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    My mom grew up in a house with no plumbing and dirt floors in the Appalachian Mtns. My dad, born the son of a German immigrant/carpenter and a nurses aid, grew up in a modest rowhouse in Baltimore. My wife and I make about 175k combined and we both finished college while working. Im not an outlier either. Youre full of sh!t Peenie. If you are an able bodied black person today, YOU are making CHOICES that are leading to lack of success. Anything else is bullsh!t.
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    Well after last's weekend of doing nothing, guilt energy got me through doing the lawn, installing the shelves and finishing the drywall in the basement. By my math, I don't need to do anything on the weekends for 3 years. ETA: Ironically - as someone who spends half his job doing motion design who and making color decisions every day, 3 years is probably the amount of time it will take me to decide on a color for the office I'm building in the basement. On this day in 1620 the Pilgrims sail from England on the Mayflower....and there goes the neighborhood. I'm sure this will be another great week of kindness and thoughtful debate between all the of us here. Have a great week geeks.
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    Listen man. I get that you donks prefer this forum to be your little alt-right echo chamber. I’m not here to try and stir the pot with my liberal boogeyman theories. This is your safe space, and I respect that. But, in this instance, the fact of the matter is there is countless data supporting that less guns = less people being shot by guns. Im not going to waste my time posting the data, because google is your friend, and at the end of the day, it’s really just basic math. And as cute as it is that you’re spinning this into “laws on advertising cigarettes”, that’s not at all what you originally argued here. You made the statement that banning flavored ecigs will save lives, while rejecting laws limiting gun ownership won’t achieve the same. I’d be more than happy to have an honest conversation with you, whenever you’re ready to pull your head out of your ass. I suspect you will probably suffocate before that ever happens though.
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    well hell, if that didn't come true! LOL. I did end up going with Breida but obviously it didn't matter, they all scored close to the same amount of points. Larry would have made me a nervous wreck all game, lol, but he did come through in garbage time.
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    This Dolphins season feels like a metaphor for my life.
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    Lol sure bud. If that helps you keep your sanity then think that all you want. Probably spent more Friday night out bar hopping with friends than you make all week. Have fun trying to keep your sanity. I’ll keep enjoying my weekend
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    Out of all the people here I think we can all agree that you are the one who thinks the most about the people here. Hence, why you post same sh1t in different threads. Or why you think people think about you when posting have fun obsessing loser
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    Maybe that 1st and 2nd round Mahomie/Kelce combo will work out after all. Saved my bacon today in 3 leagues. Didn't hurt that I rolled out The Hard Man in 2 of them either.
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    Sucks being a loser doesn’t it?
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    The Annexation of Puerto Rico, easy...
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    You sound like “a friendless loser”. Nvm the fact that it takes 10 seconds to post here while you’re on the sh1tter
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    You sound like a Pats fan worried about losing to Eli in the SB for a third time.
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    Well yea his one trick is being a good quarterback. Take away his yards and tds and he isn’t that great.
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    Red zone barely covered today’s game so I barely saw any of it. Anyway. 31 points on the road against a division rival is pretty good for the offense.  Giving up 21 ain’t so hot for the D. 
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    Full PPR I would probably go fitz. Breida should split time and last week had 2.5 ypc. Carson only had 3 ypc against Cincinnati. AB is a big unknown on a crowed team, but he does have the most upside if you feel like gambling.
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    I was going to point this out about the 49ers RB's. Even after Coleman went down, Breida ended up in a time share with Mostert. Jeff Wilson was promoted from the practice squad, and they're saying he'll play some, too. As for Fitz, nearly half his production came after Detroit inexplicitly called that TO. The Cardinals should have lost that game 24-9 if Detroit doesn't screw up. I wouldn't trust Fitz tomorrow, a tough defense in a tough environment with a rookie QB that did not look all that good last Sunday.
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    I’d rather start Breida. Zoomed out without Brown, I’m fine if I miss his first good game. I want to see it work in New England before I put a(nother) week on the line for Antonio.
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    I will say it again: (Black)Slavery is the worst thing to ever happen in the USA. Look what it left us with. (For some reason, the Irish and Oriental slave descendants don't act like this)
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    If AB is playing I would go with him. Dont ever listen to coach talk, just last night with r Jones is the perfect example. If he’s playing Brady will find him.
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    I've told it before but will never forget sitting in a bar in KC on an NFL Sunday and struck up a conversation with the guy sitting next to me,first and only time I ever met Mike in person. I loved his comment along the lines of,"I'm here doing research so the tab is a write off."
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    Hard to tell if you're just trolling, or badly in need of education, but I tend to assume the best in people, so let's go with the need for education... for now. McLaurin has climbed the depth chart over the summer, to be sure, but it wasn't that long ago that he was presumed to be 4th behind Richardson, Doctson and Quinn. When Doctson was released, maybe he became 3rd, or what the heck, even 2nd if you were a fan--but then the rookie/bad QB/poor offense factors all came into play too. The bottom line is that McLaurin isn't even listed among the top 70 WRs on ESPN's final preseason rankings (9/7)--and that's 5 WRs deep in a 14 team league (or 6 WRs deep in a 12 team league). In fact, the only Redskins WR listed there at all is Trey Quinn at #67. So hindsight is 20/20, to be sure, but if you were drafting him before the season started, you were either taking a flyer on a favorite sleeper, or you were drafting ignorant of at least 70 better options. D.J. Chark? He doesn't appear among the top 70 either. He was presumed to be behind Westbrook, Conley and Cole--as well as probably Lee, once he got back up to speed. He may still fall behind Lee, we don't know yet, but he managed to outplay Cole on the depth chart. Still, there weren't a lot of people drafting a marginal #3 WR for the Jaguars. I understand the problems with free leagues, but we're not talking about halfway through the season when people lose interest and drop out; we're not even talking about Week 1--we're talking about players who were DRAFTED. Most people who drafted had an interest in drafting reasonably well, and even if one or two people in every league didn't, there were another 10 who did. So if you want to talk about how these players "should" have been drafted, then you're basically saying that at least one person in every league "should" have drafted like a chimp. Parenthetically, FantasyPros, which goes way deeper than the top 70, has D.J. Chark listed at #79 and Terry McLaurin at #96.
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    Lockett has never been available in rd 6, not one time in any mock. Williams occasionally is there. AJ Green much more likely, which is the point. My league has an IR spot so I'll give him a look, but I'd rather go QB with Baker over him anyway.
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