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    Depends. What is the race of the shooter? If white, mass shooting. If Muslim, terrorism. If black, gangland crossfire. HTH
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    First new auto manufacturing line in Detroit in 27 years. https://www.detroitnews.com/story/business/autos/chrysler/2018/12/06/fiat-chrysler-open-new-assembly-plant-detroit/2225735002/ Now there's two. https://www.metrotimes.com/detroit/how-michigans-auto-industry-is-gearing-up-for-cars-of-the-future/Content?oid=21981850 This is what happens when your president isn't a corporatist globalist a$$hole. But go on calling the people who work there and his voters rust belt rubes. What you ARE right about is taht this will probably get him re-elected. This is everything I could want from him. He's the president I've been waiting for all my life.
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    Based on the FBI's wording in their response to the initial, misleading report, I was thinking maybe a now retired agent who was closely working on the case, and has kept a relationship with the parents knows some scuttlebutt and gave them a heads-up. BUT apparently the mom's full comments to the Stockton Record (initial report) included that people should "stay tuned" to a recent podcast series that's been focusing on the case and growing in popularity. The family has commented in it. So it does sound like a means of drumming up interest in the podcast...a ruse to keep interest in her daughter's case. Hopefully that's wrong. The first explanation would be great.
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    Oof, peenie this comment. Odell showed us he isnt that good this year and also he played with Eli for only a small fraction of his career and neither SB ring was won with Odell.
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    Williams fumble on the niners 20 in OT and the ensuing fg won that game not eli lmfao.
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    He's a better QB than Marino or Romo. Trent Dilfer and Brad Johnson are also better than Marino or Romo. Aikman is better than most other QB's (any QB with 2 SB's or less) Emmitt Smith has 3 SB's. He's better than any other RB with 2 or less. Barry has zero, so he isn't very good. I'm not saying I'm agreeing or disagreeing with anything. Its ridiculous how so many attach "wins" to a QB. It started happening in the early 2000's. All of the sudden QB's were like MLB pitchers. Announcers, public, experts were listing wins and losses for QB's. 95% of arguments are dumb and tunnel visioned. IMO, he was an average QB who found a way to play his best in some big games. (I'm sure he played sh!tty in some big games too). He had a good supporting cast and and whiff of luck/good fortune (Tyree).
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    Maybe moonlanding but I found this interesting. Obummer and Biden were up to their eyeballs in this Ukraine mess and theyre all now scrambling with this impeachment sham to cover their asse$. This Biden/Burisma deal was rotten to the core. http://video.foxnews.com/v/6125736869001/
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    The FBI's statement reveals that it was at least a legitimate former agent. The way they say they're not aware of new information they've made public kiiinda sounds like intentionally leaving its veracity open ended...just clarifying *they* didn't make it public. But then the mom's full comments questionably seem to revolve around ginning up interest in the podcast. Back to hmmm.
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    I give Trump credit for talking about it, but he keeps beating the same strawman about unfair trade being the culprit. Everyone with a brain knows the reason we’re hemorrhaging jobs is because our own laws allow US businesses to hire cheap foreign labor for pennies on the dollar with few worker protections. No US worker can compete with that, no matter how well he manufactures widgets. Trump will never touch that issue because he’s spent his career doing the same thing. He’ll rattle the saber at Mexico and China though so the rust belt rubes focus their anger overseas. It will probably get him re-elected. That and the sad state of the Democratic Party.
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    Yes. He said I was going to get tired of winning.
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    You need a hobby that doesn't involve an eli shrine my man.
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    Lol. Yeah, all the other plays before that didn't mean anything. Your boy Harbaugh should have had two guys back there returning punts in those conditions. Coughlin did. Schooled. Not the first time the Giants rolled into SF and won an NFC championship on the last play. Good times.
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    Looks like he got suspended 12 games. No word on whether that was with or without pay.
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    The guy was basically good for 5 minutes twice. Other than that he was pretty average.
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    Maybe they realize his trade war is a campaign stunt that’s hurt US business more than it’s helped and it will abandoned the second he wins re-election, just like his tariffs on US businesses that offshore went the way of the wall and paying off the federal debt.
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    Yes. There’s a chance you get one of their base rookie cards. There’s also a chance you’ll get an autographed card, a relic card or a colored parallel card of the same player. Those are rarer and more valuable. On the flip side, there’s a chance you’ll get a whole bunch of garbage base cards and nothing else. That’s one of the gambles that drives the multi billion $ biz. The second gamble is what you do with that card once you get it. Buy, sell or hold, based on whatever future value you believe the card will have. Opening packs and boxes is a good way to burn thru tons of cash. I don’t really do that. You can also buy a part of a box break, again gambling that you’ll pull a team and/or card of value for minimal investment. Again, not a smart way to invest in cards, but lots of people love the chase. On the whole, it’s better to buy single cards you want to collect or single cards you think will rise in value. Again, you’ll have to decide how long to hold and when to sell if you’re in it to turn a profit
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    We have never not finished. I may be white whiner but some of you are insufferable
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    Off to the hall of meh.
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    Used to collect in my younger days, and had a card shop right next to my office when I was 16. I would stop by and grab some interesting stuff. Unopened packs from the 60's for $5 which would be like the early 2000's now. I did get the whole original USFL set for $10 back then. Worth a couple of hundred today I suppose. Nothing else of real value.
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    Taken by boat to an area where they will be purchased by rich white men to go work on a field.
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    Does she still have the Miata?
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