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  1. naomi

    So whats with all the hulabaloo about abortion?

    When it comes to defining when life begins, what makes intrinsic sense to me, not that I expect it to for others, is when the process begins. Once the union it takes, happens, life is happening. The destruction of embryos in the IVF industry bothers me, fertilizing eggs in a lab and then gene editing human embryos, sometimes with stem cells from other species (though more often it's the other way around) bothers me. Not sure how other people feel out where their theoretical line is. I can intellectually 'get', though not relate to, drawing the line after birth. Anywhere else though, I'm curious to hear the thoughts.
  2. naomi

    So whats with all the hulabaloo about abortion?

    I'm not sure what the rationale is outside of the obvious instances - coming in for a medication abortion and being early in, being overweight, etc. But it does sound like it's a part of the procedure in all cases. I don't know enough about them, but I wonder if they classify hCG (hormone) tests which are powerful enough to detect a possible miscarriage as pregnancy tests.
  3. naomi

    So whats with all the hulabaloo about abortion?

    Wiff, you should have saddled up and watched the 3:58 minute, intolerably long video. WaPo: Gives the 3% stat 3 Pinocchios Slate: The Most Meaningless Abortion Statistic Ever When someone goes into PP for an abortion, they'll get more services than just the abortion. Those other services, like for example, a pregnancy test, which you can pick up for under $10 at Target, are weighted the same as the abortion procedure for that 3% stat. Cost, INTENT of visit, and the effort it takes to conduct the service do not factor into the equation. Your abortion procedure is on par with someone chucking you a pack of contraceptives for that stat. Abortion patients get STI tested. The video gives a couple analogies of what representing what you do in that manner would look like for other industries.
  4. naomi

    So whats with all the hulabaloo about abortion?

    Great video; something everyone needs to be aware of because of the obvious intent to mislead.
  5. naomi

    So whats with all the hulabaloo about abortion?

    It's disturbing to realize we should actually have a much larger black population (saying that from the non-racist direction). There will be people who figure that's a good thing, less crime, less of a welfare state (yes, this is cringe inducing to write). Maybe the controlled numbers are intentional. Maybe it's the right equilibrium. Too many and the welfare state will be rejected because of the strain. Flirt with that line though, and try to not overstep it...while you have significant enough of a population in idealogical subjugation. Not sure that's actually a thought prevailing behind the scenes but can't but help suspect it is. A bigger black population and a different ideological bent though, a better America With more numbers, if there's a shift in thinking, that group becomes a force to be reckoned with, not a pond you can move around.
  6. naomi

    So whats with all the hulabaloo about abortion?

    The CDC doesn't include spontaneous abortions in their abortion stats. They represent surgical or medical (medication) abortions. Both the CDC and government officials regard The Guttmacher Institute's abortion stats as more accurate though. The Guttmacher Institute is the "independent research arm" of Planned Parenthood. Not all Planned Parenthood clinics report their figures to the CDC, and all of DC, California, and another state (I'm forgetting), just don't report abortion stats to the CDC at all. The Guttmacher Institute has friendly access to PP sites nationwide though and it does a lot of surveys. Named for Alan Guttmacher, naturally a pro-Eugenics figure who preceded Margaret Sanger. Black people - men and women - are about 12% of the population. 36% of abortion patients are black women. The abortion rate has been going down steadily since peaking in 1980/81. Wider availability of and more effective contraceptives is thought to be the biggest reason. The interesting thing about the Guttmacher Institute is they actually find it in their interest to report how widely used abortion is. For a long while (maybe still) they were prominently pointing out that "1 out of 4 women" (24%) will have an abortion before age 45. They acknowledge the abortion rate has been trending down, but they really work to communicate abortion as popular at the same time. Just so normal. A caveat to all the stats out there: There is awareness of, but not an understanding of how significant the "black market" for non-prescribed abortion pills are. Not the main contraceptives, but pills for when you know you're pregnant and want to induce abortion, which when prescribed, tend to be considered an option up to 14 weeks. I had to do a lot of research on this topic and my main takeaway was the fact that our world (they present other countries info too) listens to The Guttmacher Institute (which in fairness probably does have more accurate stats) considering Sanger and Guttmacher's philosophy. Their vision has succeeded. In 2016 there were more black babies aborted than carried to term in New York City. That was reported in the pro life community and outside of it to a degree. ^I saw that mentioned a couple times and finally checked the actual data with NYC Bureau of Vital Statistics. It was true to the data and true of other recent years as well. That's According to the last major US Census (2010): The black population "grew at a slower rate than most other major race and ethnic groups in the country.”
  7. naomi

