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  1. HTH

    What is your favorite sound?

    Church Bells Ringing.
  2. HTH

    Movie Weekend - Comic Relief

    I've seen all three and enjoyed them all.
  3. Here are a few I've got queued up: The Break Up Shallow Hal You, Me and Dupree
  4. HTH

    Who has a tattoo of what and why?

    Not for me. Thank you!
  5. HTH

    Best montage ever?

    Highlights from Bill Murray's appearances on Letterman, broadcast the night of the penultimate show. from 8:10-10:45
  6. HTH

    Long Island 70s Kid

    This site is pretty awesome! Sort of like going back in time. Good Times! https://www.longisland70skid.com/
  7. HTH

    Best Dessert Thread

    Long Island NY
  8. HTH

    Best Dessert Thread

    I've never had banana foster. On my bucket list!
  9. HTH

    Best Dessert Thread

    Best Dessert I ever ate: When I was in Paris I had a pistachio eclair. It was so good my head basically exploded after eating it.
  10. HTH

    Recommend a Movie for Tonight

    Good Not Great I give it a solid B.