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  1. HTH

    rushmore of western movies

    butch/sundance Unforgiven Josey Wales Pale Rider
  2. HTH

    Recommend a Movie for Tonight

    LOL! Giant fan?
  3. Something new would be great! TIA
  4. HTH

    The ***Official*** Dad Joke Thread

    Dolphins are smart fish. That's why they're in schools!
  5. HTH

    The ***Official*** Dad Joke Thread

    Hey, I just got a hair cut! Well you should have got them all cut!
  6. HTH

    James Caan Dead

    James Caan also had a great bit part in Wes Anderson's Bottle Rocket!
  7. HTH

    Who Is Setting Off Fireworks Today ?

    Not this year.
  8. HTH

    Do You Have A Favorite Spice Or Herbs ?

    Smoked Paprika
  9. HTH

    The Tattoo **I don't get it**

    Agree completely.
  10. HTH

    Stranger Things on Netflix

    Anyone know how long the episodes are for this season?
  11. HTH

    Spermoff...favorite brand of weiner.

    This place rules if you're on Long Island (suffolk county) FRANKFURTERS Our delicious frankfurters are available in four varieties: the old fashioned in a natural casing, saitenwurst (long wieners), a skinless variety which is great for summer grilling and our famous cocktail franks or "peanuts." http://www.forestporkstore.com/products-sausage.html