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    US Open Round One 1. Cbiff.............-7 (-4, -2, -1) 2. Dain.............-6 (-3, -3, E) *tie break second golfer -3 3. Alias............-6 (-3, -2, -1) 4. Fumble.........-5 (-5, -4, +4) 5. Cruz.............-3 (-2, -2, +1) 6. LOD..............-2 (-4, E, +2) 7. Doody...........E (-2, -1, +3) 8. Edjr.............. +1 (E, E, +1) 9. Pat...............+2 (-1, E, +3) 10. KSB.............+3 (+1, +1, +1) 11. Wonder........+6 (+1, +2, +3)
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    So she never tested positive, and she's one of the few that has long-term effects. And she just happens to be an attention-whòre and covid alarmist. What are the odds?
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    Update#@!~ After much analysis and deliberation, I've decided to move forward with the surgery. Date is Tuesday 9/29, after which I won't have a voice box, I'll breathe through a hole in my neck, and I may have a flap of chest muscle stuffed up into my throat to patch the area they take out. LOOK AT MEEEEEEE!!!!!! Or don't, it doesn't sound very attractive. Bottom line was twofold. One, the survival rates are higher with the surgery. Part of that is a better way to minimize metastasis throughout my body, which if that were to happen... no bueno. I was looking for someone to tell me otherwise, but in the end, data is data. Two, the amount of radiation required to get all of this thing would fry the shiot out of my throat including vocal cords, which might not survive and require similar surgery with a radiation-fried throat. It would also likely cause aspiration (food getting into my lungs) which could cause pneumonia, also no bueno. I'll say more later but wanted to get this out there.
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    I have. Her friends watch on the high-tech equipment that Headlock installed for us.
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    I’m being serious when I say it is because of softness. Kids today are so coddled that they never learn how to deal with any adversity.
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    Tucker for President, 2024.
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    You said this is for Week 7. It's only Week 2 now. Relax. We'll get back to you.
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    enjoy. at least I can stop paying attention until I do the scores in the evening and just one more of these thing to go!
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    No, I call you a Cuck, because you are a literal Cuck. I'm also not letting you run away from it, either. Neither am I letting you run away from your Muslim gang bang fantasies. Especially since you and only you, bring it up. Try to keep it straight.
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    How is it that Shannen Doherty ended up being the SANE one of those three witches?
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    Was he hospitalized, is he on a ventilator? was he wearing a mask? The information we are given is useless, why are they keeping people in the dark about the details. This reporting sucks and is nothing more than a scare tactic.
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    They were my highest scoring position on my squad @ 31.9 Nice call
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    I don't want to see Avengers 19 or Batman 25. When they start making adult movies again I'll go. I'm so angry because I had to watch the most boring adult films when I was a child. Now that I'm old all movies are geared toward kids. I love the movie theater experience.
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    The prop bets are pretty good. https://www.vegaselectionodds.com/debates/
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    I'm not but I have said it before and I will say it again. He is my favorite player of all time. I loved him in college. For a min the U was RB central. I would love to see him continue to do this till he passes sweetness at least....probably not smiff but who knows.
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    Is 'thimblerigged' some kind of sexual euphemism like fingerbanged?
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    Chubb is going to tear it up Thursday night... just sayin
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    Keep rolling w J Cook. Due for a big game Monday night.
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    Kyler Murray is mine, Rushing floor makes him valuable. Dak could be the guy, I'm not reaching for any QB
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    Yes, they've been exposed as the terrorist organization they are and they will most likely help trump win bigly.
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    Same here. I’ll see if Hannity has someone like John Solomon on, and if not I tune out. You’re not going to learn a whole lot from him.