    Batwoman trailer. Cringe level 10/10

    Not sure that too many everyday women/girls really care much about this, but I do agree, come up with something original. It's a little embarrassing. No need to just put a female stamp on celebrated male-lead stuff. That doesn't really communicate "strength" as it feels petty. Hopefully it's more a symptom of lacking original-with iconic-potential creations in general.
  8. naomi

    Batwoman trailer. Cringe level 10/10

    ^That guy, Lucas, was hilarious during the Jussie Smollet stuff.
  9. naomi

    Batwoman trailer. Cringe level 10/10

    No. I'll check it out I tried to find a show on Thursday night because I haven't watched anything for a really long time; need an outlet to vege out. So I started watching "Roswell, New Mexico" because I kinda liked the teenage drama Roswell back in the day. Turns outs it's heavily inspired by it. But in the first episode, the main character has several anti-Trump quips (if you haven't watched TV for a long time, it's just weird) and she wants her dad, a successful cafe owner, to move to a "sanctuary city" because there's an uptick in ICE activity. Her old flame stayed in Roswell and became a cop, and he has to defend his choice to go into LE to her. What allows her to accept it finally is that he voices he didn't go into it to tear families apart. Then, one of the main original Roswell characters, the tough, edgy, heterosexual, misfit who was always ultimately loyal, winds up letting all of his angst go, at the end of the pilot, the moment he passionately kisses another guy. So then I watched the show about the Sac Co. jail.
  10. naomi

    Batwoman trailer. Cringe level 10/10

    Growing up I saw a fair amount of superhero stuff in passing because of my brothers. The one character I liked and movie I actually wanted to watch in full was The Punisher. Thomas Jane was pretty easy on the eyes but the whole vibe of that one was somehow different.
  11. naomi

    When men hate women

    Likely strong confirmation bias there. It's a floozy bar scene, it's women orbiting Bill Burr in the first place, and when people flock, you don't tend to notice those who bow out.
  12. James Woods was kicked off Twitter a little while ago. The most amazing thing I've ever seen on Twitter was his retweeting of family and friends of people imperiled by the Camp Fire (Paradise, CA) last November. He was involved while it was unfolding and he soon became a one man online hub of information. He literally sat in his pajamas keeping it up for basically the next three days straight. Turns out he was on the East Coast at the time. A bad fire in SoCal started up as well and made him even busier, although the missing persons logistics in Paradise were incredible. It was actually a tremendous service what he did (included focus on pets too). Had he been a more PC celeb, the entertainment shows would have been canonizing him.
  13. naomi

    Big is not beautiful - It is ugly

    Personally I think it's best if people aim for what suits their frame and other genetic factors. Just eat a balanced diet with reasonable portions, and make sure to be at least moderately active daily. There will be natural variance from chubby to thin with that. Ideals tend to be fickle. It's been PC for a little while to be inclusive of obese women in beauty focused stuff, so it's the only reason it's happening. Well, I suppose some market factors too. But, there were also times (and are still in some places) when people genuinely associated big with beautiful. If I was being peddled as some model during the Renaissance, guaranteed there would be a bloke out there irked by how rubbish it was. (Brit colloquialisms coming to mind, just rolling with it.)
  14. I would give 12 year old girls a little more credit than that.
  15. naomi

    Happy birthday wiff

    Happy Birthday wiffles