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    Side story - A number of years ago I had two extra tickets for Detroit Tigers opening day game. I was trying to sell them when an obvious cop came up to me to buy them. scalping is illegal so when he asked how much I said the tickets are free if you buy my pen for $200. He told me to go fock myself. Demitri Young hit three dingers that game
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    I know you think it makes you sound tough, but you really just come across as grossly misinformed.
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    Krispy Kreme strikes deal with college kid who drives 250 miles to resell its doughnuts https://fox43.com/2019/11/05/krispy-kreme-strikes-deal-with-college-kid-who-drives-250-miles-to-resell-its-doughnuts/ Krispy Kreme-starved Minnesotans hungry for doughnuts were able to get their sugary fix thanks to an enterprising young entrepreneur. Jayson Gonzalez, 21, was able to deliver those sweet glazed doughnuts from Krispy Kreme while spreading joy to deprived Minnesotans one box of doughnuts at a time. Krispy Kreme closed its last store in Minnesota in 2008, the Pioneer Press said. Gonzalez came up with the idea to drive to a Krispy Kreme in Clive, Iowa, to pick up boxes of Krispy Kreme and deliver them to Minnesotans while traveling to Iowa to coach in a soccer tournament, according to the Pioneer Press. After coming across a Krispy Kreme during his trip, Gonzalez posted to Facebook Marketplace to see if anyone in Minnesota would be interested in getting some doughnuts. In just a few days, Gonzalez told the Pioneer Press that he received more than 300 responses. Gonzalez did not respond to a request for comment from CNN. He launched a Facebook page called Krispy Kreme Run Minnesota and began to take orders. He would use the page to communicate with customers, and update followers on quantities and pickup locations. The account has amassed more than 5,000 followers. A box of a dozen original glazed doughnuts from Krispy Kreme starts at $9.49, according to its website. The Pioneer Press said that Gonzalez resells them from $17 to $20 per box, depending on the variety. The money Gonzalez makes via his delivery service will be used to help pay for his education at Metropolitan State University in St. Paul, where he is studying accounting, according to the Pioneer Press. The drive from the Twin Cities to Clive is more than 250 miles and takes approximately four hours. A typical run for Gonzalez would start on a Saturday at 2 a.m., when he would begin his 4-hour trek to Iowa to pick up the doughnuts, according to the Pioneer Press. Gonzalez can fit 100 boxes of doughnuts into his Ford Focus, according to the Pioneer Press. Once loaded, he would begin his return trip while alerting his followers of the pickup locations on his route. Most pickups are done in the parking lot of a local Target, the Pioneer Press said. After 19 successful runs, Gonzalez wrote in a post on his Facebook page that he was told by Krispy Kreme to “shut down operations.” The company tells CNN that it was concerned that the doughnuts were not meeting its quality standards due to the long drive from Iowa to Minnesota. However, after an outpouring of support, the company is now working on a deal with Gonzalez to allow him to become an independent operator. “Today, we reached out to Jayson to express our appreciation for his love of Krispy Kreme and admiration for his entrepreneurial spirit,” a spokeswoman for Krispy Kreme tells CNN. “We are going to help him achieve his goals, which include being debt-free when he graduates in 2021, in part by selling Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. “We wish Jayson great success and we’re thrilled to help him achieve it by donating 500 dozen doughnuts when he re-starts his business.”
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    The only difference between the statements is when the Mainstream Media throws their weight behind one to make it appear credible. They are one of the greatest threats to our country.
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    Just to be clear. This guy is NOT saying Aid will come when you look into it. He's saying HE thinks (nobody told him it was the case) aid will come if they look into it. He also says he doesn't know how he knows it. Let me help you out. I think Justin Truedue is the love child between his mom and Fidel Castro. I don't know how I know it, but that's what I believe. Both of our statements hold the same weight.
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    Corporations are people, except when they murder and then it’s just business.
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    Serious question, are you ever right? Like, in your personal life? I hope you have better luck in real life than you do here at the old GC.. I'm always impressed how ready you are too jump head first into being wrong again on a new topic. The dedication, it's impressive. For the rest of the folks, the station and reporter have released statements, it's obviously real.
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    I actually looked up the quotes from Mulvaney. Here is what he said: Yeah, that's a full on admission of guilt!!!! You got him now!!! Idiot.
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    You can be their mule though. I heard your prison wallet is the size of a cargo container.
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    As a Gen Xer I focking hate both of them. They are the same generation just born at different times IMHO. The millennial thinks they are too important to do the b1tch work every new person in the office had to do. The boomer thinks they are too important to learn the new way to do stuff in the office. The Boomer complains to me about the millennial not doing any work and as soon as he's done the millennial comes to me and starts b1tching about the boomer not doing any work The boomer leaves early and the millennial comes in late. Trying to do a team lunch is impossible. The boomer wants the sh1t hole restaurant only boomers go to and the millennials want the trendy spot downtown only hipsters go to. Meanwhile, I'm stuck in middle management because the boomers won't retire and since they are all old white dudes HR thinks they have to hire a minority for diversification. Fock'em both
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    Local radio this morning said KK backed down from this.
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    I read this the other day and it pissed me off. When I was a Cub Scout we went door to door selling boxes of Krispy Kreme donuts and newspapers on Sunday mornings. We raised a ton of money back then.
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    Why? Those hats and flags are weird too. We get it, you fought in a war and some people didn't make it back. It's 2019, what the fock do you want us to do about it now?
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    Why not just ask me ? I'm right there in your head.
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    Soooo. I think that is a little over simplified. If you said here is a pile of coke. If you do this pile of coke your toe is going to feel better from bashing it on the nightstand. Not a lot of people are going to take ya up on that offer. However when you have a generation of doctors that have been bought and sold for in trinkets and golf telling you to take these pills it takes on a different type of evil.
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    People keep poo pooing on that he always gets hurt, he's old ect, ect. He is about Julio Jones age with less miles. He is one of the true super stud WR, that has come out in many years. The man is playing for his last contract, he is fresh and is going to ball out. His Finley has a strong arm, and the play calling has offered great production from the other WR's. The D is terrible and there will be a lot of garbage time. Hell yes I am playing him, and expect at least low end WR 1 every week for the rest of the year.
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    All of them stated they were ready to go for MNF. I hope they knock the rust off quick and the defense is nice and rested up.
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    You're saying the President can't ask; I understand that. The President is the chief law enforcement officer of our nation. If not him, who would ask the Ukrainians?
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    I would drop Cooks for both
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    Another coward bites the dust: https://www.ksfy.com/content/news/Charles-Rhines-to-be-executed-Monday-564343801.htm l
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    Faggity-ass Democrats and their bleating sheep followers are going to use these denial tactics to try and deny the facts. The Good Guys are about to take their turn, and it's going to get ugly for the Deep State.
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    Benching a top 10 WR against the #31 pass defense is usually asking for trouble.