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  1. naomi

    Keanu Reeves

    He's endearing, particularly his shyness (not the focus in this), but this is charming.
  2. naomi

    Hey VAX Nazis, it was nice knowing you!

    Tell the clinicians across the country who have treated their patients with it that it "didn't even work." Yes, the success of treatment with an AV will depend on stage of illness. The notion of taking an AV with zinc and something that gets it through the cell membrane is not too fancypants It was cheap and available at enough of a scale due to its ubiquitousness in maleria zones. It was...very inconvenient.
  3. naomi

    New Music I can't stop listening to - PART 2

    The lyrics didn't resonate much until it occurred to me it's cultural commentary.
  4. naomi

    Hey VAX Nazis, it was nice knowing you!

    Here's the metadata on ivermectin. Compare to the metadata on Remdesiver. And keep in mind that early treatment proponents were consistently maintaining a particular combination: antiviral + zinc and giving zinc the ability to cross the cell membrane (via a zinc ionophore like Quercetin or HCQ). Zinc is formidable once inside the cell. It's pretty cool. May not be The Science™ but it's science.
  5. naomi

    Hey VAX Nazis, it was nice knowing you!

    We have to trust that Covid deaths were generally accurately classified. We have to trust that we didn't give people new problems with poor treatment methods. I know someone who died "from Covid" who died from Remdesivir toxicity. He would most likely still be alive if he had early treatment (which the CDC maintained didn't exist--don't seek medical care unless you're really sick--while acclaimed doctors insisted they were having early treatment success) with an antiviral, zinc and a zinc ionophore.
  6. naomi

    Hey VAX Nazis, it was nice knowing you!

    Kary Mullis invented the PCR test and he died in August 2019. This interview is from the 90s. This is a fantastic interview. And what I wish everyone understood, when they talk about trusting the CDC. "There isn't an "up there" there."
  7. naomi

    Michigan Northern Lights.

    In the 1859 solar storm event people saw the aurora as far south as Hawaii and Columbia. I think it was unmistakable. NOAA registered this one in the highest level of severity at times, so I also wonder why it took using night mode to see it like this. I could see hazy relative brightness with my naked eye and a hint of hue. 1.5 hours north of Sacramento: https://ibb.co/SmKytMT https://ibb.co/yyVt2LS https://ibb.co/R6Wgp1g
  8. naomi

    Do you have or want a “Trad” Wife?

    What do you think it is that caused you to want a big brood? I think it's cool. I'm in the neutral camp/a doomer, apprehensive when it comes to bringing kids into the world, but I respect/commend those who know they want this. I wasn't thinking you were looking for a caretaker, btw. Just that if your wife is 20+ years younger, she's likely to spend a significant amount of her years in that role. But in the grand scheme, this hypothetical lady might still find it worth it.
  9. naomi

    Do you have or want a “Trad” Wife?

    It was just to the notion of him being in the market (should he lose his wife) for someone at least 20 years younger. That makes it more likely that they won't be roughly in sync during their declines.
  10. naomi

    Do you have or want a “Trad” Wife?

    There are lot of clips of vapid, either jaded or narcissistic young women online, and I think it gives this distorted picture that this garbage thinking/motivation is average woman's nature. So many jaded guys online who marinate in this content. But at the same time, I guess there is more of that in the real world than we would think, and being that we aren't guys who date, we don't get confronted with this a lot. My take is social media is largely responsible for the perception, but it's also a bit organically true, too. Sometimes it seems like Gen Z, at least those not infected with the woke mind virus, are aware and want to right the ship. Young women see these reactions from guys and want to be people of character. That's my hope, at least.
  11. naomi

    Do you have or want a “Trad” Wife?

    No judgement as it's your preference Volty, but I think if I was a guy, I wouldn't want my wife to be my caretaker for a significant amount of time in my elderly years. Both getting old and falling apart together is actually kind of romantic to me. The other feels slightly pitiful, like you're holding them back.
  12. Great question, though I'm pretty much just waiting for Bier's $.02. I've been eyeing this company's pans. https://smithey.com
  13. naomi

    Nothing on the Taiwan Quake?

    Eery juxtaposition between the music and what's happening.