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    Well, on the bright side, you clearly didn't lose your typing mittens.
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    I would give 12 year old girls a little more credit than that.
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    So don't discriminate on looks but tell your client to wear a suit.
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    This And everyone wonders why we’ve lost so many posters.
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    This is why we can't have nice things.
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    I should have my own show on discovery called the Ugliest Catch
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    Mean girls working the overnight shift again.
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    Dallas to rays or yanks
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    Juju a second rounder in a PPR? Maybe. Unless there is an early run on RBs as there are not a lot to go around this year.
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    The irony is so thick you can cut it with a knife. Good job, TDS King!
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    Guys Guys. 1. We’ve always said that if a player withdraws before he tees off you to get to immediately pick another player not yet drafted. Period. Y’all are making this way to complicated. 2. This is not because it’s my guy, this is how we do it. Plus, and I know this is the Geek Club, but it’s the Gentleman thing to do. 3. All this is ESPECIALLY true since we just arbitrarily decided to start drafting days earlier than we ever have in the several years we’ve done this. 4. This isn’t complicated. I truly wonder (pun) how some of you sleep at night or look yourselves in the mirror. We don’t make people wait to re-pick a player if they choose a guy not in the field or was already drafted. They just re-choose as soon as they can. Why? Because this is a good group of people who aren’t complete D-Bags.
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    If this isn't a RMFF, triggered, snowflake thread, then there isn''t one in existence.
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    MDC has been owning the righty crew here, and all they can do is say people are living in his head or make a triggered thread calling him an idiot.
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    Phew! As long as Morris Day is okay
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    I think she should have gone with college student....
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    How do people not know this? Especially college educated, 34 ACT scoring doctors.
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    Recovering from 4 days in NYC.
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    Congrats. My son graduates (Good Lord willing) June 7. Have no Memorial Weekend Plans right now. But do have an incredible number of options, most of which depend on the weather. I am blessed.
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    My daughter's HS graduation is that Thursday, and her party is Sunday.
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    I can't get into Poloniex right now anyway (it's being really difficult about verifying my identity) so it looks like I'm HODLing as well.
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