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  1. Law

    Justin Fields Traded To... Pittsburgh

    I'm excited by it. I wanted Fields before they got Wilson for the league minimum. That move was awesome itself. Wilson wasn't that bad last year. In fact, he was good. It was Payton who had a stick up his a-- and who was looking for a scapegoat of why Denver sucked. So, he shipped Wilson off and now he'll get another season full of excuses why Denver sucks...all while he gets paid elite money. Eventually, everyone will see that Payton is the poor man's Belichik - without Brees, he's just a guy. The Steelers get Wilson, who is better than Pickett. Pickett could have been the backup this year and maybe started next year, but he got his panties in a wad a cried. In fact, he cried last year when the didn't just give him his spot back. So he got himself and his little hands traded to Philly wear he'll never see the field unless Hurts gets hurt. Then the Steelers got Fields for nothing! He's better than Pickett too! The Steelers have two QBs for 2024 who are not perfect but are better than anything they put there last year. Now, about trading away DiJohn for a small, but fast, CB who hasn't done much...don't get me started!
  2. Law

    SNF Discussion: Bills at Dolphins - Wk18

    How can you tell?
  3. Law

    Week 17 FU Thread

    My apologies. Sometimes I'm too quick on the snide remarks.
  4. Law

    Week 17 FU Thread

    Thanks for the generic "I don't the facts about anything but let me post a stupid comment" post! A++ failure.
  5. Law

    QB Play

    For a league based on the QB with their huge salaries and all the rules to help them, the QB play this year is pretty bad! Teams trot out the likes of J Hall, T Siemian, Heinicke and Ridder, Zappe, Stick, and Stidham. I mean, that's 6 teams! They can't do better? That doesn't even include bad QBs who have actually played somewhat decent like Browning, Rudolph, Tannehill, Beathard, T Taylor, O'Connell. That's another 6! This is what 12 of 32 NFL teams put on the field. That's more than a third of the league. Embarrassing.
  6. Law

    Week 17 FU Thread

    As is often the case - FU to the in-game injuries! Lost Kamara and Higgins and then R White turned back into R White. That's the ballgame folks! Lost that SB. But I did win 3 others today. 5 leagues, 4 SBs, 3 wins. #HumbleBrag But the loss was my main league.
  7. Law

    Saturday Discussion: Lions at Cowboys - Wk17

    Stupid. Today's coach seem to insist on showing how "smart" they are. Instead, they lose.
  8. Law

    Saturday Discussion: Lions at Cowboys - Wk17

    Sure hope so! Not very confident though. But I did go with him over A Jones because IF he did score and I finally sat him, I'd be sick!
  9. Law

    Christmas Football: Ravens at 49ers - Wk16

    Who lost in the playoffs on Purdy's FOUR INTs!?! Going into this last game, I had a slim lead in one semi-final. I have Jackson, they have Purdy. On to the SB for me!
  10. Law

    Week 16 FU Thread

    How does a team, through three quarters of a game, not have ONE completion to their top two WRs? Sutton AND Jeudy with nothing. Sutton concussed himself. But where's Jeudy? He's been missing ALL year! #JAG
  11. Law

    SNF Discussion: Patriots at Broncos - Wk16

    I should have know! That Denver D is who we thought they were! Making The Zap look like Brady!
  12. Law

    Week 16 FU Thread

    Every week I believe in Pollard and almost every week is disappointment.
  13. Law

    Saturday Discussion: Bills at Chargers - Wk16

    Josh Allen is like a Summer Breeze.
  14. Law

    Week 16 FU Thread

    Another week where in one on my leagues some rando who has done jack all year, goes off. This week's edition? Pickens. Oh! And Stafford? You couldn't throw anything to Ky Will? #AssHat
  15. Law

    Saturday Discussion: Bills at Chargers - Wk16

    So far, the Buff D is getting beat with a Stick!