

    Steelers at Browns: In-Game Discussion

    Swing and a miss on your part. Good spin though.
  7. Law

    Steelers at Browns: In-Game Discussion

    I'd cut him tonight. Let him get his own ride to wherever he wants to go. Fire up Hodges! Play a Wing T. Whatever.
  8. Law

    Steelers at Browns: In-Game Discussion

    The Steelers better hope Ben comes back. Without a first rounder, it will be hard to find a QB in the draft.
  9. Law

    Steelers at Browns: In-Game Discussion

    This game could not go any worse for me. Steelers losing. Conner hurt after I started him. Samuels scores after I had to drop him. D Bush and Fitzpat doing nothing. Rudolph tosses 2 INTs (2 QB league). Landry scored. GREAT!
  10. Law

    Steelers at Browns: In-Game Discussion

    Are D Bush and Fitzpat even playing? And thanks Conner. That was awesome.
  11. Law

    Chargers at Raiders: In-Game Discussion

    Sitting in Waller in 2 of 3 leagues I have him for Hooper and Henry at TE and not playing as a Flex either. Sitting Ty Williams too. Have you seen what Hayward has done to opposing #1s? Shutdown.
  12. Law

    UPDATE: Conner Shoulder - Out Week 10

    That is a misleading, if not only premature, update. Conner has NOT been declared out as of right now. He is doubtful however. Could be much the same thing, but Out is definitive and that decision has not yet been made.
  13. Law

    Your worst pick this year

    Picks and their relative value have a lot to do with the league setup and scoring. That said, in my main league I had the 9 pick of 10 and went heavy WR. I took Hopkins in the first and Julio in the second. OK. Then it happened. I took AB in the 3rd! Allen was sitting right there, but I took AB. I got one game. Then, in the same league, I took Cam in the 5th. I got nothing there. Nothing but suck and injury. So, AB and Cam - suckholes!
  14. Law

    49ers at Cardinals: In-Game Discussion

    Why does every TNF have fook me all over? Facing Sanders? He scored. Kittle? Yep. And Budda Baker, you're killing me dude! Just stop.
  15. Law

    NFL.com Fantasy down?

    So, on a Tuesday night, before waivers process, NFL.com Fantasy thinks THAT is a good time to do maintenance. Anyone else unable to get on?