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    This is one of those happy situations where, whichever way it goes, a doosh bag suffers. I'm cool with either.
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    Seriously, Peenie... did you just delete the Succession thread right while I was in the middle of a long reply to you?
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    After watching him for a couple of games, he definitely seems like a JAG.
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    You don’t say?! A body biologically designed to eat both meat and plants ACTUALLY benefits when it eats meat? Get out of here!
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    Their whole argument is retarded. The Democrats are headed to Ukraine to try and gather dirt on trump. Election interference or is he not a candidate? Cant touch criminals as long as they are running for office. Idiots
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    They'd have to give the Saints a little something every game until they make it back to the Superbowl to make up for that.
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    The left is destroying trust. Madonna can threaten to blow up the white house and nothing happens to her. Maxine Waters can threaten to confront republicans in the streets and nothing happens to her. Biden can threaten to punch out Trump and nothing happens to him. The liberal media can try to scare everyone that what trump does can cause markets to crash, but the liberal media also says we cannot impeach bill clinton because trying to do can cause markets to crash. Obama can bomb Libya for 7 months without the US being provoked and not ask congress for approval and nothing happens to him. Trump posts about civil war and suddenly the democrats go bananas and says its impeachable. All of these events must be taken together and looked at as part of the whole. These events together form a society where republicans no longer trust the system. Republicans see a nation where the rule of law is a joke. If you are a democrat, you are protected. If you are republican, they turn everything against you. People wonder how can we be at the verge of civil war, just look at the big picture, look at everything going on.
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    you're still an idiot. Any owner would take the #1 RB in football who they got at the #3/4 pick 42, 7, 27 and 33 points. Being the #1 RB 3 out of every 4 weeks is PHENOMENAL consistency. go back into your hole your glamour shot death metal band wanna-be. just because you're in 20 leagues but suck in 3/4 of them doesn't make you an expert.
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    Go for it. "MOM!! Axe is lookin' at me!"
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    Yeah I wouldn't read too much into Juju's stats against New England. I have a feeling they're going to shut down everybody's best receiver.
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    Coming to this lightly trafficked message board is a challenge...in.
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    most people in DFW love NO and the saints. it's like our sister city.
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    This. I already eat well and exercise, but I’ll be cheering you guys on.
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    QB-Jackson RB-Ekler WR-Kupp-Godwin TE-Waller
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    Hell no. Do you know how hard it is to carry clubs and an ice chest full of beer for 18 holes in 95 degree heat?
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    Also, what are you guys talking about? There is less hate and separation than ever before. My goodness, please turn off your TV's and walk around, go outside and experience the world yourself.
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    That's totally inappropriate. It's lewd, lascivious, salacious, outrageous.
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    Not getting all the way into the left turn lane as quickly and as completely as possible. Nothing worse than some a hole slow driving into the left lane and leaving part of his bumper or his whole right side still in the lane next to him. GET OVER!