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  1. NorthernVike

    Charlize Theron raising her adopted boy as a girl.......

    If obama had a daughter.
  2. NorthernVike

    Tis a shame

    I was hoping you were going to say sredck got banned. And were mocking his ass.
  3. NorthernVike

    Who gets Goof Friday off?

    Already at the lake. It's focking still froze over but at least the snow os almost gone. Smoked brined turkey and ribs for an early Easter on Saturday with a few other families at the resort.
  4. NorthernVike

    Who gets Goof Friday off?

    Post of the year. Well done!
  5. NorthernVike


    Just because you continually repeat it doesn't make it so.
  6. NorthernVike

    OldMaid's 4 Game Winning Streak Comes to an End!

    I don't find that offensive in the least. Suck it up buttercup.
  7. WTF we can't change our votes back and forth anymore?
  8. NorthernVike

    OldMaid's 4 Game Winning Streak Comes to an End!

    Giantsfan use to post multiple times in a row in threads also....I seeing a pattern here.
  9. NorthernVike


    I'd assume it means you look like you look like you have an ass on top of your head.
  10. NorthernVike

    Buttigieg eliminates O'Rourke

  11. NorthernVike

    Thursday, March 6th...Return-To-Glory day at FFToday

    Now that your daughter is over 18, how about some more pics?
  12. NorthernVike


    You didn't miss much. peenie jr kept repeating himself like giantsfan use to do. Very similar posting styles.
  13. Wrong. His attorney said he understood the charges and knew what he was doing. Not batshit crazy. Try again.
  14. NorthernVike

    Would you notice if you were being followed/tailed?

    A tracking device under your car. He could still follow you from blocks away. When you stop he can find and watch you. Nothing would appear in court.