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    While Trump is accomplishing almost everything he campaigned on, I can’t believe anyone on either side can question why something hasn’t gotten done when he’s been dealing with fraudulent investigations since before his inauguration. It’s simply amazing what he’s done and I can’t imagine what could have been if the Democrats didn’t lose their minds.
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    A year or so ago, someone told me that a guy I knew believed this whole flat-earth baloney. My first thought was how fun it would be for the Geek Club to saddle up once again and go jihad some flat-earth forum, which I still think would be hilarious. But also started to think about how to argue and insult a flat earther should I run across one, which I did yesterday on social media. The first thing they do is play the Jesus card and that their Christian beliefs are under siege. Then out come the links to baloney science videos and all that. These people are SERIOUS, and arguing with them is like arguing McNair vs. Pennington or like those ancient political debates that raged here and wore out everyone. Crazy shite!
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    Rich people don't impress me. There's a gazillion millionaire/billionaires walking around who if not for their daddy, would be punching clocks at a regular 9 to 5 jobs. 3 part series tells not only who Bill Gates is, but what he is. This dude was/is so smart, I can't even compute it to relative terms. The things he did as a teenager, it's Newton like. I'd highly recommend, truly fascinating stuff.
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    Surely no one would have to educate the great AxeElf on the ability of a monstrous 40 point week skewing overall results. Although I would side with you that he is a low end RB1/high rb2
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    Im not saying my Packers are elite or a team that should be feared necessarily. But they are very well rounded once Adams gets back. But I have to chuckle at 9er fans. It clearly has been a few years since relevance.
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    It just bothers me that they'd be so ignorant. They've got an answer for everything and think this whole spherical Earth thing has been a well-orchestrated conspiracy for more than 2,000 years. What's disturbing is how quickly people are gravitating to it. I wonder if the people at the top this thing are profiteering from it somehow. Somebody yesterday on Facebook posted a screen shot from this website: https://ourwayisthehighway.wordpress.com/2017/04/01/12-actual-landmarks-that-can-only-be-seen-on-a-flat-earth/ They said being able to see the Statue of Liberty from 60 miles away proved that the Earth was flat. We live near Dallas, and the town of Canton on Interstate 20 is about 60 miles away. There is a water park there. So I laid down this challenge to her: Go to Canton. Take the stairs up to the top of the tallest water slide. Look west. Dallas is 60 miles away, and its tallest building is more than 900 feet tall, while the Statue of Liberty is only 300 feet tall. If you believe the Statue of Liberty can be seen from 60 miles away, surely from atop a high place being able to see a 900-foot-tall building from the same distance. She responded by saying she "would need special equipment." I asked her what that equipment was, and she didn't respond. Jeebus.
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    Awesome.........we need Divine intervention!
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    You’re just upset because you need both legs for the pedals
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    Considering he made his billions off of pure theft, I would say yes.
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    I am in favor of this simply because it means I will not have to deal with focking school buses in the mornings. Nothing pisses me off more than having to wait for some little focker taking 5 minutes to climb up the bus steps and find his godddammn seat.
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    If you're picking up a Dolphin for your dynasty team, it should be under the assumption that they will do well on someone else's roster in 2020.
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    Laces out Dan! Laces OUT!!! We’re talking Dolphins right?
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    That's a woman? I always thought it was Patton Oswalt.
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    Try hoteltonight.com, I've had luck with that one. They specialize in last minute deals.
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    So the argument is that Gordon has only had good matchups so far, and he should get BETTER as his matchups get WORSE? LOL Josh Gordon: Ruining fantasy football teams since 2014.
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    No one does. But since you're an admitted liar they like to give you sh*t. Maybe don't lie in the future?
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    Wow this is truly a tough one. I looked at last season and both Qb had very good games vs the other team. Im going to go with Wentz. And the tie breaker is the health or lack of for Mr Cooper. Hey good luck with this pick.
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    If Cooper was healthy, Dak would be the obvious choice--but with Cooper out or limited, it makes it much closer. The Eagles' pass defense is woeful, but will Dak have anyone to throw to? Gallup should have a monster day--but 300 yards? I guess you go Wentz and hope he can get over 300 yards against the #12 pass defense of the Cowboys.
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    Agree with that polecatt.