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  1. Law

    Bills at Patriots: MNF Discussion

    I too am curious to see if the Bills will be smart enough to sit Allen and Diggs.
  2. Law

    Thank you FFToday for great season

    Don't be stealing my lines man! I have a copyright on this doncha know.
  3. Law

    Bills at Patriots: MNF Discussion

    It is shocking how bad Cam is. He's always been bad as a passer, but now he's a liability. Haskins is likely a "better" passer at this point! If not for his split wing, fullback-type rush TDs, he'd be a totally disaster. And even that hasn't saved him from being benched. Pretty hard to get through 13-14 NFL games and only throw 5 TDs. But, kudos to you Cam! #NiceHat
  4. Law

    FU Thread: Championship Edition

    Well, it would seem, anyone with Kamara in their Super Bowl game won....on Friday....after one game. It's over.
  5. Law

    Week 15 F.U playoff edition

    Going into the 4pm games, I was looking pretty good. Now? Not so much. FU Drake and your disappearing act! You too you Mighty Midget! Howsabout letting someone else score the short TDs. (see above) Let me add Hopkins for reappearing now, E Samuels for doing JACK!, and every other player I had or was going against for, respectively, laying an egg or blowing up. FU all!
  6. Law

    Michael Thomas Out (again)

    I have (or had) 5 leagues this year. I drafted these three turds - each 2x. It's been a good year. #notsomuch
  7. Law

    Chargers at Raiders: TNF Discussion

    Oooh boy! Glad I trusted Allen tonight. Good for me! #NotReally
  8. Law

    Ravens at Browns: MNF Discussion

    So, was it the backup QB for a few plays or the half the secondary? I'm confused. You seem to be citing several causes as to why the team not built to score 22 pts in the 4th quarter did.
  9. Law

    Ravens at Browns: MNF Discussion

    Wait, what? So Baltimore's backup QB coming in for a bit impacted the way Cleveland's isn't built to come back from double digit leads?
  10. Law

    Ravens at Browns: MNF Discussion

    Yeah. He already did that to me. Going int tonight, I had Dobbins and a 10pt lead against Lamar. 2 rush Tds later and it was over.
  11. Law

    Ravens at Browns: MNF Discussion

    This aged well.
  12. Law

    FU Week 14: playoff edition

    Why should week 14 be any different for me? 5 leagues and I am the most scored on team in 4 of them. Every week, one or more players rises up to pound me. This week's edition? J Taylor....FU!
  13. Law

    Julio Jones out Week 14

    So happy with him and Golladay. Just awesome.
  14. Law

    Patriots at Rams: TNF Discussion

    OK. They are 6-7 with their one signature win against Baltimore. Maybe the Miami win is good too. They played Seattle and Buffalo close. Still lost. Lost to Denver, Houston, barely beat the Jets. Not strong.
  15. Law

    Patriots at Rams: TNF Discussion

    Um, yes I do. No difference makers at WR. No TE at all. A mixed bag of average at RB (though Harris could be something on a better team), a below average OL and a slow, average at best DEF. They're lucky they have the record they do.