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    Alright fellas this KC fan has some prep work to do for my gameroom get together today,hope you all enjoy the games and I'm checking back in later like
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    its called personal responsibility, and its not part of the democrat platform
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    I'm sure she has nothing but Hope Solo style Arby's left after banging the entire team. It's awesome that they're filming the guys in line for running that train.
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    It is well established, and irrefutable the Democrats are the racist party.
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    Take your pick of any recent jobs report. President Trump's obvious bigotry made the blacks and the rapists...erm I mean mexicans go out and get jobs. I mean, that's just cruel. He's a monster.
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    We've basically reached the point where calling someone a racist has no meaning. We can no longer debate ideas or policy, if you disagree with a liberal, it's only because you are racist. Well done liberals, well done. If you pull the lever for a Democrat on any level, understand that this stance is what you support.
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    As I feel humble coming back after long absence getting so much support “glad you are back” texts I will say this. Fock @posty
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    RUSH's GEDDY LEE And ALEX LIFESON Thank Everyone For 'Outpouring Of Love' Since NEIL PEART's Death https://www.blabbermouth.net/news/rushs-geddy-lee-and-alex-lifeson-thank-everyone-for-outpouring-of-love-since-neil-pearts-death/?fbclid=IwAR30sW301JePLfvlUE9uSLdaJRiYY3Ed56CB25jEdSb7qN46UZTNxu8H6LA#.XiNOB8XmOqg.facebook
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    There are no easy fixes to the homeless problem. Most of them are mentally ill or addicts. Put them in jail and the state has to assuming the costs of all their medical and mental health along with housing, food, clothing etc. Let them roam free and they become a blight on whatever neighborhood they’re in. The out of control costs of housing and healthcare are definitely a factor along with the opioid crisis.
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    I think in these modern times we have the ability to build and operate safe facilities for the mentally ill. There is no need for them to be the horrible places they were in the past.
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    The old shoulder move...
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    UFC went after Reddit hard. They no longer allow you to post links to free streams for UFC.
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    His arse was so chapped he had to start a thread on another forum that banned him for the entire football season for a post in their political forum. Bitching about this place and how terrible all of the posters are. He collected his handful of likes and all is well again in the world.
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    Neil probably gets Barkers vote
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    I cannot believe we are still waiting on a 12th member. This is the most amazing league in all of the internets. To illustrate this point I added my 2018 EdEx Championship Title to my actual, factual work resume. It’s one of my most prized accomplishments, and this comes from a fairly successful businessman. Not to mention multi-time fantasy footballer champion at the highest of levels. Just ask around. I guess we’ll go with 11, but my future 2020 title will feel a bit empty.
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    I'm already taking him to the Championship game this weekend with his grandpa.
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    You have to hold up a sign that says "Geek Club." Also, you should take CMH's son.
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    He's not going to fock ya bro