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    Made it home, kids are asleep, wore out.
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    The product continues its downward spiral. They better hope the young ones are into fantasy. It's the only thing that's keeping this thing afloat.
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    They never would have done this to Chelsea. And we are all grateful for that.
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    It can be confusing.....Biden says something and according to at least one poster here....its was just bluster...just him mouthing off....not a big deal.....but when some third party overhears some Trump people spouting off....well, THATS some actionable facts right there.... I mean, who focking THINKS like that?
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    Yes. Each week if you watch a player burst on the scene or an opportunty opens up to to a benching or injury or whatnot, you can make a claim before Wednesday and the player with the worst record and point total gets first choice. It helps bad teams rebuild by giving them first dibs each week since they get the highest priority. That's called waivers. Or right now, after waivers, you can get anyone that hasn't been dropped during waivers. It's called first come/ first serve waivers.
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    I think Adams hurt his foot by shoving it so far up my ass.
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    If the Eagles get this call I swear to god I'm going to call the League office and rip them a new one. They've been gifted TWO PI calls today already. This would make it 3. The Eagles may win this game by having 3 extra players on the field helping them out.
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    YOu gotta' be fookin kidding me? That wasn't pass interference? Refs blew that one out there @ss.
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    Of course. But I gotta root for the Packers in this one.
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    Bullsh!t, focking republicans have been trying to make "nice" forever. Never works out. The left needs smashed over the focking head with truth in politics now.
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    Out of all the things people could be surprised about this season, Sanders owners being surprised by his lack of bell cow usage is laughable. Every week it's the same thing with them, and they are just as surprised.
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    Bullish!t. Ivanka is naturally hot
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    Thread delivered. We should have more threads like this.
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    Robin? I think he's the Ridleyer to Julio's Batman.
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    Ooooh! Can you get me one of those beanie hats with ears?
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    So will being a liberal. What's your point?
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    Is that a giant ballon of a woman’s ass in a thong? I think I was just #metoo’d
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    Well if you are looking for entertainment, insanity and to see what the dumbest humans in the planet think about this topic, go read the fbgheys version. They are once again sucking each other's d1cks at the thought of getting rid of Trump.
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    I always wondered about this in movies
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    i think this whole story is sad af. guy should be in a hospital prob.
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    A little over a year old now, but if you guys are fans of Bob Dylan you will love Wolfsuka. 10/10 1:00 - 1:30 it sounds just like Dylan.