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  1. Law

    Packers at Saints: SNF Discussion

    Yes. The week after I needed him to do something, anything!
  2. Law

    Packers at Saints: SNF Discussion

    Green Bay should focus on Kamara, I mean, THE Saints offense.
  3. Law

    Public Service

    I have 5 leagues. I must remember to post each week which players I face multiple times in those leagues. Fantasy gold! This week it's Wilson, Henry, Chubb, and Lockett. Weeks 2 and 1 were the same. You face me in more than one league, you score touchdownS! (capital S) Warning: I face A Jones in 2 leagues. Beware. What I will do is form a daily with these players next week. I know this, IF I put money on them, that will end that (stuff) right quick!
  4. Waller was a bad choice for me. Jo Smith didn't much either, but 11 is better than 2. Looks like it could cost me a game too.
  5. I'm staying with Waller over Smith as I think he gets more receptions and yards, though Smith could surprise and I give him the edge on TDs.
  6. I think I might sit Waller for Jo Smith. Still undecided.
  7. Law

    Pickup D. Freeman cheap.

    Hey JackAss, you started this thread about Freeman being a good investment because he was going to sign with the Eagles. That he signed with the Giants does NOT make your original post any less idiotic. Sorry. I picked up Freeman in 2 of 5 leagues. He's #4 in one league where I went WR heavy and my #5 in another. He has value, but it's very doubtful he's a #1 in FF. Likely not even a 2. He could be a decent #3. Maybe. Depends if he gets enough play. He has chance. The Giants paid him. They'll likely use him. But he's still behind an average at best OL and Lewis is not just going to disappear. So, try harder to not be a little (male member).
  8. Law

    Kittle Out

    I'm tempted in a 2-DEF league. I have Arizona and WFT and the Giants. Arizona is a given against the Lions and now I'm thinking NYG vs SF is better than WFT vs Cleveland.
  9. Or... IF T Hill would have been called for taking off his helmet like every other player in the NFL would have...KC would have had to kick an extra point and be down 17-16 or try for the 2 15 yards back and likely be down 17-15.
  10. Go for it. Gale Sayers Part Two! Because LAR ran on Philly, the NYGs can. Good to know. Even discounting Philly twice and Ari, you wanna rely on a RB going against LAR, Wash twice, TB, and ending with Balt...good luck. I have him in 1 league and will try in 2 others. I'll pick him up as insurance and depth, but I sure hope I don't have to play him. I see 8 out his 12 game schedule as far less than ideal.
  11. Freeman's schedule is no joke. SF, @LAR, @Dall, Wash, @Phil, TB, @Wash, Phil. That's like a murderer's row of good DLs/run defenses. Then, after the bye in week 11, it gets easier @Cin, @Sea, Ari, Cle before a week 16 (Super Bowl week) @Balt. ROUGH!
  12. Law

    trade Freeman for Kelley

    Still like Kelley over Freeman. Hey, I'm an FSU grad. I LOVE Freeman! He runs hard. But, that's part of the problem. He gets hurt. From week 4 on he should be the guy in NY, but it's still the Giants. They are not good. They have good receivers, maybe a good QB, but a bad line. I just don't see Freeman as a substitute for Barkley. But at least now there is clarity...you know it's Kelley as the 1b in LA and Freeman as the 1a in NY.
  13. Law

    Saints at Raiders: MNF Discussion

    Sanders is rising fast on my first to drop list.
  14. Law

    Saints at Raiders: MNF Discussion

    Overreact much?
  15. Law

    Saints at Raiders: MNF Discussion

    I think the Saints should cover that Waller guy. It's a thought.