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    Well then, pick up Case Keenum and trade him straight up for Watson.
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    Yeah, if it WAS 6 TDs in 16 games, that wouldn't be so bad. But Josh Gordon's 6 TDs in his 28 games since 2013, that's not so good. And the not-quite-a-1000-yard season would be ok, if it WERE a season--but like I said, he's only averaged 4.7 games per year since 2013, too.
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    Well, Cooper's last game against Philly he had 217 yards and 3 TDs. The egales D is banged up, so it's looking like a good match up. He's certainly who I would play
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    Probly White in PPR; Pats are already down Gordon and Dorsett is questionable.
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    If you're a German RB, you mock Snell. I'd probly be hoping for Kamara to miss another week.
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    Looks like Amari Cooper is playing. He had like the biggest game of his career against Philly last year, so I would make sure to play him
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    I know you are somewhat invested in Murray, and if their opponents were reversed, I'd go with Murray over Coleman as well. But Washington is allowing 134 rushing yards per game (#28 overall), whereas the Bears are allowing only 83 (#5). Murray's extra volume won't mean much if he's getting 2 yards per carry to Coleman's 6. I'd rate them approximately equal on goalline potential this week, but the more permissive defense means Coleman should have the yardage edge, even if slightly less volume.
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    Wentz. If Cooper plays, then I would switch to Dak.
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    Has there been a season that Josh Gordon has NOT been a disappointment since 2013? He's played in 28 games since that "breakout" season--4.7 games per season. He's caught 103 balls (3.7 per game) for 1,662 yards (59.4 per game) and 6 TDs (0.2 per game) in those 28 games--and that's when he's not getting suspended, voluntarily checking himself into rehab, or being abducted by aliens. Yet every year he's a fifth-round pick. The slow learners who still draft him deserve what they get.
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    Trans is mental illness unless they just do it for entertainment. Nothing more.
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    Hunting with my bow for a PA buck as I type.
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    More footage of reality hitting a libtard in the face. These people would get their kicked in real quick if there was ever a war.
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    You should ask her if she would bench Stephen Davis.
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    too small of a sample size to compare his PPR to when Jamaal Williams is playing. That average can change with one great game. Example, if Jones catches that gift TD instead of dropping, that's roughly 10 ffpoint more. increasing his average to about15 per game based on the 4 games that Williams has played We also have to take into account the defenses that Green Bay has played. Bears, Vikings, Broncos, Eagles, Cowboys, and Lions. Not exactly a soft schedule and still he's 5th in PPR rankings. There's something to be said about that.
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    Me too. I tried to clip my toenails the other day and I thought I was going to pass out.
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    No. Canadian and French pussiies should not be permitted on US soil.
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    Absolutely pick up Prater if he's available--he's just as good as any other Kicker, and he's already had his bye. If you swap out for Zane Gonzalez or the like, you're just going to end up having to switch again by Week 12, or whenever. Securing Prater now means your K slot is decided for the rest of the season.
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    There need to be some sort of punishment for refs who cost teams a game like this. One bad call is understandable but a whole bunch of this phantom calls, something needs to be done. I am not even a lions fan
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    Oh look, the Lions got screwed by the refs on MNF. Who could ever have foreseen that happening ... again?
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    Man, I usually don't buy any referee conspiracy theories--they're usually just doing their job badly--but there were an awful lot of awfully bad calls that went GB's way in the fourth quarter tonight. The NFL will probly end up issuing an "apology" to the Lions.
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    Wow another phantom flag on Trey Flowers
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    ANOTHER flocking phantom hands to the face!
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    Rodgers would have gotten that call...
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    Oh, and he is still your president.