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  1. RedzoneMonster

    Waller injury

    As a Walker owner, I picked up Musgrave with the hope that Waller has a good game this week vs AZ. if he does I will be trading him ASAP.
  2. RedzoneMonster

    Carolina WRs

    I targeted him late I’m my draft as my WR 5. I think he’s gonna be a great bench WR, who’ll end up with something like 750-800/8-9 tds.
  3. RedzoneMonster

    Anthony Richardson

    I have J. Allen as my starter. Richardson was sitting there in Rd 9 in my draft and I figured “why not”? If he stinks, I can drop him and not much damage. If he’s serviceable, I have a legit backup for Allen. If he’s a stud, I have either premium Allen insurance or great trade bait. That was my approach.
  4. RedzoneMonster

    League Manager question

    As a commish myself, I can say never ever ever EVER change the rules midseason, no matter how minor it seems. If you do you will hear this the next time it comes up.. “but you changed the rules that last time, so why not in this situation?”
  5. RedzoneMonster

    Week 13 Observations

    Swift looks to be back to a guy you can actually start again.
  6. I’m in a 12 man league, 3 divisions. We historically had 3 Div winners and one WC make the playoffs. A few years ago we switched to 6 teams make the playoffs - 3 Div winners, 1 true WC, and the 2 remaining teams with highest total points. We extended the playoffs from 2 to 3 weeks as well, and now the 2 Div winners with best record get first rd bye. Everyone seems to prefer it this way.
  7. RedzoneMonster

    D. Swift. The Real Story?

    As frustrating as it is, I can understand Williams getting the goal line work. I just don’t understand why Swift is getting almost NO work? He’s essentially been the 3rd string RB for the past couple weeks. It makes no sense.
  8. RedzoneMonster

    D. Swift. The Real Story?

    It’s getting hard to believe the coaches are playing it safe with him at this point. Hasn’t been on the injury report for 2 weeks, so if he’s still somehow hurt why even bother giving him a few carries per game - just sit him. DET is still in the mix for the wild card and not giving up on the season yet, and no reason to save him for the playoff run - they should be trying to GET in the playoffs. Swift averting 6.1 ypc., so I simply cannot think of any good reason why he’s not at least getting 50% of the carries. Anyone have any ideas?
  9. RedzoneMonster

    Tight Ends

    I dropped Pitts 2-3 weeks ago. Starting Muth now.
  10. RedzoneMonster

    Stupid MNF Questionables

    Luckily I have R. Moore on my bench if Hopkins sits. Any WRS from either AZ or SF avail in your wire you could stash in case Hopkins sits? I know a guy like J. Jennings on SF isn’t exciting, but maybe a guy like him.
  11. RedzoneMonster

    UPDATE: Bills vs. Browns weather 😮 - Moved to Detroit

    Now I can watch Allen throw 2 red zone picks under a dome. Great.
  12. RedzoneMonster

    SNF Discussion: Chargers at 49ers

    Did anyone else envision E. Mitchell getting this much work?
  13. RedzoneMonster

    SNF Discussion: Chargers at 49ers

  14. RedzoneMonster

    J. Wilson or Swift rest of the way..

    Aaaaaaaaand…. I started Swift instead of Wilson today. FML.