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  1. RedzoneMonster

    Any in season trades going on?

    I just traded AJ Brown for Jonnu Smith straight up. I have plenty of WRs and Geiseki already, but hard to pass up Jonnu’s potential for a WR with a bone bruise in his knee.
  2. RedzoneMonster

    Jonnu Smith

    I’m in the same boat. I’m rolling with Jonnu. I think both will have good games though.
  3. RedzoneMonster

    Jonnu Smith

    Does anyone know if J. Smith is hurt or not?? Some sites saying he's got an ankle issue, and other sites like Rotoworld there is no mention of injury.
  4. RedzoneMonster

    running into buzsaws

    I wonder if DEF's are just out of shape due to no preseason and lack of camp reps?
  5. RedzoneMonster

    Who is going to have a blowup week week 2

    Paris Campbell
  6. RedzoneMonster

    Any Word On James Conner's Injury?

    This is what I think (hope) is gonna happen. Conner will start this week, but Snell will get 8-10 carries and everyone will freak out saying “it’s a timeshare now”, when in reality it will just be Tomlin taking it easy on conners ankle. Next week Conner will get 80% carries and pretty much be the “bell cow” the rest of the way. Until he gets hurt again.....
  7. RedzoneMonster

    Boy am I sorry I drafted Conner

    I have Conner and picked up Snell. At this point I just hope one of them take lead back duties. Worst case is they split 50/50 all year, or even worse rotate as lead back every other game. The old Parcells saying applies to fantasy RBs too - when you have two RBs you have zero RBs...
  8. RedzoneMonster

    Browns sign Hunt to 2-yr extenstion

    Thank the lord for that TD, bc he’s barely on the field so far. Hopefully in the 2nd half they’ll lean on him to spell Chubb with a big lead.
  9. RedzoneMonster

    Browns sign Hunt to 2-yr extenstion

    I’m starting Hunt over Conner this week for what that’s worth.
  10. RedzoneMonster

    Boy am I sorry I drafted Conner

    I have no choice but to start him in my flex, but I’m not loving it. He’ll either get hurt in the first quarter again, or split carries with Snell.
  11. RedzoneMonster

    Bold Predictions

    Winston will smile from the sideline as he watches Brady throw a pick six and lose the game.
  12. RedzoneMonster

    Leveon Bell on Injured Reserve

    Letting go A. Brown and letting Bell sit a yr then leave. PIT is the smartest team in the NFL when it comes to personnel.
  13. RedzoneMonster

    Leveon Bell on Injured Reserve

    Back in week 5 vs AZ, who they will be chasing points against, rendering Bell more useless than usual. His schedule is brutal for the next month after that. I’m dropping him for AP or Kelley this week. Let him take up someone else’s bench space.
  14. RedzoneMonster

    Allen Robinson is mad

    Hope he goes nuts this week to make a point.
  15. RedzoneMonster

    Steelers at Giants: MNF Discussion

    I had to get this from DraftKings: ANALYSIS: Prior to his departure, Conner had six carries for nine yards and reeled in two of four targets for eight yards. As long as Conner is sidelined, Benny Snell will handle early downs while Jaylen Samuels takes on a pass-catching role out of the Steelers backfield.