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  1. Law

    The Official Week 17 FU Thread: Championship Edition

    Ronald Jones for turning back into Ronald Jones. Knox? Did you even play? And AB??? It's really sad a guy like this is still worth millions where normal people who can function in society are not.
  2. Law

    Week 16 FU Thread

    Top scoring team on the year by far out in semis. Could not over the absence of Evans already missing Henry and then J Rob going out early. Still, it was the big Nothing Burger from Gronk that did me in. Along with nothing from V Jeff and a big whiff from Myles Garret - the laziest, half-ass DE in in the league! Other team did very little, my team did even less. Will lost by 15.
  3. Law

    Gibson any word he starts today?

    I'm playing M Carter instead of waiting.
  4. Law

    Colts at Cardinals: SatNF Discussion

    This is, unfortunately, one of the negatives of IDPs...the fantasy world, by the large, doesn't report of the defensive players much. I lost a game earlier this year by 5 when Harrison Smith was a mystery inactive. Unless you read every inactive list line by line, you won't know. And I think Smith wasn't even listed as inactive, he became so in warmups. Awesome.
  5. Law

    Tyler Huntley Out

    I know! I have another league where my starting RBs will R Jones and J Jackson!
  6. Law

    Tyler Huntley Out

    So much for that. I was considering Huntley over Allen vs NE and maybe even Brady with limited option. I know! Crazy right?
  7. Law

    Boycott the NFL

  8. Law

    49ers at Titans: TNF Discussion

    This game started off so well. SF matched right down the field and I got a TD with Wilson. BUT, Ole Shanny's too smart for that! Gotta mix it up. Throw picks with Jimmy G! That lead to a short TD for Foreman and an opponent. Awesome. Faced Debo in another league. Good thing it's not PPR! So much promise. SMH
  9. Law

    49ers at Titans: TNF Discussion

    Check was delayed in transit, but it cleared.
  10. Law

    49ers at Titans: TNF Discussion

    I should have posted this earlier so as to maybe help SF out...Here's an idea...maybe cover AJ Frickin Brown! Oh, and don't Jimmy G throw too much! He's not good at i.
  11. Law

    Now It Becomes Clear

    Pittsburgh. They're used to the high drama at QB.
  12. Law

    Rams at Cardinals: MNF Discussion

    I guess the Van Jefferson Era has come to an end.
  13. Law

    Rams at Cardinals: MNF Discussion

    Hey Zona...maybe cover that Kupp guy! I hear he's their WHOLE pass game offense!
  14. Law

    Bears at Packers: SNF Discussion

    27 points...in a HALF...to the Bears! Embarrassing.
  15. Law

    Bears at Packers: SNF Discussion

    I guess Mel Blount and Deion Sanders had a baby and that baby is covering Adams.