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    Kareem Hunt signed by Brownies - 8 Game Suspension

    Browns owner to GM: “We’ve been getting positive press for the first time in a decade. What can we do to reverse this”. GM: “I have an idea....”
  2. RedzoneMonster

    Rams @ Saints NFC Championship Thread

    Gurley has to be well under 100%. I dont care that Anderson is playing well, why would you keep arguably the best RB in the NFL on the sidelines for the most important game McVay has ever coached? If ever there was a game you need your rb to bust off a 50 yard TD run this is it! Gurley much more likely to do that than Anderson.
  3. RedzoneMonster

    When do you hancuff running backs?

    It really depends on your roster. If you have 2 starting RBs like say Hunt and Conner then you have guys like P. Barber on your bench you are usually better off dropping either barber or a low end WR youll never start for Ware or Conners backup. Now that byes are over youll never start a guy like Barber over Hunt or Conner, but if either of those guys get hurt their backups are much more valuable than a guy like Barber etc.
  4. RedzoneMonster

    Week 11 Streaming Defenses

    Im starting CAR, especially with DET down to one viable WR.
  5. RedzoneMonster

    Last chance to grab Aaron jones.

    My team sucks but at least I found my keeper for next year in jones.
  6. RedzoneMonster

    Baldwin or J. Brown?

    Thanks. Im going with Brown.
  7. RedzoneMonster

    Baldwin or J. Brown?

    I need upside.
  8. RedzoneMonster

    Baldwin or J. Brown?

    Im the underdog and my competitor had R. Wilson going if that makes any difference?..
  9. RedzoneMonster

    Baldwin or J. Brown?

    Sorry to post a help question here, but my season pretty much comes down to this decision (yes, my team is that bad). Do I start Baldwin or J. Brown this week? Baldwin saying hes healthy for the first time all year and good matchup vs GB, but hes burned me so many times this year. Brown hasnt been great of late but coming off bye and facing horrible CIN D. No idea who his QB will be though.
  10. RedzoneMonster

    Elijah Mcguire

    Exactly this.
  11. RedzoneMonster

    BAL Passing Game ROW

  12. RedzoneMonster

    Why "experts" do this?

    At what point are we all experts? No offense to anyone, but after doing this for 20 years I probably know more about rankings etc than most experts online. Most of us do, not just me! Yet we all look at expert rankings mainly bc we like to reassure ourselves. If youve been doing this for over a decade then in the end just trust your gut. Thats what I say dang it!
  13. RedzoneMonster

    BAL Passing Game ROW

    Im sure some of you have looked and have seen BAL has a ridiculously easy schedule vs the pass for the remainder of the fantasy season. Im trying to buy J. Brown everywhere I can right now. Now I read Flacco may be out. Honestly not sure if this is good or bad news for Brown? I figure Jackson couldnt hurt Browns numbers worse than Flacco was recently, right? Im also thinking of picking up Jackson. Im 4-5 and need a Hail Mary play at this point. Jackson with that schedule fits that bill I guess. Thoughts?
  14. RedzoneMonster

    Fitzmagic-- who U starting him over?

    Same here. Ugh
  15. RedzoneMonster

    Ryan Fitzpatrick named starter for Week 9

    Ive got Cousins, who frankly may be a good nfl QB, but short of 2 games has just been a decent fantasy qb. Im starting Cousins this week only bc my opponent is weak due to byes and I think Ill ill need is a 20 pt game from my QB and dont want to risk a 6 pt game from fitz if he throws 3 picks and gets benched. BUT, if fitz lights it up this week he may be my starter rest of the way.