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  1. NorthernVike

    I know what I’m making for dinner tonight!

    Are you interested in him?
  2. NorthernVike

    Alright... alrighty last one. Cash deals?

    Go with the warranty one. Less than 350 a square isn't terrible. Also, ask for a current certificate of insurance.
  3. NorthernVike

    The Vaccine.... appt next week.

    I'll pass. Let's see some more side effects first. Maybe in 5 years or so.
  4. NorthernVike


  5. NorthernVike

    Bathroom Remodel... GC or?

    You could fit a whole party in that sucker.
  6. NorthernVike

    Bathroom Remodel... GC or?

    I thought you were moving?
  7. When did tantastic turn into a cuck?
  8. NorthernVike

    How Democrats Pursue Totalitarianism

    I suspect their next big target will be Elon Musk. He's smarter than they are and that is a threat to them.
  9. NorthernVike

    Predict the Date that Biden deploys troops

    Great meme I saw. It read... If you need 20,000 armed soldiers in order to hold your inauguration, you didn't win jackshit.
  10. NorthernVike

    Predict the Date that Biden deploys troops

    This is the correct response. I'm going with Minnesota in March.
  11. NorthernVike

    Anyone using Duolingo?

    Can it teach me jive?
  12. NorthernVike

    Honestly want to know

    Why is "she" still here?
  13. NorthernVike

    Antifa attacks Florida Manatee