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  1. Sad and or/anger inducing...calls for Liam Neeson https://www.kcra.com/article/surveillance-video-girl-suspicious-car-vacaville-neighborhood/27212058
  2. naomi

    Buttigieg eliminates O'Rourke

    Super tangentially related, one of the best scripture readings I've seen. A little bit because it covers "spiritual wickedness in high places".
  3. naomi

    Buttigieg eliminates O'Rourke

    I'm going by legacy and legitimacy (being kept in the office). She navigated some pretty troubled waters, and generally...except for those with consistent left leaning POV's, Thatcher is honored and appreciated for her role in British history. There's a big crop of British people who hated her and hate her legacy, but she served her people well in the main. Posted this vid here last Saturday:
  4. naomi

    Buttigieg eliminates O'Rourke

    Thatcher - longest serving British PM of the 20th century. Golda Meir - Former Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion used to call Meir "the best man in the government"; she was often portrayed as the "strong-willed, straight-talking, grey-bunned grandmother of the Jewish people." For good and probably some ill, like most leaders - top 15 most powerful women in history Keeping in mind ratio, and that plenty of people have gone down regrettably, that's not bad. With my bias, I do think Western progressive women would bring the record down though. The common thread between Thatcher and Meir is very strong principles...not for image sake, but legitimately, and the discernment and courage to make some difficult but wise judgement calls. People in general lack that, the good male leaders have stood out on that note too.
  5. naomi

    Buttigieg eliminates O'Rourke

    There have been good female leaders. With respect to how often leaders in general suck, and the ratio of women who have been leaders to men, the spread of good female leaders who have existed is actually pretty decent. The thing is, right now in America, the only female figures getting any traction are progressives. Their sex is an important factor to them and their supporters, not simply a circumstantial one.
  6. Yes. I got the impression by a mutual decision between the two of them. He also connected to what she was feeling about how it would be best. He's really glad to give her that option. I definitely figured she must be one neat gal (he seemed like a great guy) for him to be that devoted to her happiness (and the health of the family).
  7. naomi

    Buttigieg eliminates O'Rourke

    My liberal friend was mentioning Buttigieg to me a couple weeks before he was a hot topic in the mass media. He liked that when people ask him a question in a public forum, he would seriously think, actually turn over thoughts, and give a really thoughtful answer. That's what I kind of like about Amy Klobuchar. I was actually reasoning to my friend that "only" being a mayor of a small city doesn't necessarily mean he wouldn't make a good POTUS, as that seemed to be the one thing giving him pause...how open the field is right now. Anyway, hypothetically speaking, if Buttigieg keeps gaining momentum, I wonder if many of the women on the left who were really excited about the prospect of a female president, might feel in some awkward territory way, spurned by it. Because the giant optic of two men now in the White House from the symbology standpoint, Pres and First Spouse, before a woman could get in there, might just seem like a burn. I'm not sure if a female VP would defray that enough. Although not a passive role, it can easily seem like one. The media gives Pence too much (negative) credit because they hate his worldview, but otherwise VPs are generally of note.
  8. One of the most impressive people I've met recently, a Lyft driver probably in his early 30's. Three little girls, one only a few months old. Wife had a career. As soon as she got pregnant with the first, she was gripped by the crappiness of the idea of not completely being there to raise the child. She hadn't known it, actually at all, but her heart's desire was foremost to be a great mom. Their oldest little girl is scary smart, and dad is doing Lyft as well as a full time job so she can go to private school when the time comes. He wasn't volunteering this stuff, just answering my questions. He drives from 3 - 9 AM, mostly airport rides, and then puts 8 hours into his job, something related to mortgages/insurance. He does enjoy people though so giving Lyft rides has some element of fun to him, and most of all, he loves seeing his wife "flourishing," being in her element. The kids are learning a ton. Obviously they're a strong couple, and she has to be a really cool person, for him to sacrifice that much, and obviously his extroversion helps him not hate his Mon - Fri existence. He was honest about the downside of getting to bed pretty much right after the kids, but all those aforementioned benefits are making it a worthwhile trade-off.
  9. Something that's actually really interesting in that vein, that I think I've been seeing, and have heard others are too...the kids who are teenagers now are actually, on whole, a little more "traditional" thinking. Girls of that generation, in particular, are now far enough removed in time from the box of thinking that the most virtuous thing you can do is hit the pavement becoming a career woman. That was still what came across as the only healthy thinking when I was a pre-teen..that there's something deficient in domesticity/creating a great home, and maybe doing cottage industry or community relations type 'outside work', (generally being a productive human being, just not in an office). The fact that often both partners need to be working now is important not to gloss over, but it's another discussion. I think these girls are simply not holding the more traditional life down in their minds. It's a potential future option and a perfectly good one, but common sense dictates you'll need to become self-reliant in the indefinite meanwhile, so the ones who gravitate to that option are not shunning careers either.
  10. naomi

    Remember when Republicans HAD to change French fries

    Re: WMDs in Iraq, personally I don't remember being sold about it. And the critique getting widespread attention soon afterward that it was a tool for Pax Americana/empire building was easy to believe as likely correct. But I wonder if the truth was somewhere in between actually. I was talking to a guy from Baghdad who stayed throughout the perils of the new government transition. He kinda laughs when he thinks about what America was thinking at the time, but he was glad to see Sadaam go. I may have these percentages backwards now but he reckoned 70% of Iraqi's wanted Sadaam out and the other 30% experienced class benefits/perks from being attached to the regime. Anyway, there are some aware of major transport missions from Iraq to Damascus in the couple months leading up to the US operation. Missions that look like important stuff is being transported with a major attempt for secrecy. When you really consider the info it seems to have veracity and not be cooked up by laymen. When I asked about this whole school of thought, to him it actually seemed really possible. It's just he also immediately understood that the American people and the decision making back then were not directly linked, outside of propoganda. He was my Lyft driver and the next day the driver was an Iranian Kurd who had a heck of a time getting to the US. Those were interesting rides.
  11. What do you see as the general age cutoff?
  12. Wow, I'm really working the system wrong if this is the case.
  13. naomi

    Ariana Grande. Brain scans. PTSD.

    Maybe that's Instagram? My Twitter feed is lively and colorful and pretty much never focused on some celeb story, unless it's actually interesting/meaningful and not par for the course melodrama. I'm not even on it much at all, but your own feed can be a whole separate world from stuff like that. Plus it's how we get to hear the mind of the best president ever in 280 characters or less.
  14. naomi

    Unexpected increase in Deaths

    The supposed lack of community with Evangelicals, something that mainline Protestantism, Catholicism, and I'll add Orthodox Christianity doesn't have, is of interest to me. I'm not Catholic, Orthodox or mainline Protestant which in the end means not part of a 'church system' that has a global hierarchy. When you're not part of any of those, you would think a main difference would be that you don't have a big structure of extra-biblical thought that you esteem. But, I take it that most Evangelicalism is just as man-based, only in a marketing and self-help or "prosperity gospel" sense. It's a lifestyle machine based on faith pretense. It may not be glued together with layers of extra-biblical doctrine of men, but it's not more pure for that either. There is an air of community in the approach but I can see how deep down people know there's no actual community.