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  1. Perhaps I'm wrong, but I do not see where Yahoo allows this. Once a player's NFL game starts, he his locked from drop/add for THAT week. If you try to add a MFF player (for example) by dropping a bench player that has already played that week, IF the transaction goes through, it will be for the following week. No?
  2. NFL.com allows players who have already played, but were on a team's bench, to be dropped and a new player added and played. What a joke! I've tried to like the NFL's site for fantasy, but this is just ridiculous.
  3. Law

    Any 0-4 teams out there?

    0 and 4??? On this forearm????? You're crazy! We're ALL champions here!
  4. Law

    Jordan Wilkins

    Marlon Mack is "very unlikely to play" this week? Where has anyone seen that? He practiced in full on Friday and is expected to play. That said, I'm more worried about game script than anything else. Like last week, Indy got down big and he disappeared. I don't like the 8pm game either. I think I'll go the save route with Gallum in an early game. Better that than to wait on Mack and he doesn't play, or gets scripted out. That script would also make me worried about Wilkins too. He's not a talented a runner as Mack and if they're down, they'd go pass heavy with Hines.
  5. Law

    Rams at Seahawks: In-Game Discussion

    Ouch! That's gotta hurt.
  6. Law

    Rams at Seahawks: In-Game Discussion

    Where's the FU thread!??! When I play guys on TNF, they do less than squat. In this game, I'm going against Wilson (2x) and Carson. How they doin'? FOUR TDs and over 100 yards and a TD. Awesome. Just awesome. Nice knowing the week is over on Thursday.
  7. Law

    Bengals at Steelers: In-Game Discussion

    How do dress up actual stats? You said Ju Ju will be a bust without Ben. I showed you actual stats that show he's been the same with and without Ben. If you want to change your comment about it being about Ben, then OK, but that's what you wrote. It's not dressing anything up to prove otherwise. Sorry your analysis was wrong.
  8. Law

    Bengals at Steelers: In-Game Discussion

    Could be, but the actual stats say he's been the same all 4 games. Game 1: 8 targets, 6 catches, 78 yards, 0 TDs Game2: 8 targets, 5 catches, 85 yards, 0 TDs Game 3: 7 targets, 3 catches, 81 yards, 1 TD Game 4: 4 targets, 3 catches, 15 yards, 0 TDs (double the half and its 8 targets, 6 catches, 30 yards, 0 TDs Ju Ju has been VERY consistent this year. Is he that low WR1? Nope. But he's getting 8 targets a game. That's almost 130 on the year. But the catch percentage is down. Yards have been decent until tonight. He only had a game with Ben and did the same as he's been doing with Mason. He may be a bust for where he was drafted, but that's not on the QBs.
  9. Law

    Bengals at Steelers: In-Game Discussion

    These are two bad teams. And what happened to Connor!??!
  10. Law


    Squeaky wheel.
  11. Law

    Eagles at Packers: In-Game Discussion

    Weird how that works.
  12. Law

    Eagles at Packers: In-Game Discussion

    You know how you lose football games? Run up and down the field and kick FGs. It will bite you in the ass.
  13. I lost Guice (my #3 RB) and Henry (my TE) week 1. Week 2 I lost Big Ben (my #2 QB in a 2-QB league). Week 3 I lost Barkley, the #1 overall pick. Plus, Hilton might sit this week. If he does, I will have lost 5 of my top 10 picks. #AwesomeSauce
  14. Law

    Rams at Browns: In-Game Discussion

    Are Goff and Kupp a couple? Goff sure does look his way a lot.