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    This place is across the street from the Royalton, which I suggested above. I never stayed there, but we used to have drinks in the lobby pretty often. This hotel is where the members of the Algonquin round table met for lunch daily back in the 20’s. http://www.pbs.org/wnet/americanmasters/the-algonquin-round-table-about-the-algonquin/527/ There’s likely still a cat roaming around in there.
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    If it counts, grilled octopus. If not, any mild fish - catfish, red snapper, mahi mahi, etc. preferably blackened. Edit: Forgot to add yellowfin tuna steak.
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    C Samuel. L Murray. R Freeman R Jones M Brown. D J Chark A J Brown C Davis D Parker J Ross J Hill M Goodwin Thanks for the post, that was fun. Good luck.
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    That's what has him in trouble currently...
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    Buncha g0ddamn white supremacists up in here
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    Haven’t seen the news in a couple days. Did the president end up partying with the Taliban today and celebrating their helping him have the tallest building in New York, or is that celebration what his national security advisor canceled, thus leading to the President lying about firing him?
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    This is overreaction line based on last weeks results. In collage an 18 point road favourite maybe, but in the pros, no chance. not betting this game because of me personal rule...I don't bet against the Pats in this Brady/belicheck era. but if I did, my money would be on the dolphins. You can't give professional football players 18 points at home. no way. there's pride involved
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    What is your BAC? Hopefully they’re not actually dudes...
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    Terrible. Sh!tty ozzy wannabe singer with a focking rapper friend.
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    Still prefer Evans Engrams and Henry to OJ. OJ should not be rostered unless it’s a deep league. Henry will outperform OJ for the stretch run.
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    I get all this Ekler love after his big week 1, but if and when Gordon reports ekler's value will be half what it is now.
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    Let's face it: Unless Antonio Brown or Britney Taylor are posting in this forum, no one here knows what happened between them. And I suspect very few people here actually know how rape victims are "supposed" to respond, or what a "normal" time is to report an alleged assault. The fact is, if you're ready to conclude that Taylor is a gold-digger based on a single news report -- or, conversely, if you're ready to conclude that Brown must be a rapist because he's been acting like a d-bag on social media for the past month -- you're revealing far more about your own biases than you are about what may or may not have happened in this case. Yes, it would be horrible if Brown has his reputation destroyed by a false accusation. You know what else would be horrible? If a woman who was raped was further traumatized by being derided as a liar and a shakedown artist based solely on suppositions. Remember: Whatever you think about #MeToo, or how society treats rape allegations, or anything else, has no bearing whatsoever on the specifics of this case. It may be that we will never find out more information about her accusations than what we know right now. But is it too much to wait at least a couple weeks to see if anything new comes out before making any grand pronouncements?
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    Not saying this is the case, but there is a chance the alleged victim tried to suprress the event mentally, but after pretty much seeing his face and hearing his name mentioned everywhere over the past week it was brought back to the surface and she was no longer able to cope. But who knows really besides those involved.
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    I would drop your ff team and run for the hills.
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    As odd as it sounds right now, I think he goes to the Pats and is a perfect, dedicated WR. Nobody in that locker room will tolerate his stuff and I'm sure he knows this. After watching Bill B. deal with other headcases over the years, Brown isn't going to be a big deal. Do you think Bill didn't sit him down immediately and let him know who rules the roost in NE? Like them or not, the Patriots play as a team. It's all about the TEAM. If anything, I can see him coming in late to a meeting and one of the other players putting him in his place. Quickly.
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    I am! Thanks! Hope you post here more often. You're sorely missed.
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    I'm going to say it's 100%. He knows that the Pats don't tolerate it, and he knows that this has to work, or he's Kaepernick'd: talent or not.
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    I'll say 75%. NE is where he wanted to be from the start. He has plenty of incentive, dollar wise, both this year and next year to be a productive and co-operative member of that team. NE also sticks with players as long as they believe they can help them win. With that said, I still leave a 25% chance that I am still, somehow, underestimating Brown and his ability to be a jack a$$.
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    Maybe I'm old fashioned but I'm not looking for a waiver guy that went off in week 1 that I have to compete with my whole league for (we do auction). I'm looking for a guy who didn't go off, but might in week 2. Anyone have an idea for a guy like that?