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  1. RedzoneMonster

    Do Not Draft List

    M. Thomas. I'll let someone else waste a roster spot on a guy who won't play until October, then be week to week every game after that.
  2. RedzoneMonster

    Rob Gronkowski

    He's a TE I'd be happy to get if I'm waiting until rd 10 or later this year for TE. Once you get past the top 5-6 TEs its literally a crap shoot anyway. I'm not even sure some of the "top 6 TEs" are that safe. Im 99% sure Im just going to wait until rd 10+ and just pick one of Gronk, Irv Smith, J. Smith, Jarwin, etc. Is there really any difference bt all those guys chances?
  3. RedzoneMonster

    Top Three

    There has never been more of a year where I wanted to draft at the end of the first rounds than this year. Every single one of the top RBs have huge question marks - CMC, Cook, Kamara, Barkley, Zeke, Henry. Injury histories, QB changes, high previous usage, etc. I'd much rather pick 2 of these 3 Chubb/Diggs/Hill in the first 2 rds than a CMC/K. Allen type combo.
  4. RedzoneMonster

    Has the WR Hierarchy Changed?

    I love Lamb this year, especially if you go WR heavy early and can get him as your WR3. I think he puts up more fantasy points than Cooper this year.
  5. RedzoneMonster

    Who is this years?...

    I like these a lot.
  6. RedzoneMonster

    Who is this years?...

    Who 2021's version of..? (Feel free to name several per guy) Justin Herbert = Johnathan Taylor = James Robinson (late rd/waiver gem RB) = Justin Jefferson = Brandon Aiyuk = (waiver gem WR) =
  7. RedzoneMonster


    I'd draft him as my RB2 if he was still there after I already drafted my RB1 and 2 WRs. Otherwise no.
  8. RedzoneMonster

    Had to Get One In Before Memorial Day

  9. RedzoneMonster

    Cam Akers..

    Don’t you just get the feeling he’s the next elite RB to have, and will be in consideration for the #1 overall pick in 2022? I do..
  10. RedzoneMonster

    Aaron Rodgers is an unhappy camper

    GB is in a BAD spot. Even if they wanted to make a trade, what does a high draft pick do for them? They can't draft a QB bc they will look like total fools after drafting Love last year. Sure, you could get a guy like Pitts, etc, but now you have Love throwing them the ball. I'd take Rodgers + any skill player they currently have over Love + Pitts, etc.
  11. RedzoneMonster

    Aaron Rodgers is an unhappy camper

    Even if Love and Dillon turn out to be pro-bowlers, I will still never understand GB's first two picks last year. They had a team ready to win NOW with a HOF QB and young stud RB. They were another pass catcher and DEF player away from a Super Bowl, and what do they do?.... Draft another QB and RB in the first two rounds... T. Higgins, Claypool, Shenault, T. Diggs all still on the board. I'll never get it...
  12. RedzoneMonster

    So. The 2021 football season

    I find your scenario more plausible than the Jets not sucking.
  13. RedzoneMonster

    Super Bowl 55: Chiefs v Buccaneers

    Stop with the blaming the refs. Yes, it wasn’t the best officiated game, but you’re honestly telling me KC would have had a shot even if it was perfectly officiated? TB D dominated on almost every play. Don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t excuse bad officiating, but let’s no go over board and say “the refs won the game for TB”. This is coming from the biggest TB12 hater out there by the way.
  14. RedzoneMonster

    Browns at Steelers: Wildcard Weekend Discussion

    I think so too. We'll see. Can't be worse than Gase.
  15. RedzoneMonster

    Browns at Steelers: Wildcard Weekend Discussion

    Sad, but true.