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    I hope he goes to my titans. I'm terrified he goes to the Colts.
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    He’s moving north. Nashville
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    Here we go! I think I've got Chase Edmonds too high. This is our jumping off point. We'll do another couple updates in June as news demands then weekly updates once July hits. Roughly 190 player notes on offense and another 75 on the IDP side.
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    Mount Everest - the tallest one of all Mount Kilimanjaro - it’s technically a volcano Mount Fuji - watch out for salt in the eyes Pikes Peak - had to pick one in the US not in Alaska
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    I hope he doesn’t die. Holding out hope that the 0.0000001 chance doesn’t get him.
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    I'm not religious. I do not believe in God at all actually, but I'm sending my kids to Christian school where they will not have to learn this brain washing bull . This is just the start. Its going to absolutely split the country once these kids are adults.
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    Sanford and Son. Blackish- gods. The only thing I know about Blackish is that is was the show with the black guy who taught Jimmy Kimmel how to fully embrace his white liberal quasi-male qausi-hetro identity at the Rat's Ass Awards a few years back. Yeah, I'm not watching that. But I did love the award ceremony. I really felt the chemistry between the two onstage that day. Kimmel was the perfect representation of every white male Democrat who I recommend should study him to learn how to behave in public around black folks.
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    Golden Goat Barry White
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    what do you need, what are you looking for? my top 3 best all-time best sellers best taste 1) Bubba's Gift 2) Frosted Flakes 3) Gushers
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    Sales tax only. Higher on luxury items, less on needs.
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    Funny how Trump was so ahead of the game on this chinese virus. Month's later all the shlt comes out. fauci is proven to be a fraud and should be tossed in prison. Now all you dumbass liberals, you should go out there and tell your lazy ass frireds to go get a job. There are plenty available. Stop living off of actual working taxpayer's dollars.
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    same, but not necessarily in that order Mount Shitmore would be.... Obama, Carter, LBJ, Wilson
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    Depends on the person.
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    Don't get too excited. It's just a slide projector and a cvm stained bedsheet.
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    That’s actually a real good fit.
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    That’s really terrible and the perpetrator should get the death penalty if convicted. But what, exactly, is the point of posting this??
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    I don't know about you, but this was the best news that I received telling me things are much better so I didn't have to go back as frequently... Be well and take care of yourself...
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    Yeah I mean there’s basically just two as I understand, sativa and indica. People might sorta blend them at different amounts and strengths but end of the day, that’s it.
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    Not sure if he meant that as a joke but you are right.
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    He bet on basketball? He threw games for profit?
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    Cabrini Green reminds me of vampires (the residents) and jane byrne (the mayor). That place needed to be wiped out, just like a bunch of neighborhoods in Chicago today need to be wiped out.
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    I guess a good gauge would be comparing James Bond movies. Most people like Bond movies. I gotta say, I like the older ones better. One of the more semi-recent ones, Casino Royale, was pretty good, but the newer ones overall, I don't think have been as good. Even with all the more recent special effects.
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    It is beautiful. Been to the Arlington Million as well. Sad to see it go. Hope the Bears buy the space for a new stadium.
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    Spent half my life there. Didn't live in the city tthough but for only a year or so. Otherwise in the west burbs. Used to be focking awesome on the north side.
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    It's a worn out phrase, you had to go back almost 5 years to grab a quote. You couldn't have proven my point any further, appreciate it.