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    Ah, you're in the "we have nukes" dishipt line of thinking. Great
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    The 2A wasn't about self defense. Self defense is a natural right. The Founders wouldn't have wasted their time stipulating something so obvious. The 2A was about defense of liberty and guaranteeing the right of the people to keep and bear the tools with which to do so.
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    notice the liberal roaches are scrambling to this thread to post and mock and refuse to legitimately engage in discussion on the 1239814902 threads where liberals are doing despicable things. it just helps prove they are not here for serous debate and should be ignored.
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    Love this: https://www.wfae.org/united-states-world/2023-05-27/a-service-dog-gets-his-own-college-diploma-winning-huge-cheers
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    Mental hospitals, strait jackets, shock therapy.
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    None of what you wrote pays back 32 trillion dollars in a “couple” years and your numbers are pure fiction and have been debunked by credible economists. All you have is far left talking points.
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    thank God there are patriots watching
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    500? Really? How old is Harrison Ford?
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    Our founders overthrew the legitimate government. They wanted the people to retain the right and power to do so. They wanted government to respect if not fear the power retained by the people. They thought that respect would restrain tyranny. It was all about a peoples militia being able to effectively rise up and oppose the standing army and navy of the legitimate government. Is that insane in this day and age. Of course. Yet that is what it meant. If we find it insane we need to amend it, not ignore it or try to interpret it away, but amend it. Anything less or more clearly ignores the constitution. BTW, The founders did not only authorize individual arms. The authoirzed private ship of war. They authorized marques of reprisal essentially allowing private ship captains to capture ship of war. To do so those privater ships had to also have cannon and fighting men.
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    He may be exaggerating, but it's like calling the Pacific Ocean a wading pool if he is. He's not close to reality. I'm a believer in the larger the economy grows, the less it matters. But it must be looked at on an exponential scale. Our GDP isn't growing rapidly enough to counter the debt we've incurred. There are going to have to be both spending and revenue adjustments to fix it. The problem is neither side is going to admit to the other that they have to give some in that. The perfect example of this was Simpson Bowles. Even as someone who stridently opposes new taxes, and yes some of us who may be saddled with it didn't get all the benefits of the spending that got us in this mess, we are eventually going to have to sacrifice. I'd rather be able to choose the time and spread it out on our own accord than a fiscal emergency that will come down the road. But we shouldn't kid ourselves, we are spending way too much and for at least a period of time there will have to be some revenue component too. The issue is it would be foolish to feed the spending beast that is our government with new revenues without cuts in spending. Everyone has a pet plan they want funded or funding increased for. I don't want to raise revenues to pay off student loans, if we cut spending AND then there is additional tax to pay down debt and free us from obligations to China, I'm in.
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    You were also expecting Civil Nuclear War and a Chargers Super Bowl win.
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    The first part of your rant is ridiculous. So I'll ignore it. The second part is utter buIIshit. Nobody on this bored has any issue, whatsoever, with legal immigrants. They followed the law and went through the process the right way. And, in my experience, first generation legal immigrants value their new found American citizenship far more than do today's youth. Thanks to people like you who constantly disparage those of us who have a legitimate gripe with illegals as racists or xenophobes. We have an immigration process. If you disregard it, you disrespect America. If your first action in America is to disrespect it, you can fock off back to whatever shithoIe you came from.
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    As usual, everyone on the pro immigrant side of this issue presents facts and statistics. While everyone on the anti immigrant side presents anecdotes. Which makes sense because the anti-immigrant side is purely emotional. And it’s not a good or healthy emotion. It’s a fear of outsiders and a willingness to blame them for our problems. Unfortunately this sickness has been with us all throughout American history.
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    Then why doesn't it read "the right of the militia to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed?" Because it wasn't about The State. It was about A state A state of freedom. Therefore the PEOPLE were guaranteed the right to keep and bear arms to secure their state of freedom. Be it from foreign invaders or a tyrannical government. The entire BoR is about guaranteeing the rights of PEOPLE and restricting government authority.
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    They don't need to go out of business. They and the rest of corporate America just need to stop screaming tranny nonsense into everybody's face. I think they're getting the message that the average person is fed-the-fock up.
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    I’m so pissed at Trump for putting the nation in this position with the Mar-A-Lago documents mess. I mean, does anybody really care that he kept these documents against the rules? I don’t. Does it really threaten our security? I doubt it. Should we really waste our time prosecuting a former President of the United States, with all the political mess that entails (not to mention millions of taxpayer dollars) over this? Hell no. But on the other hand, he broke the law and obstructed justice. He lied to the FBI and the DOJ. He waited until the warrant was served and THEN moved the documents and hid them. He had his attorneys lie to the FBI. And why? Probably for no bigger reason than he wanted to brag to cronies by showing them cool stuff. So stupid, so unnecessary. And now, if we’re going to have a rule of law, we HAVE to prosecute him. And all because he’s just a dumb, narcissistic a$$hole. Fock him
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    You spelled kvnt wrong
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    7 year olds decide they are non-binary now. Groomed.
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    Full on psychotic.
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    This has to be satire
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    We have turned into a society that accepts vulgarity and perversion in the public space. When I see someone with a “Fock Joe Biden” shirt, or flag on their house, want to kick their ass. Just because you desire to appear to be above it all doesn’t mean everyone has that same desire.
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    Tax breaks for rich whites. Keep the poor browns in Mexico. Basically America first.
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    Imagine a person being willing to leave everything they’ve ever known, being willing to be separated from their loved ones and family, risking imprisonment and possibly even death to come here. Enduring heat, cold, hunger, terrible conditions in the desert to come here. All to be in the United States. Only the most courageous, determined folks would have the guts to do this. Damn right they are the best and brightest. They are our future.