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    And for his next trick. Watch Trump make the Democrats defend Iran.
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    Apparently this means you have TDS to even mention that there could be consequences. Bottom line we don’t know sh1t. The military and the intelligence folks do. Hopefully they were consulted and agreed it was a smart move, and hopefully they’re right.
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    Hey dumbfock. He released the aid before the congressionally mandated deadline. I hate to break it to you but the President makes foreign policy. You may not like it but that's the way it's been for a long time. So if he thinks there's a reason to hold off on releasing it for some reason, that's his prerogative. You're such a focking hack. It's pathetic.
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    I hate to join in politics around here. And I feel I have to preface my post these days or people will start in with name calling and labeling. - I think Trump has done well. I would vote for him in November. Im not saying this was a wrong move. I dont claim to know like 99% here who have a hand in US intelligence. But here he is tweeting that Obama would attack Iran in order to get reelected. This is a small part of why ai dont bother with the waste of time that is politics. Because it is just that...politics. nothing is real. It is all posturing for votes. https://www.google.com/amp/s/theweek.com/speedreads-amp/887229/trump-repeatedly-predicted-obama-attack-iran-reelected
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    Assuming he is indeed a lawyer.....you are surprised that he seems shady as hell?? Being a lawyer does not mean you are suddenly "moral", from my experience it means just the opposite.....
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    He said NO FOCKING MAYO. What'd you want him to do?
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    Awesome. Simply awesome. Making America Great Again, Feared Again, Respected Again.
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    Fock Israel. What have we ever gained by being allied with them? We've wasted trillions at their behest. God supposedly chose ya, let him defend you.
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    Soleimani has been a designated terrorist since 2011. The organization he led, Quds, has been a designated terrorist organization since 2007. The parent organization of Quds, IRGC, has been a designated terrorist organization since April 2019. Congress authorized war in Iraq in 2003. Soleimani has been responsible for the deaths of hundreds of US soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. Soleimani was responsible for the attack on our embassy just a few days ago. Anyone who cries about killing him is either an ignorant fool or an anti-American agent. Did anyone cry when Obama ordered the assassination of designated terrorist Osama bin Laden in Pakistan? Was that a declaration of war against Saudi Arabia? A piece of shite is no longer on this Earth, actually about nine pieces of shite, and we are all safer. Iran will do nothing other than talk and shoot a few missiles at random ships. Oh wait, they already did that. The media and left will jump on this thinking they found their next box of Peach Mints, but they will end up with nothing but their dik in their hand once again.
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    Stop focking calling it an attack on Iran for God's sake. It's not
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    The Cowboys are the, or at least one of the most valuable sports franchises on earth. That's not because of their Texas fanbase or 50 year olds. MDC continues to spew ignorance. Maybe if he actually went to a Dallas game he would see it with his own two eyes. They have their training camp in California and you can't get a ticket.
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    The Harvard impeachment expert the House called in to testify has told Nancy Pelosi that Trump isn't impeached until she walks her ignorant ass across to the other side of Capitol Hill and presents the articles to the Senate. https://www.bloomberg.com/opinion/articles/2019-12-19/trump-impeachment-delay-could-be-serious-problem-for-democrats
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    This dude breaks it down in a way that you won't see from the US propaganda outlets who were calling the terrorists attacking our embassy "protesters" Click the link to read the full thread.
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    Ed Werder ✔@WerderEdESPN Source: #Cowboys Jerry Jones and Stephen Jones have moved slowly and with “abundance of care and respect” for Jason Garrett. That phase expected to conclude soon with Garrett not part of organization. Next phase to involve candidate interviews will begin quickly thereafter.
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    Ho-Lee sh1t. I just looked this guy up and damn, that took balls to take him out. I think it's the right move, but wow. This guy was the equivalent of Iran's sec of defense and close associate to Ayatollah Kahmeini. And we just blew him up dead. I get you can debate whether its too provactive or not and that won't be answered for several months or more. But damn that was a bold move. It will be fascinating (potentially terrifying) to see how this works out. It's a much more provocative/devastating move than it seems at first pass. One news story described him as: One of Iran’s most senior and important military figures, Major-General Qassem Soleimani, head of the elite Quds Force. . . . Soleimani, 62, was a legendary military figure within Iran and beyond, having first made his name as a commander during Iran’s long and bloody with Iraq. . . As head of Iran’s Quds Force, he was in charge of overseeing its highly trained special operations forces
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    Saw this a couple days ago. Hopefully they are prepared for extremely low ticket sales. Same thing happened with the new Charlie’s angels. They will get pissed and claim people are bigoted and whatnot, make a big deal of out this, and try to keep shoving it down peoples faces despite the fact that less than 0.5% of people are transgender. Never mind the fact that it’s actually a mental illness. I won’t be watching the movie and a lot of other fans won’t either. It’s not bigotry that people don’t want to see it. Some people don’t care to watch a transgender superhero just like some people don’t want to watch westerns. They don’t have anything against cowboys. They just don’t have any interest in it. Yet the media will spin it to say Americans are bigoted and sexist for not watching it
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    FBIdiots are losing their mind that their buddy was killed by us.
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    If the Yankees follow the Giants' lead - they'll give him an extension.
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    You mean, like the Dems have been doing throughout this process, based upon polling? Do you remember when the Dems dropped their subpeonas of people with direct knowledge of the situation because those people availed themselves of their constitutional right to have a judge determine if those subpoenas were valid? The Dems said this was vital and had to be done quickly due to Orange man bad and they couldn't wait for a court challenge so they would proceed without those witnesses. Then after passing their crap impeachment they refuse to pass along the articles to the Senate. So much for time being of the essence, huh?
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    All of this makes me wonder: What did those cats know about the Clintons?
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    Or consultant for an energy conglomerate in the Ukraine? A coal miner has more energy experience than Biden’s crackhead son.
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    Trump cares about you, even if you don't care about him. You are blessed to have him as your President.