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    My daughter got accepted to her first college tonight. It's her #3 choice, so we got that.
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    You vomit a lot of crap, but you never make a point. You are the most worthless POS on this forum.
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    HT and Craftsman reported the thread to Mike because no one was saying that they liked them...
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    My trainer is a 20 y/o non-binary kid named Opal. They weigh like 100 pounds tops but they are really strong!
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    Shouldn't something like that be caged and studied by professionals to try & prevent it from happening in the future ?
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    I like that. Morello and his kind are gigantic frauds.
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    Liberals don't believe their precious overlords would be complicit in such a plot Rage for the Machine is the new mantra
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    I always watch child murder documentaries when I need cheering up, too.
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    Small town Florida and everything surrounding this move. in two weeks.
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    I wish everyone here positive heartfelt energy.
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    I think a lot more people would be sympathetic to the cause if it didn’t always end up there. Rioting and looting sets the movement back to ground zero every. focking. time.
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    The chic in your avatar will do.
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    That is my gut. Instantly. I am also stoned. I ate a bunch of gummies.
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    Russia is warning against people buying "lunch lady squares" from some jackass on a fantasy football message board.
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    Good for you man. Always good when you travel to have some destinations for food and to hit the local stops
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    Expect nothing less from our resident groomer. Keep up your lame defenses, you pedophile-loving pervert.
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    So, they'll have to drink beer and not shower. Just another Tuesday in houston.
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    SD is graduating from college in 2 weeks. My whole family has been sick. Work is a drag. Just finished at the gym. Going to have a beer and watch Schitt’s Creek before bed.
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    He's Antifa disguised as BLM disguised as Proud Boys disguised as Oath Keepers. He used Hunter Biden's laptop to hack into Rudolph's nose and create a blackout, and he would have gotten away with it were it not for that meddling Buddy Hobbs and that fockface Narwhal.
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    In one recording, defendant Kelly Meggs can be heard saying that “pepper spray is legal. Tasers are legal. And stun guns are legal. And it doesn’t hurt to have a lead pipe with a flag on it.” And they were prepared with much worse: https://apnews.com/article/capitol-siege-florida-virginia-conspiracy-government-and-politics-6ac80882e8cf61af36be6c46252ac24c
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    Pizza Hut was outstanding in the 80's & early 90's and something has changed since. I think Crafstman or someone here said they changed their supplier years back.
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    Kari Lake will probably get a TV show on a right-wing network because of this. I’m guessing that’s what she was angling for to begin with.
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    Similar to Trump, those tweets were before the media told her how to feel about Elon.
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