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    These days, if I hear a Leftist say the word "democracy," I replace it with "the Democrat party." It is more accurate most of the time.
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    The facts are that inflation is out of control around the world. That is not because of an economic policy created by the USA. https://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2022/06/15/in-the-u-s-and-around-the-world-inflation-is-high-and-getting-higher/ https://tradingeconomics.com/country-list/inflation-rate
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    Ok, a defense probably won't save your season, but Axe Elf still cares that you get the most production possible from your fantasy football team, so here's the tip that will ensure your dominance at that position for the playoff run. Depending on the depth of your league, they may already be rostered, but coming off a game against Tampa Bay, with a game against New Orleans and then their bye coming up, most streamers probably have already dropped or will drop the Baltimore Ravens DST in the next week or two. The Baltimore Ravens are currently tied for 8th place among fantasy DSTs, which is pretty good considering their schedule so far has consisted of Miami (5-3), the Flacco Jets (5-3), New England (4-4), Buffalo (6-1), Cincinnati (4-4), the Giants (6-2), Cleveland (3-5) and Tampa Bay (3-5). After New Orleans this week and then their bye (should be able to pick them up after Week 10), their remaining schedule consists of Carolina (2-6), Jacksonville (2-6), Denver (3-5), Pittsburgh (2-6), Cleveland(3-5), and for the final two playoff weeks, Atlanta (4-4) and Pittsburgh (2-6) again. They do play Cincinnati in Week 18, but hopefully no one is still playing fantasy football in Week 18. Got Dallas? They have Minnesota (6-1) and the Giants (6-2) coming up, and face Philadelphia (7-0) and Tennessee (5-2) in playoff weeks 16 and 17. Got New England? They have Minnesota (6-1) and Buffalo (6-1) coming up, and face Cincinnati (4-4) and Miami (5-3) in Weeks 16 and 17. Got Buffalo? They have Minnesota and Detroit coming up, and also face Miami and Cincinnati in two of their final three games. Got Philadelphia? They have Tennessee (5-2) and the Giants (6-2) coming up, and face Dallas (6-2) and New Orleans (3-5) in Weeks 16 and 17 You're welcome!.
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    https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2022/10/covid-response-forgiveness/671879/&ved=2ahUKEwiPmujV9Y_7AhUokYkEHTdeAtMQFnoECBwQAQ&usg=AOvVaw3QPkV9siwF9HwpiBmSGyyi I say FOCK that! Everyone/anyone who did any of this, can blow me. 1. Blamed healthy individuals not at risk who didn't want the shot. Said things like "blood on their hands", "anti-vaxxers", "fire them", "shame them", focking "jail them" etc etc. 2. Shut down schools. 3. Masked children for years. 4. Masking alone in your car or out for a walk. I'm sure I'm missing plenty, but with the behavior from some, fock you!
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    And the energy part trickles down to just about everything else.
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    You keep saying that but I disagree. The democrats have a lot going for them this cycle that they haven’t in the past, notably abortion. The president got the most votes ever a short time ago, and has delivered on much of what he promised. Russia is on the run. Crime is going down and the environment is improving. This isn’t a normal cycle at all. They have a lot going for them.
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    They can call go fock themselves, nice little reminder coming next Tuesday.
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    They really are going to squeeze every last drop of juice out of this aren't they? Good for them. Meanwhile gas is still high and people are going to eat pizza for Thanksgiving.
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    Do love the irony that in 2020 the polls (Like 538, etc.) pointed to Biden winning and people were like "Polls don't matter. They don't interview Trump supporters. Republicans work when they make phone calls...."Now that the polls show the GOP ahead it is "The polls have the GOP winning so it's set." Here in PA it seems like the Senator spot is more of a toss-up than I think the Democrats or Republicans thought it would be at various times. Have no idea how it turns out but I would say if a lot of people vote outside of mail in ballots it probably goes to Oz. The Republicans though completely shat themselves on the governor spot it seems like. Doug Mastriano does not seem to have any momentum whatsoever. I never get any thing asking me to vote for him and the most they can ever say about him is "Remember Trump? Doug commissioned a bus to the rally on January 6th." Not the most compelling argument.
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    You might want to check the thread entitled "The Defense That Will Save Your Season" first.
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    Exactly. They all waste your money. Every one of them d, r, don't matter. It's disgusting.
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    Yes, inflation has gone up, that's what the cost of food and goods means. Job creation is still going strong, nothing to do with Biden. I'm not gonna defend Biden, he's terrible, I didn't vote for him, can't wait until he's gone.
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    Everyone begs Trump to spend money because they locked us down. Trump overspends knowing that we needed a bazooka to solve the problem and overshot. Everyone begs Biden not to spend too much money, he signs us up for 2 Trillion for no reason. Shooter thinks these scenarios are the same.
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    If you voted for a party whose primary objective is its people relying on the government (see illegal immigration, causing mass inflation, killing oil, on and on etc) No. no i have zero sympathy if you voted blue and now struggle. Do no mean tweets feed you? There is literally no positive metric democratic policies have created under Biden.
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    Quit cherry picking. The stimulus payments. Advances in chid tax credits. PPP loans. Coronavirus food programs. ARPA. I mean we can debate what was warranted or not all day long. But all of these things have led us to the environment we all are currently in right now.
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    If you’re struggling to buy a house now, or put food on your table as a Democrat, I really don’t even feel sorry for you. We all told you this would happen, but you didn’t like mean Tweets. This country is far far weaker than it was even two years ago. Trump is a complete dumbass and a buffoon, but his policies worked. So if you’re struggling on the left? Lay in that bed baby girl.
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    Fine with me if you never want another vaccine again, or any medication for that matter.
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    Pooper McGavin! Isolating kids during Covid caused the RSV epidemic we are currently having. Dummy. My wife is bikini model HOT. Don't be a hater because you had a bunch of snot nosed kids with some fatty.
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    We have far too much forgiveness and acceptance. It's why grown men dressed in sexual attire twerk in front of children during a "parade". No, we need justice. The people who pushed their pseudoscience and the leaders who enforced those rules should be held accountable. It'll never happen though. The psychos like that author doesn't care about what she did to her children, family, and community. She just wants to be told it's okay to be a monster.
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    Those authoritarian idiots belive if only they use a heavy hand and eliminate all the bad apples and don't allow misinformation, they can have productive discussions. What they will end up is even a bigger leftwing circle-jerk because the only people who stand up to those snarky holier-than-thou mob bullies will be gone. I tell them what the issue is and all they do is ignore. But I doubt they bring it back.