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    Formally name the Chargers team of the decade and approve Civil War.
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    Did you call it a political stunt? Because it was , and a lot worse than sending people to Martha’s Vineyard for a few hours. One bothered you more than the other. Think about that.
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    Yeah! It’s not happening! GTFO. Teachers unions, most importantly the national ones, used opening schools as political leverage for issues that had nothing to do with Covid. I’ll say it again, 50 adult illegals used for a political stunt for a few hours bothered liberals like Hack and Mooney more than teachers unions, including the national ones, using our childrens health and eduction to demand things they wanted that had zero to do with Covid.
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    I was thinking the same thing. I immediately thought of you, but with a neck tattoo and an arm sleeve and cigarette wrinkles.
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    DoorDash commercial showing a fat lady watching tv in a dumpy apartment as their advertisement. I guess they're actively going after people who have given up on life.
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    He looks like I picture some Geeks.
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    28 full seconds of him trying to figure out where the fok he is waiting for someone to tell him what to do.
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    Not proven yet but we know GutterPedoLiar likes to have a ton of aliases and he likes to defend trannys. It makes sense he would have an alias that pretends to be a woman. Similar IQs.
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    Another high IQ response.
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    I don’t feel good about it. Just think it should be the woman’s choice up to a certain point (around 20-24 weeks when it might be able to survive on its own)
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    Update!@#! May have a lead and more importantly a ride for Saturday.
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    I'm glad I didn't pay much attention to the NCAA slate tonight. Coastal -2??? I may have dropped some inappropriate funds on this game.
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    So did Warren before that fumble. I saw him spit on his gloves on the sideline though, so I'm sure the fumbles will not happen again.
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    Link? Who is crying and saying the FBI cant investigate? I didnt quote the rest because it's so riddled with inaccuracies it's not worth the time go through. You might want to check where you're getting your information from.
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    Knew Harris would get it after Warren got them in close (after all, facing him H2H).
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    Also nice. I'm not saying I'm some buddhist monk who never gets mad; I certainly get disappointed/upset with bad shots. Mostly I'll just do one of those "reswing really fast and angry" kinda things. I also have in my mind that I've maybe tossed a club or two in my youth, because in my mind I feel like I've learned that if you toss a club, toss it low because the gravity will break the club. But I have no specific memory of doing that, and I know I've never broken a club. I once described it to my wife as follows: golf is the ultimate competitive sport; that is why you see people like Michael Jordan so into it. In baseball the pitcher makes a good pitch, in basketball the offensive player makes a good move, etc., you tip your hat. In golf your ball can be sitting there, nice flat lie, 150 yards from the hole, and you still spray it out of bounds. You can almost always do better, and you usually can't blame other factors.
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    Problem with Dak is he only throws to open receivers. Ceedee doesn't get open.
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    WTF are you talking about? I already posted a quote from a news article that clearly shows his mom was on her way to pick him up when he called her to tell him he was possibly being chased. As usual, you're delusional and doubling down on being wrong.
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    Not surprised. Nor am I surprised the MSM doesn't cover it as the MSM-spoonfed posters here were kept in the dark on it in this thread. Anyway, I'm not going to kick Sweden for the near future now, after slightly more than half of their moronic voters somehow came to their senses. Now that they've installed a new, razor-thin centrist government coalition for the first time I can remember, lets hope they get some results. I don't think the coalition will hold very long but if they get results with some early wins, maybe get some momentum so they don't hate each other, it could potentially last. We can keep our fingers crossed.
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    No amount of taxpayer money is too much to spend, when it comes to “owning the libs.” And if you can pay that money to a GOP donor, even better!
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    Ah yes, thats right, leftists love to pretend its others than are doing what they are actually doing, I surmise it is a self defense mechanism less their core beliefs be shattered. You just posted what you are pretending others do.....how quickly you ran to mommy (in this case projection) to avoid being culpable for your own racist sentiment.
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    From what I've read he requested a trade and the bills released him back in March ...I'm thinking he wasn't happy the way they treated his decision on the clot-shot
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