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    Disney cancelling their $1 billion development plan, massive lawsuit against book bans, truckers refusing to drive to Florida, migrant farm workers leaving crops to rot in the field, and now the NAACP travel advisory…. None of it would be happening if Ronda just focused on governing instead of trying to be a far right culture war hero. He’s been punching wildly for a while. Now that his opponents are punching back, he cries, and his defenders cry too.
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    A little off topic but not. I remember when I was like 11 or 12 and going to Chinese takeout and getting pint of pork fried rice with friends- felt like a grown up buying my own food. We would sit on the curb and eat our food out of the square container dousing the rice in duck sauce. Vivid memory
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    mdc reminiscing..........................."I remember the days, decades ago, when I would post all day and night on this site (not unlike I still do today) about taking a day trip to New York City and mention 75 times to anyone who will listen about how I was still sitting in my hotel room and not beat up. Oooohh....and no one would laugh at me. Now all these young whippersnappers call me out for being an idiot instead of joining in my dumbassery. Those were the days........ Ooooooohhhhhhhh......it hurts."
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    It's better when Seachode/Craftsman/League Champion/Utilit99 are gone. Enjoy it while it lasts.
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    How many bills aren’t divisive? You live in a fantasy land. I think I’ll call you Tattoo from now on. Da plane! Da plane!
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    Nah. Fock Eichel. And fock newer franchises have immediate success.
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    There was a restaurant that served Roast Beef Manahattan where I grew up. Looks disgusting but was so good. Have never seen it on another menu for some reason.
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    You’re a tool. ZING!
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    Those american adjunct lagers will last years and taste virtually the same. They used to put a "Born on date" on all the cans/bottles, which is a better indicator. They switch to expiration date years back, probably to drive more sales, to get people to dump their sh1t beer and replace it with more sh1t beer. Good beer still uses the "Canned Date" so you know when it was made and can make a judgement call on whether or not you want to drink it or sink it.
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    This is the party that cares sooooo much about kids that they're lowering child labor laws? And refuse to stand up to the gun lobby over the school shooting epidemic? I know the talking points, and I know the reality. GTFO
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    OK so the NAACP reavtion is divisive, but the guy passing all the divisive bills is not to blame. Got it.
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    Of course not, but if you had to put a few grand on how a leader of a church that is normally pro-life votes, you would guess the same too. Just like I'd bet if you saw an article about a groomer teacher, you'd guess lib and probably be right. But not all teachers are libs.
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    libtards celebrate when something goes from 3$ to 6$ then down to 5.50
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    For you punk guys saw Teenage Bottlerocket last night in a small venue in Riverside. Took my gf who has never listened to punk and she loved it. One of the best shows I’ve been to
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    Well, all liberals are rather stupid so...
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    I’m personally pro life, however I think we live in a Country that is divided on the subject and realize not everyone thinks as I do. From a lawful (not personal) POV, if I was King for a day I have abortion laws as follows: 1. Abortion legal up to 12 weeks (First Trimester). As the 90’s Democrat used to say. Abortion should be safe, timely and rare. More than enough time to make a decision. Also takes care of any rape or incest victims. 2. With that said I would defund Planned Parenthood. They are a non profit and should exist on their own accord without taxpayer money. All the Hollywood elite are more than welcome to give to them. 3. Minors are required parental notification. 4. To my Pro Life people? Fight and push for adoption causes and other initiatives. Change hearts and minds so people make the better “choice”.
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    Just bought a ticket for Friday of Aftershock in October. TOOL is the headliner that night. Megadeth and Coheed and Cambria are also on the bill, but don't know if they're playing the same stage.