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    LOVED that one. And then they put him in the play. Hilarious.
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    I think he was working on making a poo in his diaper.
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    Until they died... (Law&Order) DUN DUN!!
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    He's playing the cagey angle so as not to ultimately get burnt. But he will. Already been burnt once by not seeing the obvious lie by the board. Cuck also being cagey in here. Never defend anything that is in the tranny universe.
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    Gibson/ Carter. If Gibson can play I’m picking him.
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    It seriously drives me insane that idiots like this guy, Tim hack, MDC, etc all have to do mental gymnastics and mention Trump just to try and make it seem like This all isn’t Bidens fault when it’s 100% him and his administration. It’s October of Bidens first year and look how bad our economy got in just these months. Even with Trump in office during the pandemic things were NOT this bad. You’d have to be a freaking moron (such as this guy) to think Biden isn’t even the slightest bit at fault.
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    I'm going to play a psychiatrist just by reading your posts. Rusty is a homosexual. He continues to publicly NOT come out as he lives in Texas and has family members he doesn't want to disappoint However this explains his failed marriages and lets be honest his posts and pictures , It's 2021 Rusty.......just come out already!
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    What is that? 19-6 over 2 nights?
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    My cousin that shot himself and I'm like man you got this to look forward too. He love the Soprano's. Now I' m like you didn't miss anything.
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    Nobody likes a quitter.
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    Good for you, seriously. I used to drink every day, now I hardly drink at all. Except tomorrow, we are going to a wine bar for dinner. And Sunday, going to the Cards/Texans game. But I don't drink much dambit!
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    Brian’s mother is the evil villain with the father as her pawn. So simple really. She was insanely jealous of their carefree lifestyle lol why not
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    I'm not sure about your religious leanings, but would you ever consider taking on a missionary position?
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    Put $100 on dearnest johnson 60 or more rushing yards, $100 chargers win AFC, $100 chargers win super bowl. Plus several of those $5 parlays for week 7 for the $52,000 jackpot.
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    Kind of sounds like extreme mountain climbers that fall and break their legs in some crevice of a rock on the mountain and all of sudden they need emergency dangerous helicopter rescues to help them out.
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    Hilton too risky Colts WR T.Y. Hilton (quad) said he's "50-50" to play in Week. 7 against the 49ers. Hilton said he's "in a good spot" with his sore quad but failed to practice on either Wednesday or Thursday. Having returned for a 20% target share in his first game off injured reserve, it's an injury worth monitoring since he limited Michael Pittman's opportunity (three targets) on Sunday. Hilton is shaping up to be a true game-time call. SOURCE: Mike Wells on Twitter Oct 21, 2021, 12:40 PM ET
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    He’s not going to make it the season.
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    https://babylonbee.com/news/liberal-parent-trying-to-figure-out-how-to-cheer-on-their-son-brandon Liberal Parent Trying To Figure Out How To Cheer For His Son Brandon ST. LOUIS, MO—Local liberal Joe Bailey has for years enjoyed cheering on his son Brandon at his Little League soccer games, but lately that has proven difficult, since his cheering typically involves shouting the insurrectionist chant "Let's Go Brandon" from the stands. "I try to be so careful, but every so often in the excitement, I let slip a ‘Let’s go Brandon!’" said Bailey. "Then all the parents join in chanting, the game devolves into fits of laughter, and all the Trump supporters are trying to give me a high-five. It’s horrible!" According to sources, Mr. Bailey has thought about changing his son's name to something like "Bandleigh" or "Braidlynio" to make things a bit easier. "Woooo!" said Bailey as his son made a great play, trying desperately to avoid using the dreaded phrase. "Let's go... bud! Well played! Positive reinforcement!" Just then, Brandon scored a goal, causing his dad to jump to his feet and involuntarily scream "LET'S GO BRANDON!", causing the entire crowd to join in. Joe Bailey is now on 12 FBI watch lists.
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    All of these posts are interesting, but missing the big, giant glaring problem with the Democrat-controlled Commonwealth... ARLINGTON, Va. (7News) — After two alleged sex crimes at two Loudon County public high schools, many parents are asking for more transparency including why did Virginia lawmakers pass a law last year that allows a school district to decide if it alerts law enforcement about a laundry list of misdemeanors, including any sexual battery, when it occurs on campus. -------------------- That's why they and other liberal-run school districts in Virginia report "0 sexual assaults" in their schools.
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    When my daughter was 15 she said she’d never date a short guy. This why you sawed off dudes walk around with an attitude, can’t get dat poosay. you manlets are left with the scraps from us tall dudes.