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  1. HTH

    Best Key Lime Pie Recipe?

    Thanks guys! Anyone else? TIA
  2. HTH

    Best Key Lime Pie Recipe?

    Thanks TBay! Anyone else?
  3. Hey, I'm looking for a good Key Lime Pie recipe. Anyone have a good one? I've made this in the past albeit using Bottled Key Lime Juice instead of Fresh Key Limes and it was just ok. TIA https://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/ina-garten/frozen-key-lime-pie-recipe3-1945602
  4. HTH

    Happy 4th Geeks!

    Have a safe and happy 4th of July!
  5. 1. Moonlight Sonata - Beethoven 2.
  6. She's my all time favorite vocalist. Anyone have recommendations for specific recordings? I prefer her older work and was considering picking up this recording. TIA https://www.amazon.com/Lady-Day-Complete-Columbia-1933-1944/dp/B00005Q47M/ref=olp_product_details?_encoding=UTF8&me=
  7. Thanks again guys! I cooked the porterhouse for about a min and a half on each side on the grill. Then on indirect heat for another min or so. Cooked perfectly for super rare which is the way I like it. The steak cost me $70 and it was good, but I'm not sure if it was worth $70. I'll probably get a reg non aged steak next time. It's about half the price. Thanks again everyone for your advice.
  8. Here's a recipe for cooking the porterhouse on a grill. What do you think? Seems reasonable. https://www.101cookingfortwo.com/how-to-grill-t-bone-or-porterhouse/ TIA
  9. Thanks guys! Please keep the recommendations coming! I think I'm going to try a porterhouse tonight!
  10. HTH

    Ozark on Netflix

  11. Hey, What does CIS Stand for? TIA
  12. Thanks guys! It burned on the outside. The inside was rare - the way I like it. Please keep the recs coming. TIA
  13. Followed the advice of my butcher. Sear over very high heat in a cast iron skillet. 4 min on each side.(2 and 1/2 inch ribeye steak.) WTF? did I do wrong? TIA