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  1. ^Speaking of Livermore California has so many different sides to it. The state is seriously considering buying this 50K+ acre ranch for a state park. This is the bay area.
  2. As for SF, I did a lot of tourist stuff on my last visit and didn't see any poop (I was actually looking) and saw fewer homeless than I do in Sac. BUT I stayed away from the everyday municipal areas where it's far more concentrated. There was one very crazy guy yelling as he walked the otherwise serene streets of the neighborhood near Coit tower. He was yelling and moaning and it was hellish sounding. Not to sound goodie goodie but prayer for him wound up making the most sense. My first emotion was some fear (hopefully our paths are not going to cross) with a heavy side of resentment. Beautiful day, charming neighborhood, extreme auditory juxtaposition. But he sounded agonized enough that the resentment was clearly a useless, idiotic reaction. Seemed like something much bigger than him was happening to him.
  3. Great list. I recently spent time in Petaluma vs. skirting it like usual. It's a neater place than I'd realized. I might choose somewhere not far from there as it still somewhat has Sac's strong point of being a good central location.
  4. Knowing that once it's not worth it (being here at least) to my creator, my number will be punched. So if I'm here, even the times I'm not feelin' it, rationally I know it's "worth" it. Family. Would like to put partner here but actually my job (in a good way) goes here. Nature. People (I feel like these last two should be reversed but ) Beauty in all its myriad forms, could be someone's distinct character, could be how a moment unfolds. Humor. The ability to envision and self-actualize (granted it may not be a smooth road). Great food. History. Nice thread peenie!
  5. A major in the IDF Reserve gives a lot of specifics here. Definitely not everything I'd like to know, but it's a cohesive look at things. What happened/has been happening: 17:20 - 30:30 (Up to 17:20 he's explaining the ideological "why")
  6. Just curious...if the majority of your ancestry is Irish, check in here please with ballpark % estimate
  7. There's definitely people who were going to have a major objection to this regardless of the details. They will knee-jerk think the absolute worst of the president's motives and judgement. But, there's also people on both sides of the aisle and in between that aren't sure about the wisdom of it and more information would help. People concerned and leaning to it being a bad decision, and people entirely on the fence like myself. It's healthy and it's American to be in either camp. I'm reading from people like Dan Crenshaw explaining why he thinks it was a good call and libertarian minded folks with defense and military backgrounds with concern. Through it all, more information would be
  8. Our entanglements in the Middle East are dangerously complicated. On the surface I sort of defer to the POTUS and the narrative goes like this: Oppressed Iranians are glad this guy has been taken out. Apparently he has a lot of innocent blood on his hands. Take a few strategic people out and the country may be able to liberate itself much easier, granted that's not our point here. To our point though, if you are the POTUS and you have intelligence that an attack is imminent/there's credible evidence Americans are under mortal threat, and you have the ability to surgically remove the mastermind, throw it off, and to show we aren't going to shirk away from the next step up in response...seems like the necessary choice to make. Below the surface, there's a possibility that propaganda is abounding over how the aggression has been escalating, all the way preceding the murder of the American contractor. Maybe we have more accountability in the chain of provocation, which would mean we might have a just means of cooling tensions. Above that, the content and accuracy of our read on what was being planned is of paramount importance. Worth reading if you're not sure (which I think most everyone who doesn't know the intelligence behind this should be) about this move: A former CIA analyst's concerns If there's a way for Trump to release the intelligence he based this decision on in a way that doesn't compromise our intelligence community and processes, I'm thinking that would be the best possible thing to do here (assuming most of us would understand the call as a result).
  9. naomi

