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  1. RedzoneMonster

    Derrius Guice

    What are the odds WAS trades AP to HOU?
  2. RedzoneMonster

    If Kap doesn’t get a call from the Colts..

    Don’t get me wrong. I hate Kap, but part of me wants them to sign him just so everyone can see how badly he sucks.
  3. ...then he’s never getting back in the NFL.
  4. RedzoneMonster

    Andrew Luck retired

    This owner should just give up already. This is the worst case of the fantasy gods working against someone I’ve ever heard!!!
  5. RedzoneMonster

    Sleeper defenses this year

    Browns just sacked Winston 5 times in one half. Good first 2 games vs TEN and NYJ too. I’m targeting them.
  6. RedzoneMonster

    Derrius Guice

    I’ll definitely take him as my 4th RB. I can easily see him being able to start him as a RB2 by mid year based on matchup.
  7. RedzoneMonster

    #2 Running Back in Standard 14 Team League

    I would have said CMC until Cam got hurt.
  8. RedzoneMonster

    Cam hurt

    Damn preseason. Say goodbye to Moore and Samuel’s value. CMC too.
  9. RedzoneMonster

    How do you determine draft order?

    I’m in a keeper league where every owner keeps one player from previous years roster. To determine draft order - the higher your keeper is ranked, the lower you draft and vice versa. Pretty good method imo.
  10. RedzoneMonster

    Do and do not draft (based on real draft experiences)

    I totally agree on Thielen and Diggs. As a matter of fact, I plan to totally ignore all the WRs avail in rds 3-5 and load up on RB, get a QB like Mahomes or Watson, and a TE in rds 1-5. There are so many WRs in rd 6 onward that I feel could mirror or even beat the production of the rd 3-5 WRs. Guys like DJ Moore, R. Anderson, Samuel, A. Robinson, Fuller, Gordon, Westbrook, MVS, A. Miller, J. Brown, the list goes on. After I load up on the other positions early I plan to take 5 or 6 of these WRs in row. I can’t imagine at least 2 of them won’t “hit”.
  11. RedzoneMonster

    CBS “SOS” Flawed

    I actually hate when the cbs guru picks me to win. Kiss of death.
  12. RedzoneMonster

    What's your favorite position? Least favorite?

    Froggy Style. It’s kind of like doggy style, only you stand with your legs kind of bent outward while flailing your arms wildly.
  13. RedzoneMonster

    Who are some late 2nd round rbs you would draft?

    Freeman has a really hard schedule vs the run FYI. I’m steering clear. I like Carson, Montgomery and especially Kerryon (if he falls that far)
  14. RedzoneMonster

    CBS “SOS” Flawed

    Am I the only one noticing that CBS’s Strength of Schedule for players seems off? For example David Johnson has the #1 hardest schedule for RBs according to them. Most other places say he has around the 7th easiest. I see the same thing with a lot of other players’ SOS on CBS too.
  15. RedzoneMonster

    Thielen or Diggs?

    Would you take guys like Golladay and Godwin over both of them? That’s my dilemma.