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  1. NorthernVike

    Pepperoni Pizza Day!!!

    Pepperoni Pizza with dollops of cream cheese and jalapeƱos.
  2. And it's pronounced Busch Latte
  3. NorthernVike

    BangBros bids $10 Million

  4. NorthernVike

    BangBros bids $10 Million

    The American Airlines Arena, aka The AAA, has been the home of Miami Heat since its construction in 1999. The times are changing though, and American Airlines last year announced it was no longer looking to renew its sponsorship of the venue. A bidding war has begun, as companies jostle to become synonymous with the arena. If things go a certain online porn site's way, Miami Heat could play their next game from The BangBros Center. BangBros, a Miami-based porn site, said it has bid $10 million for 10-years of naming rights. The company said via tweet that it wishes to call the venue the BangBros Center, or BBC. You may need to UrbanDictionary what that acronym means, because the company definitely isn't alluding to the British Broadcast Corporation. BangBros' tweet is here, and it's also created a dedicated site for the center bid, which you can see here. Amazingly, both of the links are SFW. https://www.cnet.com/news/bangbros-porn-site-bids-10m-on-naming-rights-for-miami-stadium/ Could you imagine?
  5. Good. Trying to erase history is a bad thing no matter how you feel about it.
  6. NorthernVike

    Best fish You enjoy?

    I'm headed to Lake of the Woods on the Canadian border on Tuesday for a guided trip with five of my buddies. We'll catch over 100 walleye trying to get our limits with in the slot. World class fishing up there.
  7. NorthernVike

    Best fetish You enjoy?

    Snuff films.
  8. NorthernVike

    Best fish You enjoy?

    Anything I catch myself. In the winter, give me perch through the ice. Firm, flakey, sweet white meat. Summer time Walley is my go to.
  9. NorthernVike

    More AB news

    The Geek Club isn't a court of law. HTH
  10. NorthernVike

    "Trigger Warning" in news articles?

    Should I have had a Trigger Warning for my Trigger Warning thread?
  11. NorthernVike

    "Trigger Warning" in news articles?

    http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/arizona-trooper-arrested-on-charges-he-tried-to-extort-sexual-favors/ar-AAH6q7E?li=BBnbcA1 Trigger Warning: This article contains information and details about alleged sexual assault and/or violence, which may be upsetting to some readers. This is where we are at as a society. Unbelievable.
  12. NorthernVike

    September 11th

    I was getting ready for work watching the morning news. Saw the second one hit. Heard about the Pentagon on the way to work.
  13. NorthernVike

    Non-politicalWednesday diversion-Thought Experiment

    Never ever talk to the police.
  14. NorthernVike


    I'm beginning to think he's an MDC alias.
  15. NorthernVike

    More AB news

    The pats knew of this prior to his signing? Speaks volumes of the organization.