    2020 predictions

    Really well said by Dave Rubin. I don't necessarily have confidence in the thought, but it sounds good.
  10. This story makes me think of this bored, so enjoy.. (I usually land on the channel for the host's Christian apologetics content)
  11. There's a lot of homeless in downtown Sac. I see them on a daily basis and will say a homeless person who does not appear to be either high or simply mentally ill is super rare. I actually don't think I've seen one. There's no classic just really down on luck story. There's addiction and mental health issues. A colleague of mine noticed the gradual growth of the homeless pop. began after CA approved... "Gov. Jerry Brown’s A.B. 109, “realigned” California’s overcrowded prison system, shifting responsibility of repeat, newly classified “nonviolent” offenders from state prisons to county jails. Those released were assigned county probation officers rather than state parole officers. Those newly “non-violent” criminals let out of county jails due to overcrowding are living on the streets, living on our parkways, rivers, and canals, and using the streets as their toilets." Non-violent explanation: http://www.flashreport.org/blog/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/Screen-Shot-2018-02-26-at-10.06.02-AM.png People had this idea it would free people incarcerated for somewhat petty reasons, but in LE practice, when there's been a push to put someone away, it's because of a long (and possibly escalating) history of offenses. Why are there so many mentally ill people? Has drug addiction caused that in large part too? Those are my questions. Drug addiction is obviously the most powerful factor, and it might even explain the second-most powerful one of mental illness. I understand why cops busted them in the first place and why the system worked, prior to 2014, to keep them locked up...I understand that, not from a "what's most ideal" standpoint, but from a pragmatic one. Now cops, to a noticeable extent, just don't even bust them anymore. Whatever threshold applies to them, a lower one is applied to non-homeless, generally law-abiding citizens. That is the new efficient and pragmatic management option.
  12. naomi

    What's too big of a gap in age

    Curious to hear your updates on this, but just if you want to share. Wishing you the best!! On a totally different note, I'm pretty sure I'd be attracted to you if you weren't so loose In all seriousness, I wouldn't mind getting away to TX for a week and looking into the whole oil plat thing again. Probably nothing will come from it, but it wouldn't hurt to put it to bed.
  13. naomi

    Merry Christmas geeks :-)

    Here's something pure & beautiful (and random) Somehow this lady's thick Aussie accent translates into a haunting almost-Celtic sound.
  14. Situation: Went with former coworker to her credit union on November 16th to pay off the rest of her car loan. Prior to that, and up to a couple weeks after that, her credit union gave us conflicting advice about when to move forward with the DMV. They would be releasing info to the DMV that my friend now outright owned her vehicle. The DMV would then send my friend her pink slip. (No paper title existed yet). Apparently, due to rampant fraud, this is a slower process between the lien holder and DMV than it used to be. So we had to wait for stuff. She finally received the pink slip on 12/11. I've been pretty busy with other things, so now I'm doing whatever I need to do today, 12/15. She filled out her portion of the pink slip, except for the exact mileage, leaving that to me. (The car has been with me since 11/23 - not my preference really, I'd have waited for the title to be in our hands, but she had already gotten a new car). So I will be filling out that section on her section of the pink slip. She also whited out one of the digits of the selling price and re-did it. I've heard that it's important to be the only person who fills in your section (whether seller or buyer) and to not make errors and white anything out. She also reported the sell date as the date we went to her credit union. I am echoing that on my section just because we obviously need to be on the same page about the date. It looks like I may be on the hook for a fine though because, "If you buy a car from a private seller, the CA Department of Motor Vehicles requires that you transfer the title in your name within 10 days of the purchase date." I'm also seeing some stuff about making sure to do x,y,z within 30 days. Tomorrow is exactly a month since the reported purchase date. I'm thinking maybe it's better to forgo mailing this questionable pink slip in and just walk in with it at the DMV tomorrow. Maybe even see if she can meet me there to finish her section - two different places she didn't write the mileage, if that does matter so much (it's fairly close by for her).
  15. With this I don't think so either. The people lambasting her on Twitter likely are being or have been educated into the philosophy that we need to politically step into things to ensure equality of outcomes (beyond equality of opportunities). They're in an actual movement that is going forward, with more institutional support than friction. Others seek peace, so if it seems like a big deal, and there's actual moral indignation involved - they'll acquiesce. Aside from the fact they've gained or bolstered their perspective through education, they're openly okay with remaining in an echo chamber to a degree that we don't usually see in groups unless they are markedly radical. Yet their numbers don't make them super fringe despite the groupthink-only mindset. That matters. It makes them potent. We have potent lunacy swirling around.