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  1. naomi

    Too crazy and forward?

    Did better internet sleuthing. He's married. Sigh. I was hoping to either at least amuse you guys by embarrassing myself, or have a cool reconnection story (ideally, this one).
  2. naomi

    Too crazy and forward?

    IIRC, he had to come to my work on two different days close in to each other. Instant attraction when we met, good conversation. I was a month into the job and especially discreet due to dealing with people's personal records. He was also grabbing something important for his next career step, so it seemed really plausible to me the climate/operating by the book professionally, had been in the way a little bit. Enter online message. Over text, I think he got us close to having plans to meet up (he had super long days and was off when I was on), but it was probably a little more me that didn't make it happen.
  3. naomi

    Too crazy and forward?

    Wow, that's rough; glad you're being a friend amidst the darkness she's dealing with.
  4. naomi

    Too crazy and forward?

    Despite posting stuff I see on Twitter somewhat frequently here, I'm not much of an active participant there. I don't even know what my direct message settings are. However, 5 years ago I looked up a guy I had met in person (while at work; served him in a public facing role) on Twitter, and was to find him. I messaged him; let him know I enjoyed our conversation and would be interested in going out if he was single. He responded back that he was flattered and would love to go out sometime. In between sending my message and his response, I checked out the accounts he was following on Twitter and got a little deflated. I was pretty sure I was going to be too puritanical for him and he was going to be too debaucherous for me. We texted back and forth, got close to forging successful plans (our schedules were opposing), but communication fizzled out after a couple weeks. No loss, I was mostly sure. But the things I liked about him: He's in public safety and was doing all the right steps to get a lasting career in that going, which I admired. He had visible passion for his trajectory, which takes courage and some nobility in my mind, so that was pretty attractive. Now that I've internet stalked him again this evening, I see that he's a fire captain now. He looks like he's aged more than I have (at least I'd like to think ) and he looks like a man instead of a young man now. Back then he struck me as super seasoned with the ladies. Too seasoned. Like he wouldn't be able to help playing me because that's where he was in life. Now he looks like he's in a different place. Maybe he's married. Not seeing evidence of that, only some stuff that's career related. So I'm thinking of actually bumping that 5 year old Twitter DM. My phone number has long since changed and I didn't keep his info. He came to my mind today strongly, after only once in a while thinking about him - mostly due to using the share function on Twitter and the app suggesting him as a contact to share with. I have no idea what to say except just be honest. And even then, I don't really have a good sense of what to say. I'd be really amazed if he messaged me after all this time. Wouldn't know how to process that. So it's kind of weird to do that action myself and likely make that impact on him. Haunted by this temptation. This feels like a 15 on the 1 - 10 crazy scale though.
  5. naomi

    2020 election Bumper Sticker counts

    Haven't noticed many in general in Nor Cal. Last one that caught my eye was "Any Functioning Adult 2020". Friend told me about one that was simply: 8645110320
  6. A government rule or regulation that encourages dependency? Not government programs that can be voluntarily taken advantage of, but actual rules or regulations. Either encourage dependency, or take resources/focus away from organic, innovative approaches to x, y, or z, because there's gov. benchmarks needing to be met.
  7. naomi

    Spermoff: Hobbies. Ever met a woman with one?

    More recreation/pastime but hiking (esp. in the rugged West) is my escape. Love getting out (at least at some point in the trail) into wide open, unspoilt land. If I had the time/budgeted time better, I'd do more furniture refurbishing. Tend to bake (food) in late Fall and Winter.
  8. Yikes. Those two have painstakingly customized their place over a thirty year process. If it was just an expensive place but somewhat garden variety, it wouldn't be as bad, but I'm sure they'll have no rest now due to the tremendous emotional attachment. Sobering quote from the husband: "Well, you know, we were always obviously upset. My wife doesn't know anything about guns, but she knows about being scared." I was planning on getting a firearm way before recently, but if I even can find one now..will definitely learn how to use it properly..
  9. naomi

    Manage my divorce

    No experience here but I like scott4507's reply. I'm sorry you're dealing with this worms. Sidenote on the lawyer up thought: I won't advise either way there, just want to say I don't think it's woman-nature to always seek to put the screws to the guy. I do understand the wisdom of not necessarily trusting sentiment at the outset to last though. Wishing you the best.
  10. May 31st and June 10th. Property with a flag is how I took that. But it turns out, in Malcolm Marsch's case, he was within a mile of the Victorville City Library, not "by" it. The flag observation might be fallacious. Article with more information https://www.vvdailypress.com/news/20200613/families-want-answers-after-hanging-deaths-of-2-black-men-in-victorville-palmdale
  11. naomi


    I'm guessing that the election will be a giant mess in several different ways, and the country will be thrown into disarray trying to come to a resolution during an unprecedented limbo. Hopefully wrong there.
  12. naomi

    Definitely a story not getting told

    This. No Vitamin D insufficiency (unless there's an actual malabsorption issue) due to plenty of sunlight. There's research suggesting many people have helper T cells from experiencing other cold viruses, which recognize parts of COVID-19, and help them fend it off as a result.
  13. You can google news on this. Texas, Arizona and San Diego are attributing cases rising to people coming over the border. There's been a push to increase C19 screening because of it.